Sunday, December 30, 2007

X-Mania 8 Complete Results

Here are the brackets for X-Mania 8 plus some notes from 2ch posters. I took the graphics from the INH blog and added english player nicks. Box art from PipeRifle via Something Awful.

EDIT: ugh.

A Block
I guess that first team is Pony, Tsunoppi and Mattsun. Apparently they had an epic battle with the double Dhalsim team.
Nantanki AKA Ralph
Namiken AKA DoM AKA Popo Sousui (Inomata couldn't make it.)

B Block
Taira and Shiro got destroyed by Otochun.
Shogatsu, teamed with Nia (Honda) and Akynd (O.Ken,) once again pummeled Muteki.
Kusumondo stopped Shogatsu in a West-East New-Old Honda showdown.

C Block
Kurahashi beat Gian, but he and Nuki got swept by Tama.

Three Dhalsims in the final block put a damper on the excitement level.
Komoda's losing streak vs. Gian @ X-Mania finally ends. 1 for 3.

Kusumondo def. ARG
Gian def. Kusumondo
Gian def. Otochun
Komoda def. Gian
Tamashima def. Komoda

Gian OCV'ed Noguchi's team. So did Otochun.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

X-Mania 8 Quick Results

Someone at 2ch was nice enough to post the results. (Take this list with a grain of salt.) I'll post more detailed info when I get it.

1. Gian, Tamashima, ARG
2. Komoda, Otochun, Kusumondo
3. Noguchi, Hakase, Yoshimura

Muteki's team lost to Shogatsu's team.
Kurahashi's team lost to the 1st place team.
Toutanki's team lost to 3rd place team.
Taira's team lost to 2nd place team.

SSF2T at SBO '08!

Friday, December 21, 2007

X-Mania 8 Preview

Here are some teams planning to enter X-Mania 8 this weekend. Aniken, ShootingD and Tsuji have said that they can't make it. The status of other top players is up in the air. Koike, USA and Ashitana aren't listed, but that team seems like a safe bet. There's a rumor that VF players Fuudo and Itazan plan to attend. Perhaps Chibita Blanka will join them.

Info from Gian and Sakamoto @ INH.

Gian, Tamashima & ARG

Hakase, Yoshimura & Noguchi
Double Dhalsim. Some of the old More crew. Noguchi didn't say what character he'll use.

The SuperStar, Gotoh & Futachan
Double Ryu. Futachan has been very hot lately -- top four at the first two Kasugai 50 ranbats.

Muteki, Chamu & YuuVega
Reprise of the Hyper Mania 4 winning team with Yuu donning the Dictator hat.

Nuki, Kurahashi & Nakamura

Otochun, Komoda & Kusumondo
Nagase UFO crew.

Taira, Shiro & Akashachi Kancho

Toutanki, K & Inomata
Triple T.Hawk!? Inomata is supposed to have a spectacular T.Hawk. Maybe we'll finally get to see some videos of him in action.

AFO, Aben & Naka
Blanka, Ryu, Cammy.

Nakanishi, Yoshio & YURI
Nice Fei-Long trickery from YURI in the post below this, btw.

Double T.Hawk plus Blanka.

Bazu, Gou & Nikaiten

Toukou, Tojo & Kita
Triple Chun-Li.

Since Gary Busey turned out to be a big fat jinx, I've asked Jake Gyllenhaal for a comment:

X-Mania 8

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mikado 2on2 Videos 112407

This event was an "introduction match," where the idea was to rope in players from other games. CAB and KOOK (KOK?) are CvS2 players. CAB won a tourney (teamed with D44-BAS) the day before the ST gig -- those vids here.

Shinkiro art via Street Fighter Galleries. - K (Boxer) & Kouki (O.Ken) vs. Namiken (Dictator) & Tazawa (Guile) - Tsunoppi (Guile) & Pyonkichi (Ryu) vs. Yoshio (Guile) & CAB (Boxer) - Taira (Dictator) & Yuzuru (DJ) vs. Nakamu (Blanka) & AFO (Blanka) - Gian (Dhalsim) & KOOK (Ryu) vs. Noguchi (Fei-Long) & YURI (Fei-Long) - K (Boxer) & Kouki (O.Ken) vs. Yoshio (Guile) & CAB (Boxer) - Gian (Dhalsim) & KOOK (Ryu) vs. Nakamu (Blanka) & AFO (Blanka) - 3rd Place: Yoshio & CAB vs. Nakamu & AFO - Finals: K & Kouki vs. Gian & KOOK

Saturday, December 15, 2007

SSF2T Video Blowout - X-Mania 1-3 Finals

While I still don't have any info to share about next week's X-Mania 8 tourney, I do have... a bunch of movies from earlier events. Enjoy!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
X-Mania 1 082700

B Block Finals (.wmv 23MB)
Kusumondo (Honda), Mayakon (T.Hawk) and Komoda (Blanka)
Tsuji (Boxer), Otochun and YuuVega (Dictator)

Finals Match 1 (.wmv 17MB)
Kusumondo (Honda), Mayakon (T.Hawk) and Komoda (Blanka)
Aniken (Ken), Inoki (Ryu) and ShootingD (Guile)

Finals Match 2 (.wmv 14MB)
Kurahashi (Guile), Daigo (Ryu) and Tamashima (Boxer)
Kusumondo (Honda), Mayakon (T.Hawk) and Komoda (Blanka)

Finals Match 3* (.wmv 22MB)
Kurahashi (Guile), Daigo (Ryu) and Tamashima (Boxer)
Aniken (Ken), Inoki (Ryu) and ShootingD (Guile)

* A Ryu-Guile extravaganza -- this is one of the best fighting game videos of all time.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
X-Mania 2 082601

C Block Finals (.wmv 23MB)
Kurahashi (Guile), Shigaken (Ken) and Otochun (Chun-Li)
Yoshimura (Dhalsim), MoreVega (Dictator) and Sky High Claw

Finals Match 1 (.wmv 11MB)
Sutekichi (Blanka), Chiruchiru (DeeJay) and Shin (Claw)
YuuVega (Dictator), Inro (O.Chun) and Tsuji (Boxer)

Finals Match 2 (.wmv 17MB)
Kurahashi (Guile), Shigaken (Ken) and Otochun (Chun-Li)
YuuVega (Dictator), Inro (O.Chun) and Tsuji (Boxer)

Finals Match 3 (.wmv 25MB)
Sutekichi (Blanka), Chiruchiru (DeeJay) and Shin (Claw)
Kurahashi (Guile), Shigaken (Ken) and Otochun (Chun-Li)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
X-Mania 3 082502

A Block Finals (.wmv 15MB)
Otochun (Chun-Li) and ShootingD (Ryu)
The SuperStar (Boxer), Prince (Ryu) and ARG (Claw)

Finals Match 1 (.wmv 17MB)
Otochun (Chun-Li) and ShootingD (Ryu)
KEN-O [Gian] (Dhalsim), Kurahashi (Ryu) and Aniken (Ken)

Finals Match 2 (.wmv 11MB)
Sky High Claw, MoreVega (Dictator) and Shun (Boxer)
KEN-O (Dhalsim), Kurahashi (Ryu) and Aniken (Ken)

Finals Match 3 (.wmv 21MB)
Sky High Claw, MoreVega (Dictator) and Shun (Boxer)
Otochun (Chun-Li) and ShootingD (Ryu)

Plus alpha...
Here are some posters (less the first one) from the X-Mania series: (* = artist's website)
Two, Three, Four, Five (*), Six (*), Seven, Eight

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Newton Ranbat 120807 Vid Plus Alpha

Taira vs. Cello Tape

Some other items...
1) There's a great Cammy-Chun-Li 20-game series up on Nico Video. Ostensibly Nakamura vs. Otochun.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

2) The DVD for HSF @ SBO '07 goes on sale December 20th. Pick up a copy from Play-Asia here.

3) X-Mania 8 will take place on December 23rd at Plaza Capcom Iruma (an arcade/Street Fighter museum*.) I'll post more info when it becomes available. Official poster.
*EDIT: Some pictures of the joint here.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Neo Star Cup 06 Prelim Vids 092406

Videos from the finals of the Kanto prelims were made available on the official blog a year ago. (#7 Noguchi vs. Taira ... wow.) Below I've posted some matches from earlier in the tourney. Special thanks to Nestor.

By the way, if you find yourself in Tokyo make sure to visit Shinjuku Mikado. They've got ST (fixed-rate play on Wednesday nights), VS and various other fighting games. Also shooting games, Puyo Tsuu, retro stuff, pinball. Location information here. Also there's a guide to getting through the underground mall at Shinjuku Station here.

Noguchi (Claw x2, Fei) vs. Nakanishi (Ryu, O.Ken, Guile) (xvid .avi 20MB)
Kita (Chun x2, Cammy) vs. Nakajima (Cammy x3) (35MB)*

K (O.Hawk x2, Fei) vs. Noguchi (Claw x2, Fei) (18MB)
Naka (Cammy x2, Blanka) vs. Chamu (Chun x2, O.Chun) (42MB)**
AFO (Blanka x3) vs. Milky Vega (Dictator x3) (28MB)
Popo (DJ, Claw, Blanka) vs. Kurahashi (Ryu x2, Guile) (19MB)

Cello Tape (Zangief x3) vs. Taira (Dictator x3) (34MB)
Yuubou (Fei x3) vs. AKIRA (Ryu x2, Boxer) (18MB)
Ashitana (O.Ryu x3) vs. ryu (Dictator x2, Ryu) (29MB)
Taguchi (Ryu, Ken, Zangief) vs. Bunkichi (O.Honda x3) (35MB)

Tashita (Blanka x3) vs. Jenety (Chun x2, O.Chun) (36MB)
Katakuriko (Ken x3) vs. tomo (Ryu x3) (17MB)

* This file is misnamed. D block 0th round.
** Note that star cup rules prohibit having more than two top tier characters (O.Sagat, Dhalsim, Boxer, Chun, Claw) on a team.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Showdown - Aniken-Pony and Otochun-Gian

These are the last two sets of videos in this series. Enjoy!

Ken Zangief
Aniken (Ken) vs. Pony (Zangief)
Download (.wmv x10, 36MB)

Chun-Li Dhalsim
Otochun (Chun-Li) vs. Gian (Dhalsim)
Download (.wmv x10, 50MB)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Showdown - Mtsun-Tsuji and Tsunoppi-Oto

Ken Boxer
Mattsun (Ken) vs. Tsuji (Boxer)
Download (.wmv x10, 30MB)

Guile Chun-Li
Tsunoppi (Guile) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li)
Download (.wmv x10, 38MB)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Showdown - Tama-Oto and Inoki-Mtsun

Boxer Guile
Tamashima (Boxer) vs. Otochun (Guile)
Download (.wmv x10, 35MB)

Ryu Ken
Inoki (Ryu) vs. Mattsun (Ken)
Download (.wmv x10, 45MB)
Great contrast with this battle where the east-west roles were flipped.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sengoku BASARA X Scoop - System, Mouri, Oichi

Universal Commands

Aerial Attack ↓ + B + C
Launch your opponent into the air. Hold up to pursue them and continue a combo.

Blast Attack B + C
Blast your opponent towards the wall. It seems that combo possibilities are much more limited here than they were with Hokuto no Ken's Banishing Strike. Hold the buttons down to power up.

Guard Cancel while blocking, → + B + C
AKA Alpha Counter, Dead Angle, etc. Uses one Basara stock.

Perfect Guard ← + A + B
This negates block damage from special moves and allows you to block ground attacks in the air. Depletes Basara gauge.

Just Defense block just before your opponent attacks you
Block stun time is shortened and you won't be pushed back as far.

BASARA One-hit Mode Activate A + B + C
When BASARA One-hit indicator (the spherical icon in the lower corner of the screen) is lit, press all three attack buttons to gain access to your BASARA One-hit Kill attack.

Engun System

Engun start out at Lv.1 and level up automatically as time progresses. The first time that you press the E button, you'll summon the engun and their level will be fixed at the current point for the rest of the match. A blue meter appears (with a horse) that indicates how much time remains until they arrive; the higher the Engun level, the longer this takes.

Once your engun arrives, a meter will appear below their portrait and you can use a variety of abilities as long as it isn't empty. The strength of these abilities is influenced by the engun level as follows:

Level 1
Weak Engun Attacks. Only 1/3 of the engun meter available.

Level 50
Medium strength Engun Attacks. 2/3s of engun meter available.

Level 100
Maximum strength Engun Attacks. The entire engun meter is available for Engun abilities.

The engun meter fills up over time. A red 'X' appears over their portrait when engun abilities are unavailable (if the meter is empty, etc.)

Engun Attack
Having summoned your engun, press the E button to have them attack your opponent. These attacks become stronger as you level up. As long as your engun meter isn't empty, you can use Engun Attacks in succession; even if they're currently attacking, press the button again to cancel their recovery and have them repeat their attack. I've added Engun Attack descriptions to the earlier 'SBX Scoop' posts - links on the left.

Engun Assist
Press E during certain BASARA super moves to use an Engun Assist. The timing here varies from one move to the next. Your engun will join in on the assault and add extra hits.

Engun Counter
Press E while taking damage to have your engun leap out and counter attack your opponent. Note that instead of using engun meter, this requires one BASARA meter stock.

Engun Block
If your opponent uses an Engun Counter press E quickly to call your engun out to defend against their counter attack. This also requires a BASARA stock.


I don't have the joystick commands for the this batch of special moves. Also, the descriptions are a bit iffy (Arcadia's text was more brief than usual.) I'll clean these up when more info becomes available.

Motonari Mouri

Saki no Te - Hatsu ↓↙← + A or B or C
Mouri sets a trap in the ground that explodes if his opponent gets close or, otherwise, after a set amount of time.

Hajikite - Heki ↓↘→ + A or B
Mouri conjures up a round wall of energy. Knock your opponent into it to send them flying. Can be done in the air.

Kinjite - Baku ↓↙←↓↙← + C
BASARA attack. A giant ring of energy appears in the sky and slowly descends, hitting multiple times.

Hasamite - Heki ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
BASARA attack.

Mouri Gun Shukyoku Saihai ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill. Mouri orders a squad of archers to fire on his opponent and then finishes them off with a naval attack.

Mouri has a variety of Engun Attacks than can be triggered with various joystick commands + E. It's also possible to hit the summoned soldiers and send them careening into your opponent.

Madoi no Te - Utsuse ↓ + E, then →↓↘ + C

Rei - Yumihei Jousha ↓↙← + E
Mouri orders an archer to fire an arrow into the air to rain down on his opponent.

Rei - Yumihei Zensha ↓↘→ + E
Mouri orders an archer to fire an arrow straight ahead.

Rei - Yarihei Zenshin E
A spearman charges towards Mouri's opponent.

Rei - Yarihei Joushou ←↓↙ + E
A spearman does a rising attack on Mouri's opponent.

Rei - Yarihei Rakka →↓↘ + E
A spearman attacks Mouri's opponent from above.


Oichi's special power, Ma no Te ("Devil's Hand"), comes out only when she's unconscious, so most of her special move animations start with her fainting.

Mamorene no Nushi - Yoh (In)
Tap towards or down in conjunction with your enemy's attack to counter with an unblockable shadow attack. Press and hold an attack button after parrying to power up the counter attack and add a status ailment.

Hirakene no Koku →↓↘ + C
A ring of darkness appears on the ground around Oichi. This command can be used only when your Devil's Hand gauge (above the BASARA bar) is full. Press an attack button to lash out at your opponent:

Hirakene no Koku (Shoku) A
Evil hands swipe in front of Oichi. Overhead?

Hirakene no Koku (Umi) C
Evil hand projectile.

Hirakene no Koku (Utsuse) B
The ring of evil hands stretch upwards. Anti-air.

Hirakene no Koku (Nageki) ↓ + C
An evil hand slams the ground. Low?

Kobamehi no Uzu - Yoh (In) ↓↘→ + B or ↓↙← + B
Oichi rapidly spins her blade in a circle. This move can pull her opponent towards her or push them away. Damages on contact.

Madoehi no Hane - Yoh (In) in the air, ↓↘→ + B or ↓↙← + B
Oichi falls out of the sky with a propeller attack. Move diagonally forward or back with the different commands.

Tsudoene no Yume ↓↙←↓↙← + C
BASARA attack. A multitude of evil hands reach out from behind Oichi and strike her opponent. Can be done in the air.

Kimarehi no Ame ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
BASARA attack. Oichi spins her blade in a wide motion and leaps into the air. Good for combos and anti-air.

Itareshi no Fuchi ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill. A giant shadow hand envelops Oichi and then crushes her opponent.

Engun Attack
Azai Nagamasa, Oichi's husband, throws a small shield at her opponent. Extra hits at higher levels for a maximum of three hits.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pre-Star Cup 07 2on2 Videos 100607

These videos are from the 2on2 tournament that took place at Kasugai 50 the night before the Neo Star Cup 07. - Batayan (Guile) & Kuni (DJ) vs. Aniken & The SuperStar (Boxer) - Ito (DJ) & OreRyu vs. Toutanboy (T.Hawk) & ASTEKA (Blanka) - BAT (Ryu) & Papillon Tanaka (Ken) vs. Mayumura (O.Ryu) & Kou (O.Ken) - Mitamura (Ryu) & Smile (Guile) vs. Oh!!J (DJ) & Wassekun (Dhalsim) - Gotoh (Ryu) & Taira (Dictator) vs. Drunk (Claw) & Roku (Dictator) - Super Curry (Blanka) & Toubu Special (Ryu) vs. Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) & Nakamura (Cammy) - Gotoh (Ryu) & Taira (Dictator) vs. Noguchan (Ken) & Mesh (Ryu) - Prince (Chun-Li) & ZTT (Zangief) vs. Mitamura (Ryu) & Smile (Guile) - Otochun & ARG (Claw) vs. Batayan (Guile) & Kuni (DJ) - Gotoh (Ryu) & Taira (Dictator) vs. Otochun & ARG (Claw)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Showdown - Otochun-Mattsun and Gian-Tsuji edit

Honda Ken
Otochun (E.Honda) vs. Mattsun (Ken)
Download (.wmv x10, 43MB)

Dhalsim Boxer
Gian (Dhalsim) vs. Tsuji (Boxer)
Download (.wmv x10, 35MB)

There's a twenty-game series between Noguchan (Ken) and Nakamura (Cammy) on nicovideo here. 35 minutes.
Nico video guide.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 2 Results 100707

Daigo pic lifted from the official site. He says that he practiced for only 10 minutes before the tourney.

Vampire Hunter
48 Entrants

1st: Daigo (Pyron)
2nd: Marusa (Felicia)
3rd: Kira (Aulbath)

Vampire Savior
31 Teams (93 Entrants)

1st: Kosho (Bulleta), Nasu (Sasquatch) & Kaji (Lilith)
2nd: Norio (Bishamon), T2ya (Zabel) & Yankee (QB)
3rd: Sakamoto (QB), Sasunii (Sasquatch) & Ogawa (Zabel)

Gian (Zabel), Shiro (Sasquatch) and Mattsun (Morrigan) lost first round.
Nuki (Bishamon), Kenta (Demitri) and Asuka (Zabel) lost to Sakamoto's team in their block finals.


100th SNF2X post! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Showdown - Pony-D and Gian-Yuu

T.Hawk Guile
Pony (T.Hawk) vs. ShootingD (Guile)
Download (.wmv x10, 42MB)

Dhalsim Dictator
Gian (Dhalsim) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)
Download (.wmv x10, 38MB)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mikado Vampire Savior Vids 092907

Some tournament matches plus an exhibition match with the finalists as team captains. - Megane (Demitri) vs. Shou (Aulbath) - T2ya (Zabel) vs. Osamu (Bishamon) - Sasazuka (QB) vs. DD (Sasquatch) - Ken (Gallon) vs. Nakanishi (Bishamon) - T2ya (Zabel) vs. Shou (Aulbath) - Ken (Gallon) vs. Sasazuka (QB) - Ken (Gallon) vs. Shou (Aulbath) - Finals: T2ya vs. Sasazuka - Ego (Lei-Lei) vs. Chokana (Aulbath) - Ego (Lei-Lei) vs. Sasunii (Sasquatch)
... - Itsuki (Lei-Lei) vs. Shou (Aulbath)
... - Kame (Victor) vs. Shou (Aulbath)

There are Vampire Hunter movies in the previous post over there. Kashiwagi wrecking with Bishamon (#9 and #12) is a highlight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Neo Star Cup 07 Kansai Prelim Vids 091707
ARCADE -> "動画" (button on the left above Milia)

acho_sp2x_20070917a.asx - Kusumondo (Honda x3) vs. Macky7 (Boxer x2, DJ)
acho_sp2x_20070917b.asx - Saitou (Gief x3) vs. Kachu (Claw x2, Ryu)
acho_sp2x_20070917c.asx - Macky7 (Boxer x2, DJ) vs. Seki (DJ x3)
acho_sp2x_20070917d.asx - Kachu (Claw x2, Ryu) vs. Macky7 (Boxer x2, DJ)
acho_sp2x_20070917e.asx - Finals: Seki vs. Saitou

Monday, October 15, 2007

ST Videos - Two and a Half Ten-Game Series

I'm not sure when these showdowns took place (maybe 2001) but the theme was east vs. west. Inoki represented west, Kakky east, etc. Earlier post is here.

Ryu Zangief
Inoki (Ryu) vs. Pony (Zangief)
Download (.wmv x10, 37MB)

Ryu Guile
ShootingD (Ryu) vs. Tsunoppi (Guile)
Download (.wmv x10, 46MB)

Ryu Zangief
Kakky (Zangief) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)
Download (.wmv x5, 22MB)
Missing half the files for this one, unfortunately.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Newton Ranbat 101307 Vid

Finals from the third Ooyama Game Newton ranking battle:

Taira vs. Kikai

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gamest Cup Video 050394

For the Super Turbo national championship, Gamest Magazine and Capcom teamed up to run qualifiers all over Japan and the top 16 players faced off to vie for the top spot. Foosuke had been using DeeJay as his anchor on the road to the finals but he busted out a not-so-secret weapon in the last game.


Katou "Foosuke" vs. Okunishi "Ikuradon"

Here are a couple of pictures from the event:
Ikuradon (in black) during the quarterfinals.

Master Foosuke wins the Gamest Cup. (Check out the Gamest slogan on the woman's blazer.)

Special thanks to Fran and Gemant.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, I uploaded a bunch of X-Mania 2k1 and X-Mania 3 videos to YouTube. Link on left sidebar.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Neo Star Cup 07 Results

72 entrants.

1st: Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei-Long)
2nd: Futachan (Ryu x3)
3rd: Otochun (Chun-Li x2, Ryu)
4th: YuuVega (Dictator x2, DeeJay)

For the second to last round, they had players list whom they'd like to fight against and paired them off accordingly -- i.e. based on mutual eagerness to battle. YuuVega and Otochun tied for least popular while almost everybody wanted a crack at TIO (who, fwiw, repped Kyushu hard by making top 8.)

The night before the tourney there was a 2 on 2 event that Gotoh and Taira took. Movies of that should be forthcoming.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Neo Star Cup 07 Kanto Prelim Vids 091607

Toutanki, K, Mute, Yuu pic from the Mikado blog. - K (Fei, Boxer, O.Hawk) vs. TZW (Guile x3) - Nakamura (Guile, Ken, Cammy) vs. YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ) - Muteki (Guile x2, Chun) vs. Gian (Dictator, Ryu, Dhalsim) - Toutanki (Hawk, O.Hawk x2) vs. Kita (Chun x2, Cammy) - K (Fei, Boxer, O.Hawk) vs. YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ) - Toutanki (Hawk, O.Hawk x2) vs. Muteki (Guile x2, Chun) - Toutanki (Hawk, O.Hawk x2) vs. K (Fei, Boxer, O.Hawk) - YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ) vs. Muteki (Guile x2, Chun)

Friday, October 5, 2007

Sengoku BASARA X Scoop - Hideyoshi & Tadakatsu

Honda Tadakatsu

Tadakatsu's normal attacks are slow but they have super armor.

Engo Keitai press E
Use Engun Attack to fire off laser beams. More beams at higher levels.

Kougeki Keitai: Tsujou Dan ↓↘→ + attack
Tadakatsu fires out a pair of bombs in an arc. If you use this move when your Engun is ready to go, you can lock-on and fire directly at your opponent.

Kougeki Keitai: Jigen Dan →↓↘ + attack
Tadakatsu throws a pair of bombs that explode after a time delay.

Kougeki Keitai: Fuyuu Kirai ↓↙← + attack
This move is available only when your Engun is ready. Another pair of bombs -- these float in the air and explode if your opponent touches them.

Hikou Keitai ←↓↙ + A
When your Engun is ready, use this to make Tadakatsu hover in the air for a set period of time. He can air dash and attack freely.

Sakugan Chokka →↘↓↙← + B while airborne
Tadakatsu falls out of the sky and hits multiple times.

Tosshin Keitai ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Charging drill attack. Slow to start up but does good damage and guard crush. Engun Assist OK.

Denji Keitai ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Tadakatsu creates an electrical field that pulls his opponent in. Another slow attack with super armor.

Sengoku Saikyou - Saidai Shutsuryoku ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
Basara one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Tadakatsu calls out Tokugawa Ieyasu, who helps him fire lasers (see above.) Sometimes, however, Ieyasu gets kidnapped by ninjas!

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Although weaponless, Hideyoshi has some decent reach with his normal attacks. He can't use chain combos, however.

Denkou Rekki ↓↘→ + C
Command grab. Hideyoshi drags his opponent along the ground and then flings them into the air. Follow up with a Tenchi Sousou.

Tenchi Sousou →↓↘ + C
Hideyoshi grabs his opponent out of the air and slams them into the ground where they'll be vulnerable to additional hits.

Ifuubanjou ↓↙← + C (hold)
A field of energy appears in front of Hideyoshi that hits his opponent and reflects projectiles.

Haja Shouten ↓↙← + B
Rapid fire punches. Press heavy attack to add a final strike that knocks down.

Kaijin Ranka ↓↘→ + A or B
Hideyoshi charges forward and grabs his opponent. Super armor on the initial rush. Weak version grabs standing characters, medium version grabs crouching ones.

Kongou Hametsu ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Big uppercut attack that dizzies when it hits. Engun Assist OK.

Enbugouhaku ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Super command grab. Press the weak, medium and heavy buttons with the proper timing to bash your opponent up to three times.

Hadou Tenshou ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
Basara one-hit kill. A giant pillar of flame blasts Hideyoshi's opponent off the screen.

Engun Attack
Takenaka Hanbei slashes with his sword. Extra hits (up to three) at higher levels.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ST Vid - The Auto Mix-up

I was chatting about some SSF2T trickery with the nice folks at sobat carnival and they put this video together.

The Auto Mix-up (7MB divx)

This trick is possible with almost any character. For example, with Boxer:
↙ hold, ← + strong, ↖ + jab

Take a look at this old match and you can see Daigo mess up the auto mix-up in the beginning of the third round.

H/T: ABC, monmon

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Neo Star Cup 07 Chubu Prelim Vids 091607

There may be Kansai (a-cho) and Kanto (Mikado) prelim videos, too. The Kyushu prelims were cancelled, unfortunately.

The following players will get to skip the first round at the main event next week:
Kanto: Muteki, YuuVega, K, Toutanki
Chubu: Otochun, Futachan, Gotoh
Kansai: Seki, Saitou, Kachu
Last year's finalists: Aniken, Hakase, Noguchi, ShootingD
Extra spots: Nakamura, Kusumondo

...something like that. I'm not 100% sure. - Kunihata (Hawk, O.Hawk x2) vs. Sawada (Cammy x3)* - Noguchan (Ken x2, Chun) vs. Kachu (Claw x2, Ryu) - ZTT (Zangief x3) vs. ARG (Claw x2, Dictator) - Akashachi Kancho (Blanka x2, Guile) vs. Kamiya (DJ x2, O.Sagat) - Saitou (Sagat x2, Ken) vs. Tasaka (Cammy x3) - Tani (Guile x3) vs. Kusumondo (Honda x3) - Suzuki (Guile x3) vs. Aniki (Guile x2, Boxer) - Akynd (O.Ken x2, O.Chun) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3) - Gotoh (Ryu x3) vs. Otochun (Chun x2, Ryu) - Kusumondo (Honda x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)

* Noguchan may be using a special anti-crossup trick in the first game here:
→↓↘→ + Punch + Kick
This gives you a DP if they're on the right and an HK if they're on the left. (hat tip: Yoga Book Hyper)

Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Use Nico Video

Nico Video ("Nico Nico Douga") is a flash-based video sharing web site not entirely unlike YouTube. It has a gimmick that allows users to post comments directly on top of the movies. I put this post together to help fighting game movie hounds use the site. There's some information at the bottom about ripping their .flv files, too.

Update 12.26.08
The big peach "create new account" button is gone. Click the red link near the upper left to go to the registration screen.

For me the Firefox FLV download script described below still works. The key thing is to initiate the download (right click the orange FLV DL button then "save as...") right as the movie starts to load. Too early or too late and it won't work.

Added a link to the SF4 tag in the getting started section below.

Creating an Account

Unlike YouTube, Nico Video requires that people register before viewing videos. Click the peach-colored button at the front page to create an account.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enter your info like so:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's a screen shot of a filled-in form.

At the next screen, type in the anti-spam code and click the bottom button. You should receive a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in that and you're set.

Browsing Fighting Game Vids

Some queries to get you started...
Street Fighter 2, Vampire Savior, Battle Fantasia, Sengoku Basara X, Street Fighter 4
Mikado, Tougeki, Vampire Hunter, Daigo

BTW, click the "コメント非表示" checkbox to disable on-screen comments.

Downloading from Nico Video w/ Firefox

This past summer they made it more difficult to download the movie files. The following method - using a Firefox script - is the only one left that works for me.

1) Install Greasemonkey.
Via this page. If that link doesn't work just google greasemonkey.

2) Download the nico ripping widget.
Click the 'nicovideo.user.js' link on this site.

3) Open a movie in nico video and click the FLV DL button at the top.
Keep your fingers crossed...

UPDATE (11.30.07)
The greasemonkey widget doesn't seem to work any more. Here's another method to try:
Niconico Downloader BETA
1) Log-in to Nico Video in the upper frame if you aren't already.
2) Enter the url for the video you want to download in the first field and click OK.
3) Cut and paste the text sequence that appears in the lower frame into the second field and click OK.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Star Cup 2 Vids 101103 Plus Alpha

To get people in the mood for this year's Star Cup (two weeks from now) SuperStar, Akashachi and co. have posted some classic videos from an earlier event. - Muteki (Guile, Guile, Chun) vs. Otochun (Honda, Ryu, Chun) - Noguchi (O.Sagat, Claw, Fei) vs. Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer)* - Umechin (O.Sagat, O.Sagat, Ryu) vs. yaya (DJ, DJ, Sagat) - Sennari (Blanka x3) vs. ShinDhalsim (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Ryu) - Otochun (Honda, Ryu, Chun) vs. Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer) - ShinDhalsim (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Ryu) vs. yaya (DJ, DJ, Sagat) - Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer) vs. yaya (DJ, DJ, Sagat)** - ShinDhalsim (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Ryu) vs. Otochun (Honda, Ryu, Chun)

* No link, but it's there. Just enter the URL.
** File is corrupt? COME ON!!Bueno.

Kasugai 50 Ranbat(?) 071507 Vids

Also on that site, some recent matches: - OreRyu vs. Seki (DJ) - The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Wassekun (Dhalsim) - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Futachan (Ryu) - Noguchan (Ken) vs. MAO (Claw)* - Aniki (Guile) vs. Noguchan (Ken) - Seki (DJ) vs. Sugimoto (E.Honda)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hyper Mania 4 Videos 081107 update

This is the first batch. I'll update this post when the rest are up. Second batch below.

By the way, Graham Wolfe posted a nice report of the brothers' trip to Japan on SRK here.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat) vs.
Yokkun (CE Dictator), AFO (CE Blanka) & tomo (CE Ryu)
Otochun, KomodaBlanka & Aniken vs.
Kurahashi (CE Guile), Nakamura (Cammy) & Akashachi Kancho (ST Blanka)
Alex Wolfe (CE Dictator), Graham Wolfe (ST Claw) & MR. Bob (S Ken) vs.
Tokido (ST Claw), Gian (ST Dhalsim) & YuuVega (ST Dictator)
Kurahashi (CE Guile), Nakamura (Cammy) & Akashachi Kancho (ST Blanka) vs.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat)
Nakanishi (WW Guile), Yoshio (CE Guile) & Shiro (ST Ryu) vs.
Tokido (ST Claw), Gian (ST Dhalsim) & YuuVega (ST Dictator)

Chui (ST Ryu), Nogyo (ST Zangief) & San (ST Ryu) vs.
Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator)
Naka (Cammy), Kachu (ST Claw) & OreRyu vs.
Pony (ST Zangief), Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Mattsun (ST Ken)
Nakanishi (WW Guile), Yoshio (CE Guile) & Shiro (ST Ryu) vs.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat)
Pony (ST Zangief), Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Mattsun (ST Ken) vs.
Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator)
Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator) vs.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vampire Savior DCC 1 Casual Vids 081906

The DVDs for last year's Darkstalkers Combination Cup are going to be available (in Japan) soon. There are some test videos available on the web site. Players unknown?
Click "詳細情報" (beige button,) then scroll down.

On a meta note: Gian and Shiro are skipping the Neo Star Cup and participating in DCC 2 instead. Zabel and Sasquatch, respectively.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 4 HSF Vids 111706
Click: "第4回ラスベガス杯12試合 配信中!" (link right below "Topics") - Aoki Cyclone (Zangief) vs. Nakamura (Cammy) - ryu (Dictator) vs. Yuubou (Fei-Long) - Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator) vs. Kannami (Ken) - Kashiwagi (CE Ryu) vs. DanjiriDhalsim - Bunkichi (O.Honda) vs. tomo (Ryu) - Burn Repair (Guile) vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu) - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Yuubou (Fei-Long) - tomo (Ryu) vs. Kashiwagi (Ryu) - Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator) - tomo (Ryu) vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu) - Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs. tomo (Ryu) - Finals: Ashitana vs. Ikebukuro Debu

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sengoku BASARA X Scoop

Sengoku Basara X is a new one-on-one fighting game from Capcom and Arc System Works that runs on Namco's System 246/256 hardware. It's scheduled to be released "winter 2007." Here is some information on the special moves for the four characters available in the beta test version of the game. Credit: Arcadia magazine and the official SBX web site.

A = weak
B = medium
C = heavy
E = engun (for assist moves)

All of the double quarter circle moves below are "BASARA Attack" supers.

Date Masamune

JET-X ↓↘→ + A (hold)
Projectile that flies straight ahead. Hold the button down to power up and add extra hits.

DEATH FANG →↓↘ + C (air)(hold)
Climbing anti-air attack.

Masamune charges forward and attacks with electrical energy. He has super armor while moving that lets him ignore his opponents' attacks.

Masamune attacks repeatedly with his six swords. Keep tapping the button for extra hits.

RE-BITE ↓↙← + B
Counter vs. high/mid level attacks.

Leaping attack followed by a lightning burst. Quick enough to be used in combos and for interrupting your opponents' attacks.

HELL DRAGON ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Masamune fires a giant ball of electrical energy. When used in conjunction with an Engun Assist, Katakura Kojuro will add an extra attack.

BASARA one-hit kill move. Masamune sends out an [80,000 volt?] electric dragon that kills his opponent instantly if it hits.

Engun Attack
Katakura Kojuro fires an electric projectile at Masamune's opponent. At level 100 he fires a cluster of three balls of electricity.

Sanada Yukimura

Koen Ichi ↓↘→ + A (hold)
Yukimura moves forward and takes a swipe at his opponent. Follow up with Koen Ni or Koen San.

Koen Ni ↓↘→ + B
Low attack with a flaming spear that knocks down. Can be used by itself or as a follow-up from Koen Ichi.

Koen San →↓↘ + C (hold)
Rising attack. Can be used by itself (for anti-air, etc.) or as a follow-up from Koen Ichi.

Suzakushou ↓↙← + C (air)
Leaping overhead attack. The ground and air versions have different animations.

Rekka ↓↙← + B
Yukimura attacks repeatedly with spear thrusts. Excellent speed and reach make this good combo material. Follow up with extra input* for more hits and a special finish.
(* not sure if this is something more complicated than extra button presses)

Shakunetsu Enouha ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Multi-hitting horizontal blast of fire. Can be enhanced with an Engun Assist.

Daikaen Hanabi ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Yukimura creates a circle of fire that travels diagonally upward. The initial spear twirling animation hits, so this move works up close, too.

Nekketsu! Daifunka! ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Yukimura calls out Sarutobi Sasuke, who attacks with a leaping swipe. As he powers up, he gains after images that add extra hits.

Maeda Keiji

Yoko Renbo ↓↘→ + A (hold)
Big swiping attack.

Koi no Togegoe →↓↘ + B
Keiji plants his weapon in the ground and does a pole vault kick.

Hitori Zumou ↓↙← + B
Command throw. Keiji flings his opponent across the screen.

Koi no Saya-ate ↓↙← + C
Keiji tosses his scabbard in a parabolic arc. The spinning projectile covers a lot of area so it works well against airborne or distant enemies, but it misses if they're close.

Shitakogare ↓↘→ + B (hold)
Low stabbing attack. This move is slow but it has terrific range.

Koi no Arashi ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Keiji creates a giant whirlwind.

Hitome Bore ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Ground slam attack with huge range. After Keiji brings his weapon down, rubble adds additional hits. Engun Assist OK.

Matsuri da! Wasshoi! ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Keiji's aunt, Matsu, unleashes a mole attack from underground. Extra moles (up to three) at higher levels.

Uesugi Kenshin

About Freezing
Some of Kenshin's moves cause a freezing affliction when they connect. Victims turn very pale and their attacks are slowed down. They can still move around normally, however. The effect wears off after a set amount of time.

Shin-na (Chi) ↓↘→ + A
Shin-na (Ten) ↓↘→ + B
Ice projectile. The weak version travels horizontally while the medium version travels diagonally upwards. Neither inflicts any damage; instead Shin-na causes freezing on contact.

Shinjin ↓↙← + C (hold)
Kenshin causes a column of ice to rise up from the ground. Hold the button down to make the column larger. Causes freezing even when blocked.

Shinsoku ↓↘→ + C
Shinzan A
Shin-en B
Kenshin rushes forward very quickly. Press weak or medium attack to follow up with Shinzan (a low attack) or Shin-en (overhead.)

Shinpan (Chi) ↓↙← + A
Shinpan (Ten) ↓↙← + B
Kenshin moves forward in a defensive pose. If his opponent attacks he'll counter with a slash attack. Shinpan Chi counters low attacks. Shinpan Ten works against medium and high attacks. Even if the counter is unsuccessful, the initial move causes freezing on contact!

Shinretsu ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
After charging forward, Kenshin slashes his opponent repeatedly. Use in conjunction with an Engun Assist for bigger combo possibilities.

Shinkyou ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Ice blast attack. If Kenshin's opponent attacks as he's starting this move he'll attack with an even more damaging ice slash.

Shin-iki ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Kasuga slashes with her kunai. At level 50 or above you can hold the button down to have her throw the knife instead. More knives at higher levels.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A-cho HSF Vids 072907

Watch as good triumphs over evil. Pic from a-cho site.
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (button on the left above Milia)

acho_hs2_20070729a.asx - Seki (DJ) & Kachu (Claw) vs. ShootingD (Ryu) & Aniken
acho_hs2_20070729b.asx - ABC (CE Sagat) & Six (CE Dictator) vs. Muteki (CE Guile) & Chamu (Chun-li)
acho_hs2_20070729c.asx - Suzuki (Guile) & Kimomaru (Dictator) vs. ShootingD & Aniken
acho_hs2_20070729d.asx - Suzuki & Kimomaru vs. Muteki & Chamu
acho_hs2_20070729e.asx - Finals: ShootingD & Aniken vs. ABC (WW Ryu) & Six

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mikado Pre X-Mania Vids 072107

Ostensibly a warm-up for Hyper Mania and SBO, this event was more like a cap on the first season of Mikado ranbats. Super Turbo 3on.
N Oah (Boxer), Haru KING (Honda), Milky Vega (Dictator) vs.
Oomura (Dictator), Futachan (Ryu), Wasse-kun (Dhalsim)
Cello Tape* (Zangief), Takiba (Blanka), AFO (Blanka) vs.
Pony (Zangief), Tsunoppi (Guile), Mattsun (Ken)
Noguchi (O.Sagat), ShikiGuile, Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs.
Yoshio (Guile), Nakanishi (Ryu), Naka (Cammy)
TZW (Guile), Kikai (Ryu), KKY (Dhalsim) vs.
Gian (Dhalsim), Shiro (Ryu), Taira (Dictator)
Oomura (Dictator), Futachan (Ryu), Wasse-kun (Dhalsim) vs.
Pony (Zangief), Tsunoppi (Guile), Mattsun (Ken)
Noguchi (O.Sagat), ShikiGuile (Boxer), Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs.
Gian (Dhalsim), Shiro (Ryu), Taira (Dictator)
Pony (Zangief), Tsunoppi (Guile), Mattsun (Ken) vs.
Gian (Dhalsim), Shiro (Ryu), Taira (Dictator)

* I had been writing this nick as "Serotepu." Going to switch to Cello Tape from now on.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Classic SF2 Video - Nagoyan

Somebody posted a great vintage SF2 video on nicovideo recently. It was supposedly made way back in 1991* and features Tasaka (at the time a Chun-Li specialist) among other old schoolers demonstrating various tricks and combos. I re-upped the movies to youtube and typed up some notes (hat tip: T.Akiba) below.

* - Man, at my local arcade we were still getting the hang of DPs back then.

YouTube Playlist

Baiting Throw Attempts
One key technique here involves baiting counter-throw attempts and punishing with this or that. Blanka is especially vulnerable to this trick since he has that stupid double swipe attack.

Yoga Killing Arts
There's a lot of overlap between the Dhalsim techniques in the Nagoyan video and the ones on the 48 Killing Arts of Yoga. I wonder if Tasaka's crew were rivals with Foosuke and Team Y.S.B. Watch out for Yoga Sniper, Side Magic, Yoga Bonjour, etc.

512 Moves
In classic Street Fighter 2 there's a small chance that you'll get a special move simply by pressing an attack button. Since the odds of this happening are 1 in 512, these are called, "512 Special Moves."
I couldn't spot any 512 Moves in the video myself, but if you see a mysterious Sonic Boom or Sumo Missile this could explain it.

512 Guard
In the same fashion as the above glitch, there's a small chance that you'll automatically block even if you weren't holding back on the joystick. This can happen even if you were recovering from a move, too.

Okiseme Throws
This one was unfamiliar to me so I can only offer conjecture:
When a character gets to their feet after being knocked down, there's a brief window where they are immune to throws. If you attempt to throw them at a precise moment, however, the game will sometimes (randomly?) ignore this immunity. See pt.12 @ 8:48 for a clear example.

Counter Damage
Blanka takes double damage when he's hit out of the ball. Also, Ryu sometimes takes double damage when he's dizzy.

Zangief's Rapid Crouching Short
After doing a crouching short with Zangief, if you quickly press jab he'll do another crouching weak kick instead of a punch. Keep hitting jab and Zangief will kick rapidly.

Blanka's Semi-Unblockable Bush Buster
Instant (aka zero frame) attacks have a 50% chance of being unblockable if they're done close enough. It's like the attack is so quick that your opponent doesn't have time to put their arms up to block. Take a look at pt.10 @ 0:44 to see an example of this.
This phenomenon persisted all the way through SSF2T. Here's a list of zero frame moves:
WW Blanka - vertical jump fierce
Any Blanka - horizontal and vertical balls
HF, SSF2, O.ST Ryu and Ken - air hurricane kick
Akuma - air hurricane kick
HF Zangief - quick lariat

CPS1 Chains
If you press short + fierce simultaneously you'll do a fierce attack. You can chain from a regular short kick into this as if it were another short. To combo crouching short -> backfist with guile it goes like this:
down + short -> neutral + short + fierce
This is called a CPS1 chain because it works through SF2HF (the last SF2 game to use the CPS1 hardware.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A-cho Vids 072907

There are some movies from a recent singles event at a-cho up.
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (button on the left above Milia)

acho_sp2x_20070729a.asx - Kuni (DJ) vs. OreRyu
acho_sp2x_20070729b.asx - Doku Manju (Blanka) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
acho_sp2x_20070729c.asx - The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Seki (DJ)
acho_sp2x_20070729d.asx - Otochun vs. ZTT (Zangief)
acho_sp2x_20070729e.asx - OreRyu vs. Gunze
acho_sp2x_20070729f.asx - Seki vs. Otochun
acho_sp2x_20070729g.asx - Otochun vs. OreRyu
acho_sp2x_20070729h.asx - Finals: Seki vs. Gunze

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daigo vs. Aniken Showdown 050406

HondaMonmon put some new Daigo vs. Aniken movies up on his Beast fan page. All of these matches are cracking good; don't miss them!
(NOTE: While I was writing this post the site seems to have gone down. If it isn't working later on, I'll at least re-up the three files (out of five) I managed to download.)
"ウメ動画" (3rd link on left) -> "Download page" (next to Ryu vs. Ken screen)

Fatboy @ SRK was nice enough to re-up the earlier movies in this series here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tougeki 2007 HSF Results

1st: Kurahashi & Nuki
2nd: Taira & Shiro
Noguchi & Hakase
sako & Nekohashi

Master Foosuke was doing some of the MC duties. Very cool.

Here's the breakdown:

1st Round
Toutanki/K def. Prince/Futa
sako/Nekohashi def. Tokido/Gian
Popopopo def. Seki/Kachu
Alex/Graham def. Otochun/Komoda
(better the yanks did it than ABC/Six...)

Six/ABC def. Yuubou/Oonishi
Tama/Shiki def. ARG/SuperStar
Kurahashi/Nuki def. KKY/Kikai
Shacho/Aomori def. Ikebukuro Team

Yuu/Tsuji def. Cruz/Lilith
Macky7/Gunze def. Nestor/Mopreme
Kusumondo/Danjiri def. Daigo/yaya
Noguchi/Hakase def. Chukui/Banana

Nakanishi/Yoshio def. Jenety/Tsunoppi
Muteki/Chamu def. Aniken/D
Pony/Mattsun def. Kimomaru/Suzuyan
Taira/Shiro def. Niigata Team

2nd Round
sako/Nekohashi def. Toutanki/K
Alex/Graham def. Popopopo

Tama/Shiki def. Six/ABC
Kurahashi/Nuki def. Shacho/Aomori

Yuu/Tusji def. Macky7/Gunze
Noguchi/Hakase def. Kusumondo/Danjiri

Muteki/Chamu def. Nakanishi/Yoshio
Tairo/Shiro def. Pony/Mattsun

3rd Round
sako/Nekohashi def. Alex/Graham
Kurahashi/Nuki def. Tama/Shiki
Noguchi/Hakase def. Yuu/Tsuji
Taira/Shiro def. Muteki/Chamu

Kurahashi/Nuki def. sako/Nekohashi
Taira/Shiro def. Noguchi/Hakase

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hyper Mania 4 Results

Hyper Mania 4 took place the night before SBO. INH co-produced, which might mean they'll put together a DVD. Chamu, Mute and Taira pic taken from the Mikado blog.

27 Teams

1st Place: Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator)
2nd: Daigo (CE Sagat), Gotoh (ST Ryu) & Kashiwagi (WW Guile)
Nakanishi (WW Guile), Yoshio (CE Guile) & Shiro (ST Ryu)
Pony (ST Zangief), Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Mattsun (ST Ken)

Some OCV action:
Nakanishi beat Tokido, YuuVega and Gian
Kurahashi beat Aniken, Otochun and KomodaBlanka
and in the finals
Muteki beat Daigo, Gotoh and Kashiwagi

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nagase Cup 4 HSF Vids 080507

These videos are from a recent solo 2on at Nagase UFO. ShootingD's 2nd character was CE Sagat, but they didn't post any of those matches. Nekohashi pic lifted from the GMC blog.

The files are available on filebank (pass: nagasecup04) but I re-uploaded them:

Part 1 (WMV x3, 42MB)
Part 2 (WMV x6, 84MB)

Thank you to umbrellastyle from sobat carnival for the file hosting!

20070805_NagaseCup4th_15.wmv - Aniken (Boxer) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_16.wmv - Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_30.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. Gunze (Zangief)

Finals Block
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_01.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Boxer)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_03.wmv - Nekohashi (CE Dictator) vs. Aniken (Ken)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_05.wmv - ShootingD (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Boxer)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_06.wmv - ShootingD (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Ken)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_08.wmv - Nekohashi (CE Dictator) vs. ShootingD (Ryu)
20070805_NagaseCup4th_Final_09.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. ShootingD (Ryu)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tougeki 2007 HSF Preview - List of Teams, Qualifier Videos and Muteki Interview

Here is a list of the teams that qualified for Super Battle Opera '07 organized by region. Note that in earlier posts I had been lumping the Tokyo qualifiers in with the Kanto qualifiers. "Kinki" and "Kansai" are interchangeable. The main event goes down Sunday, August 12th.

Later on in this post: some qualifier movies and a rough translation of a Muteki Guile interview from Tougeki Spirits Magazine.

Tohoku/Hokkaido Area
ARG (ST Claw) & The SuperStar (ST Boxer)
Pony (ST Zangief) & Mattsun (ST Ken)

Kanto Area
Nuki (ST Chun-Li) & Kurahashi (CE Guile)
Muteki (CE Guile) & Chamu (ST Chun-Li)
Popo Soncho (ST DeeJay) & Popo Sousui (ST Dictator)
Noguchi (ST Claw/CE Sagat) & Hakase (ST Dhalsim)
Shiro (ST Ryu) & Taira (ST Dictator/CE Dictator)
Yuubou (ST Fei-Long/O.Hawk) & Oonishi (WW Guile)
Toutanki (ST T.Hawk) & K (O.Hawk)

Tokyo Area
Tamashima (ST Boxer) & ShikiGuile (CE Guile)
YuuVega (ST Dictator/ST DeeJay) & Tsuji (ST Boxer)
Gian (ST Dhalsim) & Tokido (ST Claw)
Shacho (ST Cammy) & Aomori (ST Claw)
Jenety (WW Chun-Li) & Tsunoppi (CE Guile)
Daigo (CE Sagat/CE Ryu) & yaya (CE Guile)

Chubu Area
Otochun (ST Chun-Li) & Komoda (ST Blanka)
Ayanami Lilith (CE Sagat/CE Guile) & Cruz (CE Dictator)
Nakanishi (WW Guile) & Yoshio (CE Guile) (Note: qualified on 14th try!)

Kinki Area
Six (CE Dictator) & ABC (CE Ryu)
Kusumondo (ST E.Honda) & Danjiri Dhalsim (ST Dhalsim)
Kimomaru (ST Dictator) & Suzuyan (ST Guile)
Macky7 (ST Boxer) & Gunze (ST Zangief)
Seki (CE Ryu/ST DeeJay) & Kachu (ST Claw)
Prince (ST Chun-Li) & Futachan (ST Ryu)

Chugoku / Shikkoku Area
Nekohashi (CE Dictator) & sako (ST Ryu)
Aniken (ST Ken/ST Boxer) & ShootingD (ST Ryu)
Chukui (ST Cammy/CE Claw) & Macho Banana (CE Guile)

Kyushu / Okinawa Area
KKY (ST Dhalsim) & Kikai (CE Guile)

Alex Wolfe (ST Dhalsim) & Graham Wolfe (CE Dictator/ST Boxer)
Nestor (CE Dictator) & Mark (CE Ryu)

Qualifier Videos

I nicked these from the Spirits Magazine DVD. Don't tell anyone.
(xvid .avi x2, 41MB)
Mirror here.

Play City Carrot Sugamo Finals 041407
ShikiGuile (CE Guile) & Tamashima (ST Boxer) vs. Hakase (ST Dhalsim) & Noguchi (CE Sagat)

Ikebukuro Playland Las Vegas Finals 050607
Tsuji (ST Boxer) & YuuVega (ST Dictator) vs. Chamu (ST Chun-Li) & Muteki (CE Guile)

Muteki Interview

Muteki and Chamu

Arcadia: Could you tell us why you play fighting games?

Muteki: Trying to out maneuver people is what makes it fun, right? Well, it's not just fighting games that have that kind of gamesmanship. The other thing is that most games don't have what we call character differences, so the players mostly fight head-to-head on equal footing. Fighting games, by contrast, have those character differences to make things more interesting.

That's a pretty unusual way of looking at it.

Well, it's easy for me to say since I'm using top-tier CE Guile, (laughs) but overcoming character differences is what excites me. The most interesting thing for me is defeating my opponent when my character is at a disadvantage. With character differences, the gamesmanship takes various shapes so that's the fun part.

Are there certain characteristics that distinguish you from other players?

That's a tough question. If I had to name a strong suit, I think I have an edge when it comes to the power of observation. Based on my opponents' tiniest movements during the fight, I'll predict their next action. People say, "you read people well," but that comes from the power of observation.

What do you focus on as you strive to improve your game?

I've practiced a lot, of course. I try not to miss anything even when playing against the computer. I've run drills on certain things, like improving my reversal consistency. Plus, I think about what the cause of each loss is.

Is there anything that you've become aware while competing recently?

I've been paying attention to getting the proper distance between characters -- the "spacing" that's needed to put pressure on my opponent. It's subtle enough that even a few pixels can make a difference as to whether your character is at an advantage or disadvantage. When I find myself at an unfavorable range, I find that a bit of ingenuity can turn things around, so I've been thinking about those situations. Instead of thinking, "I'm in trouble," I'll make a tiny adjustment and the situation changes dramatically. It's hard to appreciate without a high level of proficiency, though.

These days, is there any player whom you would call a rival?

If you mean someone I've been playing a lot lately, that would be the ST Dictator player Taira*. He's a fierce opponent so it's fun fighting him. It's tough to find rivals, since there really isn't anyone who makes me think, "I can't beat this guy." In terms of characters, I'd rather not hit any Dhalsim players.

[* - The same day I typed up this translation, Muteki beat Taira in the finals of an Ikebukuro Vegas tourney.]

When things aren't going well, how do you turn the tide?

If it's the day of the tournament and things are going poorly, figuring out how to get back on track is the key issue. When you've practiced hard and you find yourself in trouble, that hurts your spirit, right? First of all I'll defiantly tell myself, "you've practiced this, so it's all good." Of course, you have to have that practice under your belt beforehand. In addition, lately I've been focusing on getting myself pumped up. If I start thinking, "what'll I do if I lose?" there's no doubt I'll be beaten. When I start slipping towards that point, I'll picture how happy I'll be when I win, and thus pull myself together. The biggest enticement with this game is taking down the top players, so I look forward to doing just that. (laughs)

Do you have a word of advice for players who want to become more skillful?

Think about the roots of your losses. Naturally there will be many, so you must be observant. As you build up experience in observation, you will become able to read what your opponent is going to do. It's that experience that will make a big difference in the long run.

Final Word from Gary Busey

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Friday, August 3, 2007

BattleFantasia Vids UPDATE

I scooped up some recent videos from Nico Video and re-upped:
(.flv x 4, 23MB)

unknown (Odile) vs. Machida Don (Donvalve)
Across (Marco) vs. Machida Don x3


Here are a couple more:
(.flv x 2, 17MB)

E (Olivia) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Mogura (DeathBringer) vs. Kiru (Freed)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mikado HSF SBO Q Vids 070107

Movies from Mikado's SBO qualifiers are up. - Gotoh (ST Ryu) & Mi (O.Ken) vs. Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile) - Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile) vs. tomo (CE Ryu) & OreRyu (ST Ryu) - Tencho (CE Ryu) & Kawamata (ST Ryu) vs. Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile) - AKIRA (CE Dictator) & AFO (ST Blanka) vs. Akeome (CE Sagat) & Nougyou (ST Zangief) - Kaito (DeeJay) & Mayumura (CE Ryu) vs. N Oah (ST Boxer) & Haru KING (ST Honda) - Edoya Bunkichi (O.Honda) & Nantanki (HF Zangief) vs. Kotsu (CE Dictator) & TAKAKISIN (CE Guile) - Akeome (CE Sagat) & Nougyou (ST Zangief) vs. Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile) - Kotsu (CE Dictator) & TAKAKISIN (CE Guile) vs. Kaito (DeeJay) & Mayumura (CE Ryu) - Finals: Kotsu (CE Dictator) & TAKAKISIN (CE Guile) vs. Daigo (CE Ryu) & yaya (CE Guile)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Game Sakura HSF Vid 071507

Video from a recent 2on2 tourney @ Game Inn Sakura is up. Shougatsu went on a rampage! (He OCV'ed his way through Tojo's team in the block finals, too.)
動画配信 (3rd link on the left) -> 070715_HyperSF2_2on2.wmv

Ojii (Ryu) & Serotepu (Zangief) vs. Shougatsu (O.Honda) & takami2 (Ryu)

USA (Boxer) & Tamashima (Chun-Li) vs. Shougatsu (O.Honda) & takami2 (Ryu)

Muteki (CE Guile) & Chamu (Chun-Li) vs. Tokido (Claw) & Gian (Dhalsim)

Shougatsu (O.Honda) & takami2 (Ryu) vs. Muteki (CE Guile) & Chamu (Chun-Li)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

ST Vids - Two Ten Game Series

Here are a couple of excellent 10-game showdowns. In case you want to watch these right away (or if the dl links die,) I put the former on the youtube account and the latter on the putfile account in the left sidebar.

Zangief Bison
Kakky (Zangief) vs. Tsuji (Boxer)
Download (.wmv x10, 35 MB)

Ken Sagat
Aniken (Ken) vs. yaya (Sagat)
Download (.wmv x10, 35 MB)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A-cho 2on2 Vids 062407

Some videos from a recent SSF2T 2on2 event at a-cho are up.

FWIW, Team Shuttle (Mi & Gotoh -- featured here in an unrelated event) was the strongest team to have not qualified for SBO. Hopefully they'll try for a last chance spot in August. Pic of them, taken from a-cho results page, at right.
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (button on the left above Milia)

acho_sp2x_20070624a.asx - Mi (O.Ken) & Gotoh (Ryu) vs. ARG (Claw) & Prince (Chun-Li)
acho_sp2x_20070624b.asx - Otochun (Chun-Li) & KKY (Dhalsim) vs. The SuperStar (Boxer) & Futachan (Ryu)

acho_sp2x_20070624c.asx - The SuperStar & Futachan vs. Mi & Gotoh

acho_sp2x_20070624d.asx - Finals: Otochun & KKY vs. ARG & Prince

Friday, July 13, 2007

Mikado Ranbat 061607 Vids

Movies from the sixth Mikado ranbat are up. Next week they're going to have a special tournament to decide the strongest fighter amongst the top eight point scorers:

Noguchi (Fei-Long)
Taira (Dictator)
Gian (Dhalsim)
Kurahashi (Ryu)
KKY (Dhalsim)
Kita (Chun-Li)
TZW-ART? (Guile)
Hakase (Dhalsim)

Also on July 21st @ Mikado: Pre X-Mania 3on3 tourney. VIII? I'll post more info when it becomes available. - Gian (Sim) & KKY (Sim) vs. Noguchi (Fei) & Hakase (Sim) - Noguchi & Hakase vs. Jenety (O.Chun) & Nia (Honda) - Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) & Yuubou (Fei) vs. Nakanishi (Ryu) & Yoshio (Guile) - TZW-ART? (Guile) & Hamaki (Honda) vs. Shinryu (Blanka) & Suzuki (O.Hawk) - Kurahashi (Ryu) & Taira (Dictator) vs. Naka (Cammy) & Shacho (Cammy) - Noguchi & Hakase vs. Nakanishi & Yoshio - Kurahashi & Taira vs. TZW-ART? & Hamaki - Finals: Kurahashi & Taira vs. Noguchi & Hakase
(Team "Must Kill Dhalsim" vs. Team "Burning Yoga Dragon")

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 3 HSF Vids 101506 bump2

The Ikebukuro Las Vegas HSF chief has upped a handful of moves from the third Las Vegas Cup.
Edit: Recently uploaded matches listed at the bottom.
MOVIE -> 第3回大会 - - -
Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Uchiyamada Kyoutou (HF Ryu)
Shu (Ken) vs. Oonishi (Dictator) - Shu (HF Ken) vs. Nakamura - Oonishi vs. Kyoutou (WW Ryu)

UPDATE: - - -
Shacho (Cammy) vs. Mekane (Claw)
Shacho (Cammy) vs. Kannami (CE Ken)
Shacho (Cammy) vs. Mario (DeeJay) - - -
Papaya (T.Hawk) vs. Nakamura (Cammy)
Uchiyamada Kyoutou (HF Ryu) vs. Shacho (Cammy)
Shu (HF Ken) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator)
Oonishi (Dictator) vs. Buzan (DeeJay)

In other news... re: [SBO]:
There might be movies from the GAME41 and Kasugai Five-Oh SBO Qs up soon. I'll post about it.
I'm not sure if Arcadia retains the rights to the qualifier footage or not. The Las Vegas webmaster says he's going to upload some casual matches from their event, at least. <- There'll be a DVD with those matches.

UPDATE2: - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Shu (ST Ken) - Nakamura vs. Kazu (WW Dhalsim) - Nakamura vs. Bouzu (ST Blanka) - Oonishi (ST Dictator) vs. O~nu~[cho?] (ST Boxer) - Oonishi vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu) - Oonishi vs. Kiteretsu (ST Dhalsim) - Sakamoto (CE Gief) vs. Papaya (T.Hawk) - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Momo (ST Ken) - Onu (O.Boxer) vs. Uchiyamada (ST Ryu) - Shacho vs. Edo (ST Honda) - tomo (ST Ryu) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator) - Shu (HF Ken) vs. SD (ST Dhalsim) - Kameido Guile (ST Guile) vs. Oonishi - Mario (DeeJay) vs. Buzan (DeeJay)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

BattleFantasia Vids 062707

G.X posted a bunch of BF videos. Tomono and Hex were both Fist of North Star rivals of his last year. All three of those guys pioneered a lot of techniques for that game.

Original files on filebank here.
Pass: fantasia

NDS (Cedric) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Kiru (Freed)
G.X (Ashley) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Hexamethylene (Cedric)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Ii [E] (Urs)
Tomono (Watson) vs. G.X
E (Face) vs. G.X
E (Face) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Kiru (Freed)
Tomono (Watson) vs. Mammoth (Ashley)
Tomono (Watson) vs. E (Face)
NDS (Cedric) vs. Kiru (Freed)

Tougeki 2007 HSF Qualifier Update

Look who waited until the last minute to qualify! Pic lifted from the Mikado blog. I'll type up some more SBO notes later.

6/1 Seisekisakura Central CLS (Kanto)
Shacho (Cammy) & Aomori (ST Claw)

6/2 Super Bingo Fukushima (Tohoku)
Pony (ST Zangief) & Mattsun (ST Ken)

6/3 Amipala Welcome (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Aniken (ST Ken) & ShootingD (ST Ryu)

6/3 Lupin 122 (Kanto)
Taira (ST Dictator) & Shiro (ST Ryu)

6/9 Media Park Leebros Takastuki (Kansai)
Kachu (ST Claw) & Seki (DeeJay)

6/10 Tokyo Game Action (East Coast USA)
Nestor (CE Dictator) & Mopreme (CE Ryu)

6/16 Kumagaya Namco Land (Kanto)
Toutanki (T.Hawk) & K (O.Hawk)

6/17 Club Sega Shinjuku West Gate (Kanto)
Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Jenety (WW Chun-Li)

6/17 Saijou Plaza Game Corner (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Chukui (?) & Macho Banana (?)

6/23 Amusement Azpress (Chubu)
Nakanishi (WW Guile/CE Ryu) & Yoshio (CE Guile)

6/24 Neo Amusement Space a-cho (Kansai)
Futachan (ST Ryu) & Prince (ST Chun-Li)

7/1 Shinjuku Geisen Mikado (Kanto)
Daigo (CE Sagat) & yaya (CE Guile)