Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ooyama Game Newton ST Vid 082507 bump

UPDATE2: Got rid of embedded youtube player.

Ryu posted some more matches from this event.
Namiken (Boxer) & K (Fei) vs. Takekawa (Ryu) & Kita (Chun)

Monchoi (Dhalsim) & Sekkinen (DJ) vs. Matayoshi (Claw) & Haru KING (Honda)

Ashitana (O.Ryu) & Kikai (Guile) vs. Namiken (Dictator) & K (Boxer)

Shu (Ken) & Cello Tape (Zangief) vs. Yuzuru (Guile) & Aben (Ryu)

Giger (O.Ryu) & ryu (Dictator) vs. Nantanki (Fei) & Mayumura (Ryu)

Matayoshi (Claw) & Haru KING (Honda) vs. Donao (Ken) & Taka-an (Ryu)

Namiken (Dictator) & K (Boxer) vs. Yuzuru (DJ) & Aben (Ryu)

Matayoshi (Claw) & Haru KING (Honda) vs. Giger (O.Ryu) & ryu (Dictator)

Namiken (Dictator) & K (Boxer) vs. Giger (O.Ryu) & ryu (Dictator)


  1. @nohoho How's the 3s scene in Japan? I mean I know it's big, but what about in recent years? The reason I ask is because you posed the question in a thread on SRK pre-SBO about whether or not it'll be one of the games at next year's SBO. Also, what game would you say has a bigger scene right now in Japan right now between 3s and ST/HSF?

  2. I don't know that much about 3s. It was a grey day when Kokujin retired.

    Here's the top ten list from Tougeki Spirits.
    1. GGXXAC
    2. VF5
    3. Tekken 5 DR
    4. 3S
    5. Arcana Heart FULL
    6. KoF 2k2
    7. Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2
    8. CvS2
    9. HSF2
    10. KoF11

    Melty Blood should be on there, too. Might be a misprint or it's there and I'm not seeing it.

  3. Why do people say dictator is top tier?

  4. Top tier is Dhalsim, Boxer, Claw and Chun-Li. Those are referred to as "the big four." Old Sagat is top, too, but it's so rare that people use him that he doesn't get to join the "big" group.

  5. 3S seems to be wanning compared to HSF/AE in Japan, at least from what I've seen (our local 3S champ didn't make it to SBO this year though, but I remember there being more 3S tournaments a couple years back).

    Actually I personally think Bison is also top tier- all boss' hit boxes seem a bit bigger or have wider reach to me (yeah not new sagat though). I used to consider chun mid but recently can see high potential there too. one really annoying thing I've come across from one bison player was his jumping knee cross up (short kick, not sure if it was mixed up with forward kick or just short kick is hard to gauge). he doesn't have much anti-air but jumping strong juggle gets the job done usually, also top tier because his combos are so deadly.