Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Versus Video 033010, SBO Qs

Part One

Part Two

Hammer (Ryu), Beah (Ryu), Shin (Hawk), Musashi Kosugi (Zangief), Choshu (Ken), KKY (Blanka, MC), Akatsuka (Ryu), Kawamata (Ryu), VIPER (Hawk), Fujinuma (Chun), Sa (Blanka), Izumi (O.Sagat), Haramaki (Ryu), Nikaiten (Boxer), Peco (O.Ken), Hitomi [Nia] (Honda), YURI (Fei), Toukon (Chun), Kumondosu [?] (Honda), Numa (Boxer)

Here's the list of SBO qualifiers. h/t Aka Zangief
13 + Gian Recital spot + Tennessee Q + last chance spot? = 16 teams total

5/9 - Ooyama Newton

5/16 - Shirone Chance

5/23 - GAME41

5/30 - Amipara Marugame

6/6 - Gamer's VISION

6/13 - Shiogama Space Shuttle

6/20 - Ko-Hatsu

6/27 - G-Com Wajiro

7/4 - Saijo Plaza Game Corner

7/11 - Nishinippori Versus

7/18 - Amusement F-1 Fukaya

7/25 - Nagase UFO

8/1 - Kasugai Play Hard 50

Monday, March 29, 2010

Yokohama Vision Ranbat Etc.

There's another GVision ranking battle this Saturday April 3rd at 8pm (Japan.) Format: 2on2 elimination. Comic (unrelated) by Noshi.

Live broadcast

Nishinippori Versus Video 032310

Match One
Match Two

Choshu (Ken), Nakamura (Cammy), Musashi Kosugi (Zangief, Guile), Numa (Boxer), Toukon (Chun), Fujinuma (Chun), Shu (Ken), Abebin (Honda), Shin (Hawk), Sasori (Ryu), Nikaiten (Boxer, MC)

A Bit of Local Action

Youtube playlist

Phil (Claw, Boxer, DJ, Dictator, etc.), Rambo (Dhalsim), Howard (DJ, Boxer), Damdai (Ken, Ryu), NH2 (Blanka), Chris (Chun), Justin (DJ, Chun)

Incidentally, lots of Chun-Li wailing on people at Versus and in Connecticut.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 032110

Some cracking ST action this time. Don't miss these. Gian, KKY and Nuki did the commentary.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

KKY (Dhalsim), Shiki (Boxer), Kawamata (Ryu), Nuki (Chun-Li), Gian (Dhalsim), Muneo (O.Sagat)

9th dan, 10th dan, Tsuwamono

It takes 5 points to graduate to the special rank(s) above 10th dan and then +/-5 to move again.

Quick unrelated item...
Here's Akiman's own entry in the guest book at his gallery exhibit:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Danisen Rankings as of March 21st

Shiki showed up this week and immediately climbed to the newly allotted strong men rank. Also, some people started to break out sub characters. Good luck NKI!

Tsuwamono: Gian (DH), Nuki (CH), Shiki (BX)

10th Dan: KKY (DH), AFO (BL), Numa (BX)

9th Dan: Muneo (OS)

8th Dan: Souzou (FE), Chokka Rakusho (FE), tomo (RY), Kawamata (RY), Noguchi (FE)

7th Dan: Kurahashi (RY), Kurahashi (CH), Kita (CH), Taoki (BX), YuuVega (DI)

6th Dan: The SuperStar (BX), Kakky (ZA), Sashishi (RY), Toukon (CH), Gakuzan (ZA), Kotaka Shoten (GU), Yoshio (GU), Akabla (BL), Yuzuru (DJ), Shoni* (EH)

5th Dan: Shiro (RY), Abebin (EH), Fujinuma (CH), KKY (BL), Shiba-oto (GU) Nakamura (CA)

4th Dan: Aoki Cyclone (ZA)

3rd Dan: Kusa (CH), Kawamata (GU), Cross (FE), Nikaiten (BX)

2nd Dan: Oji (RY), VIPER (TH), Yomiaido (RY), NKI (CH), Chika@8doors (EH)

1st Dan: Akashachi Kancho (BL), Takitate Barusan (RY), N Oah (BX), Cello Tape (ZA), Peco (OK), Tori-ore (RY), VERZA (DI), Akazuka Ryu (RY), Ponkotsu (BX), Talbain (CH), Beah (DH), Gian (RY), Shin (TH), Hitsuji (SG), AFO (FE)

*not sure how to read this nick. Might be you-know-who.

There are some great San (Ryu) vs. Kikai (Guile) matches in the middle and end of this video.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Game Spot Versus Team Battle x2 031610

First Match

Second Match

Peco (O.Ken), Musashi Kosugi (Zangief), VIPER (Hawk), Toukon (Chun), Noguchi (Fei), Chika (Honda), Shin (Hawk), Muneo (O.Sagat), Nia (Honda), Fujinuma (Chun)

There's a picture of the victorious Kansai team over here. Proper videos coming soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

VS, SF4 and ST This Weekend

Times are for Japan. Mattsun didn't say if there's going to be a stream for the Super Turbo event on Monday EDIT: postponed; I'll post if there's more info. Not sure if this site is still in use.

March 20th - Vampire Day at Baba Mikado

Vampire Savior random 3on3 - 4pm
Vampire Hunter singles(?) - after Savior wraps up
Vampire Savior team showdown - after Hunter wraps up / 7:30~8:00

Live broadcast: link

These tournaments run very quickly — there may be some exhibition games and/or hijinks in between. For the team showdown, they usually have the first and second place winners serve as captains then split people up into two groups to duke it out.

March 21st - Nagoya Street Battle at Urban Square

Street Fighter 4 3on3 - 12pm

Live broadcast: maybe here link

Coming shortly before the 2010 Japanese Nationals, this event should draw a lot of heavy hitters. Gama no Abura says it's probably the last NSB.

Date TBD* - X-Mania Archives at Baba Mikado
*h/t 1025

Super Street Fighter 2 X talk show - 7pm

Live broadcast: ???

At this event they're going to show some X-Mania 8 and X-Mania 9 footage on a projector and discuss matches on-the-fly with the competitors. Tamashima, Hakase, Noguchi, Pony, Tsunoppi and Mattsun will be there for starters. The inspiration here was the X-Mania 7 DVD commentary by Otochun, Gian and Nikaiten.

Everyone who shows up will get a special DVD with the highlighted matches. That disc is one of a set of five — there will be similar events each month leading up to X-Mania 11.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yokohama Vision Ranbat Videos 030610

Kurahashi: "I'm looking to win Tougeki so I can't lose here."

Part One

Part Two

Here are the current standings:

1st Place - 5 points
2nd Place - 3 points
3rd Place - 2 points

No losses - 2 bonus points

Gian 8p
Kurahashi 7p
MAO 7p
Futachan 7p
(he didn't actually get to play, but still got the no loss bonus for taking 1st with MAO)
YuuVega 3p
Sashishi (Ryu) 3p
baby nine (Honda) 3p
Souzou (Fei) 2p
Rei (DJ) 2p
PECO (O.Ken) 2p
MOR (Guile) 2p

The next one will be on April 3rd at 8pm (Japan.) Live stream

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 030910

Nikaiten on the mic.

Part One

Part Two

Peco (O.Ken), Nia (E.Honda), Onucho (Dictator), Nakamu (Blanka), Nakamura (Cammy), Toukon (Chun-Li), Abebin (E.Honda), Sasori (Ryu)
Shin (T.Hawk), Fujinuma (Chun-Li), Noguchi (Sagat), VIPER (T.Hawk), Inomata (T.Hawk), Chika@8doors (E.Honda), YURI (Fei-Long), Pyonkichi (Zangief)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 14th Chubu vs. Kansai Preview

This Sunday there are going to be two Super Turbo contests at Kasugai Five-oh: a random 2on2 at 2pm (Japan*) and a Chubu vs. Kansai showdown at 5pm. Live stream here.

* If you're in the US, don't forget daylight savings time.

The regional fight will be a full-roster showdown. A popular format for Guilty Gear and, lately, Street Fighter 4, this means each character on the selection screen is represented. Here they couldn't quite rope in enough people to cover the roster, but they got close and then added a few more to make it a 17on17. Star kindly posted the line-up at T.Akiba's joint.



The SuperStarBoxerTsuji
Oh!!J (DJ)ExtraSaitou (ZA)
Gotoh (RY)
Marubozu (EH)
Murasaki (DI)

Yabu (CA)

Teppei (GU)

Elsewhere: new Versus danisen video here. Kita, AFO, Kawamata, Yuzuru.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Danisen Rankings

Here are the standings after Sunday's contest. Source

10th Dan: Nuki (Chun), Gian (Dhalsim), Kawamata (Ryu)

9th Dan: nobody

8th Dan: Yuzuru (DJ), Numa (Boxer), Souzou (Fei), AFO (Blanka)

7th Dan: KKY (Dhalsim), Kurahashi (Ryu), Kita (Chun)

6th Dan: The SuperStar (Boxer), Kakky (Zangief), Sashishi (Ryu), Toukon (Chun), Fujinuma (Chun), Nakamura (Cammy), Gakuzan (Zangief), tomo (Ryu), Kotaka Shoten (Guile), Yoshio (Guile)

5th Dan: Taoki (Boxer), Shiro (Ryu), Abebin (Honda)

4th Dan: nobody

3rd Dan: nobody

2nd Dan: Shin (Hawk), Oji (Ryu), VIPER (Hawk), Yomiaido (Ryu)

Shodan: Akashachi Kancho (Blanka), Takitate Barusan (Ryu), N Oah (Boxer), Chika@8Doors (Honda), Cello Tape (Zangief), PECO (O.Ken), Tori-ore (Ryu), VERZA (Dictator), Akatsuka Ryu, Ponkotsu (Boxer), Gi (Hawk), Talbain (Chun)

Some other notes:

- There will be sixteen teams at SBO. They had previously said eight.

- The Chubu vs. Kansai event next week should be really interesting. I hope to get a preview post up in a little bit.

- 3/6 Yokohama Vision results:
17 teams
1 Gian (Dhalsim) & Kurahashi (Ryu)
2 Sashishi (Ryu) & baby nine (Honda)
3 MOR (Guile) & PECO (O.Ken)

- 3/7 Ikebukuro Vegas HSF results:
As part of the "Extra Cup" series, the only rule at this event was that teammates had to choose different versions.
8 teams
1 Nakamura (ST Cammy) & PECO (S Ken)
2 NONAME (ST Akuma) & Yoga Byoinrijicho (WW Dhalsim)
3 Ryokucha (ST Ken) & Kondo (CE Dictator)
Strange results. Still, good weekend for Peco.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 030210

Nikaiten and Gian did the commentary.

Part One

Part Two

Kyo wa Misoji ni Narimashita "Entered my thirties today" [Fujinuma] (Chun), Noguchi (Sagat), Jenety (O.Chun), Nakamura (Cammy), Kaoru (Guile), Sasori (Ryu), Nikaiten (Boxer), Chika@8doors (Honda), Toukon (Chun)
Peco (O.Ken), KKY (Dhalsim), Yuzuru (DJ), Aoki Cyclone (Zangief), Musashi Kosugi (Ken), Shin (Hawk), VIPER (Hawk), Shigoto-chu Honda "Honda at work", Gian (Dhalsim)

The guys on the SIDE 1 BBS have been posting fanart wishing Chun-Li a happy birthday. (42 years old as of March 1st?)

EDIT: the live stream for the GVision 2on tomorrow has been canceled. Videos will be posted later on.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 022110

These three videos feature Gian, KKY, Nuki and Star duking it out. I explained the format a bit in the previous post. Nice way to match people up by skill level.

六, 七, 八, 九段
6, 7, 8, 9-dan

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

EDIT: here are the current standings. Good to see Kakky in there. Source

9th Dan: Nuki (Chun)

8th Dan: Gian (Dhalsim)

7th Dan: KKY (Dhalsim), Kurahashi (Ryu)

6th Dan: The SuperStar (Boxer), Kakky (Zangief), Sashishi (Ryu), Kawamata (Ryu)

5th Dan: Numa (Boxer), Shiro (Ryu)

4th Dan: Gakuzan (Zangief), Toukon (Chun), Taoki (Boxer), Yuzuru (DJ), Yoshio (Guile), Fujinuma (Chun), AFO (Blanka)

3rd Dan: Nakamura (Cammy), Kotaka Shoten (Guile)

2nd Dan: Shin (Hawk), Oji (Ryu), VIPER (Hawk)

Shodan: Akashachi Kancho (Blanka), Takitate Barusan (Ryu), N Oah (Boxer), Chika @ 8Doors (Honda), Cello Tape (Zangief), Peco (O.Ken), Yomiaido (Ryu), Tori-ore (Ryu)


By the way, the winning team at the Gian Recital will win a spot for SBO. They'll have to sort out which three of the five team members move on.