Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ooop Awww!

Today I… played more ST. Check out Jinbe's joint for Vampire results!

Here's a picture of the pre-DCC 5on winners:

Oboro, Kaji, Dara, Chikyu, Shimatsuya

Sunday, September 18, 2011

X-Mania 12 Dash Results

Taking advantage of the fact that people were visiting from out of town, Mattsun ran another 3on3 today. Not 100% sure about the 3rd place team.

25 teams
1st Mattsun (Ken), Kikai (Guile), KKY (Dhalsim)
2nd Komoda (Blanka), Kusumondo (E.Honda), Gunze (Zangief)
3rd Numa (Boxer), Muneo (O.Sagat), tomo (Ryu)
4th VIPER (T.Hawk), Toutanki (O.Hawk), Hiroyan (O.Hawk)

Bai Bai Baison!

Komoda, Gunze and Kusumondo fighting the triple Hawk team.

AFO win pose!

Shogatsu vs. Gian casual game.

Next weekend: Vampire Savior!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SBO Results and New Ranks

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

32 teams
1st Okafei (Fei-Long), Seki (DeeJay), ShootingD (Ryu)
2nd ARG (Claw), Otochun (Chun-Li), Gunze (Zangief)
3rd YuuVega (Dictator), Yoshimura (Dhalsim), Keishin (Chun-Li)
3rd KKY (Dhalsim), Kikai (Guile), Mattsun (Ken)

I didn't take many pictures at the tourney but we happened to run into the winners waiting for the train.

EDIT: more pics

Masashi Sawatari and Riz

Before this match...
ARG: [his rival/student MAO lost so he wants to represent that Chubu Claw]
Mattsun: Your student? I just took him out a minute ago.

Cracking finals.

Guide Book Character Ranking

Per Gian and T.Akiba the list from the Tougeki program.

1) Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, O.Sagat
2) Chun-Li, DeeJay, Ryu
3) Guile, O.Hawk, Dictator, Honda, Ken, Sagat, Fei-Long
4) T.Hawk, Blanka, Cammy, Zangief

Friday, September 16, 2011

Odds and Ends Friday Plus Royal Video

An old woman with dementia stopped me on the street to tell me about her dead husband. She seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that I was a foreigner. It's a little hard to put into words, but the experience was profound. Something out of Twilight Zone.

Here are a few random pictures:

Riz at Hey when we just got to town.

Chun-Li slot machine at Super Potato. I scooped up some old Gamest back issues with WW, CE and ST coverage there. *nudges Crayfish*

Shibuya Kaikan used to be an ST hotspot but I wasn't able to find a machine.

Xiaohai best KoF98 player in the world.

Three-fifths of the women's team at the SSF4AE 5on.

I recorded a whole bunch of footage at Mikado tonight featuring Mattsun, Damdai, Shiro, Kusumondo, Riz, Immortal, Murasaki, Pony and other SBO guys. If you like this blog please donate or buy a shirt!

Nakano Royal 091511

Photos below.

Senbon (TH), Toukon (CH), Kita (CH), Nakano Guile, Combat Echizen (RY), YuuVega (DI), Cafe au Lait (KE), Bai (BX), Naoki (BX), Keishin (CH), Suzuki (ZA), San (RY), Oji (RY), MOR (GU), ImmortalBMW (CL), Riz0ne (DI), Damdai (OTH), PECO (OK), Chojin (KE), Takahashi (RY), Kikai (GU), Pyonkichi (ZA), Kawamata (RY), Nakamura (CA), Ootsun (CH), Mayumura (OR), Isaji (CA), ARG (CL)

Tomorrow: SBO Saturday!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Royal Thursday and Versus Videos

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At Game Royal in Nakano there's "free play" on Thursdays where 800 yen lets you play all night plus they have a small tourney. Tonight there were 28 people. EDIT: one more pic below

1st YuuVega (Dictator)
2nd Kikai (Guile)
3rd Toukon (Chun-Li) and ARG (Claw)

Takekawa and your humble blog editor just chatted instead of entering.

Shirts (O.Dhalsim) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)

Kurose MC

Takekawa and Toukon

Nishinippori Versus 091311

Check out the photos below. CCL visiting from Belgium. Atomiwa Boy is Aoki Cyclone using Toutanki's color.

Tomorrow: odds and ends Friday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mikado Wednesday

On Wednesdays Takadanobaba Mikado has "free play" where 500 yen lets you play all night. There were about 30 players there today.

[Damdai asks Mattsun if they can get a long set in some time. Mattsun says sure maybe on Friday or Sunday before the 3on]

NH2 (to Damdai): You should talk smack, like, "I'm going to crush you."

Mattsun (to NH2): Who won X-Mania this year?

If you like this blog please donate or buy a shirt! Thank you very much to the eight people so far!

Yoshimura, Nuki, Yuu

Kenpachi, Yamazaki93, Ken Bogard, Damdai, Mattsun, Riz0ne

Check back tomorrow for Royal Thursday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Versus Tuesday

I'm wicked tired I might flesh this post out later. If you like this blog please donate or buy a shirt!

Trickery by Noguchi -- Claw vs. Boxer
When Boxer grabs you:
a) If you guess that he'll walk under tick, hold down-towards during the grab. If he does a medium attack, you'll just barely have a terror charged.

b) If you aren't sure which side he'll go for try to reversal throw.

Wooden markers showing danisen ranks.

Bit creepy on the outside.

NH2: "Hey guys, come take a picture with the boss."
Nikaiten: "I'm not the boss; Nuki is."

Yuu and Riz

NH2 and Nakamu

In the foreground maybe Hiroyan vs. Muteki casuals. Not 100% sure.

Sashishi vs. Shiro. Nuki reeling in pain (Sashishi had a great night.) Gian MC. Nikaiten running things.

Check back tomorrow for Mikado Wednesday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Search Queries

These are internet searches that led people to this blog. Note that this isn't necessarily a top site for any given term — who knows how many pages people look through.

Update March 14th, 2012 - New entries in italics.

Got It?

09 Jun, Sat, 15:04:03 Google: ikebukuro uchujin
08 Sep, Sat, 08:44:11 Google: winningest chun li
01 Oct, Mon, 12:56:07 Google:
15 Nov, Thu, 13:17:51 Google: takekawa st HONDA
25 Mar, Tue, 21:16:17 Google: pony 120207
01 May, Thu, 22:33:03 Google: "You're on Notice, Randall!"
23 May, Fri, 10:27:08 Google Images: gary busey bad wednesday
21 Aug, Thu, 19:04:45 Google: Taira's Dictator vs some Zangief
23 Oct, Sat, 02:49:07 Google: youtube "his belly jiggle"
02 Dec, Thu, 15:31:38 Google: misspelling of iron
20 Aug, Sat, 18:40:06 Google Images: FuNki-X-MaNia
07 Sep, Wed, 07:00:49 Google: KetsuBat Taikai
08 Sep, Wed, 06:48:13 Yahoo: 110809 yoshimura
19 Apr, Sat, 00:57:10 Google: ken picking up vega's claw
07 Apr, Sat, 06:33:10 sagat 6.7 9.4 4.7

Don't Got It

22 Mar, Thu, 06:08:26 Google: SPDS GraphiCS 4 crack
02 Apr, Mon, 16:23:31 Google: x - little fighters 2
09 May, Wed, 15:38:32 Google: Picture of Tama Gachi
24 Jun, Sun, 12:43:57 Google: incantation danmaku
01 Jul, Sun, 00:55:34 Google: Tsukumo Gou Box
08 Aug, Wed, 12:45:56 Google: fantasias de vegas locomotive
12 Aug, Sun, 08:54:00 Google: 85 Opera Super price
31 Aug, Fri, 06:00:21 Google: Pony League Japan 2006 SUZUKI
02 Sep, Sun, 00:19:21 Google: "SILHOUETTE" "LATIN MAN"
03 Sep, Mon, 01:48:27 Google: Li 2 lilith giger
06 Sep, Thu, 09:31:08 Google: sol badguy is so manly
19 Sep, Wed, 08:28:54 Google: kinnikuman tier list
05 Oct, Fri, 11:48:57 Google: parabolic fighting game
07 Oct, Sun, 13:36:29 Google Images: guilty gear that man
21 Nov, Wed, 06:47:44 Yahoo: yogagu ranking
07 Dec, Fri, 12:31:16 Google Images: UFO Illustrations
10 Dec, Mon, 14:23:42 Google: a basic story on the battle
05 Jan, Sat, 10:00:18 Google: flutter of birds II AVI
06 Jun, Fri, 01:58:51 Google: plus alpha surfboards youtube
29 Aug, Sat, 07:37:42 Google: give me the picture or video of the war in baselan
02 Nov, Mon, 10:06:16 Google Images: pie graph on HAI
13 Sep, Mon, 23:39:05 Google: Attackers x lilith! super ninja link MF
02 May, Mon, 04:38:43 Google Images: tier 4 ups schematics

Killing Arts

09 Jul, Mon, 14:20:38 Google: yoga vanishing
10 Aug, Fri, 17:15:03 Google: kara cancel boxer
20 Dec, Thu, 22:16:44 Google: bump fighters
15 Mar, Sat, 23:45:39 Google: head exploding from fierce punch
26 Aug, Wed, 10:25:30 Google: nun puncher guile
18 Dec, Tue, 23:44:29 Google: yoga crystal magic
29 May, Thu, 03:49:03 Google: womb pump
03 Nov, Sat, 15:21:55 Google: little fighter 2 auto kill moves
08 Feb, Fri, 11:42:32 Google: fighter who tries to throw someone to the ground without hitting them
11 Aug, Mon, 06:41:00 Google: grandmaster kills tiger with kicks
08 Sep, Wed, 13:42:18 Google: canaanja art of killing

Q-Bee Season

09 Jul, Mon, 14:19:53 Google: fina fantasy x illustrasion by osk
01 Jul, Tue, 06:06:39 Google: video aflam niko
16 Aug, Sat, 20:03:27 Google Images: byson -street figther
10 Nov, Wed, 22:13:51 Google Images: streethfigheter tourtny flyer
05 Jul, Tue, 02:51:37 Google: youtube fase bock josh chokko
12 Nov, Thu, 23:48:38 Google Images: mutrki guile
06 Oct, Thu, 18:09:30 Google: kız takiplar film izle
30 Mar, Mon, 12:01:27 Google Images: street fither hentay chun li

International Players

17 Nov, Sat, 18:38:49 Google: hyper wolfe
22 Oct, Wed, 14:03:41 Google: diagram of 5 axel low boy
26 Jan, Tue, 03:22:05 Yahoo: 2ch NO NKI of savior
11 Nov, Thu, 12:57:15 Yahoo Images: street fighter flash metroid girlfriend
23 Nov, Tue, 14:08:14 Google: deezo the demon
02 Feb, Wed, 13:27:13 Google:
30 Jul, Sat, 23:36:19 Google: Twisted Jago retirement
27 Aug, Fri, 21:25:16 Yahoo: Dr. Seth Oniku
03 Apr, Sun, 11:16:20 Google: I played Jeron in SSF4 Chunli Bison

Japanese Players

29 Jul, Sun, 22:06:00 Google: doku yoshio
13 Sep, Thu, 11:59:26 Google Images: japanese strong woman
26 Nov, Mon, 06:03:33 Google: ゴトバス
17 Dec, Mon, 04:22:46 Google: 志木KING ガイル
02 Jan, Wed, 12:32:15 Google: video Danjiri Mania
22 Jul, Tue, 05:12:56 Google Images: Debu vs Debu
29 Jul, Tue, 01:17:51 Google: komoda i love you so match
19 Nov, Thu, 07:21:33 Google: dazzled sashishi
19 Oct, Tue, 10:16:14 Google: Pyonkichi kara effect
19 Jul, Tue, 18:07:12 Google: daigo trains with dhalsim comic
01 Nov, Thu, 14:20:06 Google: ''Animated character cyclone seki''

Not-so Frequently Asked

23 Sep, Sun, 03:51:52 Google: DOES YOGA HELP FIGHTERS
13 Nov, Tue, 20:42:22 Google: O. Sagat mean?
09 Dec, Sun, 10:48:18 Google: xhow to make video games
28 Feb, Thu, 02:17:01 Google: can e. honda throw fireball
03 Mar, Mon, 23:29:23 Google: are there any combos for SF2
30 Sep, Wed, 19:14:22 Google: why doesn't muteki play sf4?
18 Sep, Sat, 02:23:51 Google: who is better at street fight? tokido 77 or kayo police
27 Sep, Mon, 17:26:19 Google: What is it called when fighters do like yoga
28 Oct, Thu, 19:59:52 Google: graph how many people smoked from 2008-2009
31 Oct, Sun, 14:52:24 Google: who did mago use for super turbo?
23 Nov, Tue, 18:14:38 Google: is komoda playing ssf4?
04 Mar, Fri, 23:49:36 Google: "how old is nuki"
24 Jun, Fri, 20:51:03 Google: what is the name of the dhalsim combo book deaths by yoga?
27 Jun, Mon, 15:41:33 Google Images: webmoney jp como q é?
10 Aug, Wed, 17:05:05 Google: nohoho where did you get it
04 Sep, Sun, 10:49:02 Google: nicovideo how?
08 Sep, Thu, 23:15:49 Google Images: how many people like anime charts
03 Oct, Mon, 01:16:51 Google Images: what is kachu kuma


11 Jun, Mon, 02:32:57 Google: chun li real life panty fighter
18 Jul, Wed, 12:27:49 Google: "sexy throw" "video game"
26 Jul, Thu, 13:55:05 Google: footsie comic
19 Aug, Sun, 23:16:00 Google: super futa fighters
26 Sep, Wed, 17:19:58 Google: Ashley - Face Down wmv
24 Oct, Wed, 01:16:00 Google: yellow four kita panty
13 Nov, Tue, 13:33:18 Google: Quickstep 07 panty
30 Nov, Fri, 05:03:25 Google: bite mania
15 May, Thu, 02:09:18 Google: olivia throw up
21 Jul, Mon, 18:53:34 Google: chun li belly punched fan art
11 Aug, Mon, 11:53:29 Google: adult label MUTEKI
02 Oct, Thu, 17:31:46 Google: 2on2 woman belly punching
24 Nov, Tue, 22:51:24 Google: donvalve swallows marco
16 Dec, Wed, 05:06:03 Google:
18 Feb, Thu, 20:33:55 Yahoo: japanese エロ
11 Mar, Thu, 21:01:43 Yahoo: h.ksexy movie
23 Jul, Fri, 19:51:14 Google Images: Morrigan x lilith yuri
05 Mar, Sat, 18:34:21 Google: sedric x phobos hentai
22 Mar, Tue, 23:43:18 Google Images: lilith armpits
29 Mar, Tue, 08:04:06 Google: GAMES STREET FIGHTER SOTA JOYS
18 Apr, Mon, 02:53:33 Google Images: chika nakamura armpit
22 Oct, Sat, 18:18:13 Google: lacta mania8-x
08 Nov, Tue, 21:28:17 Google Images: cammy thighs so tightly against ryu neck

Greatest Hits

13 Jul, Fri, 00:46:04 Google: younger sister noogie
21 Aug, Tue, 04:39:17 Google: tournament kick boxing vs gorilla
03 Sep, Thu, 18:12:02 Google: metabo mike watson
07 Sep, Fri, 18:11:26 Google Images: right to own a bazooka
27 Jun, Mon, 02:46:32 Google: Jion_Wansu SBO
28 Aug, Sat, 10:50:37 Google: TEROMEGANE

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nishinippori Versus Video 090611

I haven't been making these kind of posts lately but the matches this week were really fantastic so for old time's sake...

Deep thought: if you completely removed Yoga Fire from the game in who's favor would the Sim-Guile match change?

KURO (RY), Jenety (OCH), yaya (SG), VIPER (TH), Yoshio (GU), Choshu (KE), Nia (EH), Gucchi (RY), Kotaka Shoten (GU), Shin (TH), Shinshin (BX), Ootsun (CH), Kawasim (DH), Noguchi (CL), Nuki (CH), Hanashi (FE), Keishin (CH)
Koemon (FE), Beah* (SG), Kara-age (DI), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), Fujinuma (CH), Hammer (OK), Azalea (GU), Kikai (GU), Tonegawa (CA), Stomach Momio (ZA), Ken Bogard** (OTH), Taro (BL), Numa (BX), Kurahashi (RY), Hiroyan (TH), Sasori (RY), Yoshimura (DH), Shiki (BX)

* tough CVS2 player
** visiting from France

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haitani Interview

This is from the 2010 DCC booklet. Thanks to Brian for picking it up. Haitani won Vampire Savior at SBO. Lately he has one of the best Makotos in both Third Strike and SSF4AE. See also: Index of Multi-game Champs

What got you started playing fighting games regularly?

When I was about six my mom bought me my first game console (SNES) and I got Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting with it. Since then I've played mostly fighting games, so you could say that got me started playing them regularly.

My local friends played RPGs and sports games but at my house it was just fighting games like SF2, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury and TMNT plus Mega Man.

What kind of game is Vampire Savior to you?

Since it was the first game I started playing seriously I have the strongest affection for Savior.

Lately I play different games but my fundamentals definitely came from VS. The game meshes well with my own personality and strengths so I was able to get stronger than I imagined I could. *

You have a lot of freedom. Savior is a game where you can readily make use of your own strengths.

Compared to other games Savior has hardly any moves that "you must not use," plus various individual plays are extremely strong so you can find your own way.

For example if we compare an all-rounder well versed in poking, anti-airs and combos with someone who is incredibly good at finding and converting on combo chances, in Savior the latter player will probably have a big advantage.

With this type of game where it's important to break through in one key area each individual can elevate their own play style to fighting strength and challenge people. That's a great thing about this game.

What is your practice routine for fighting games?

Normally I practice special moves and combos. Even after playing for many years input misses and dropped combos never cease. Both can have a huge effect on your win percentage. If you practice Dragon Punches regularly, when you go the arcade and they don't come out you'll definitely know why.

Say you're missing straight down or your motion has unnecessary directions you should be aware of that. I've seen players who regularly screw up bubble trap chances with Aulbath. They should run drills and get in the habit of knowing what kind of joystick they're using.

In addition, when I'm done fighting I try to inspect problem areas and counters when I get home.

When you play a long set with someone what are you looking out for?

For starters I gauge my opponent:

- Spacing, desired spacing.

- Distinct weak points (heavy attacks, moves they can't counter.)

- Go-to plays when they get cornered.

- Are they thinking risk > return or risk < return?

- If a certain play creates risk for them, given the same circumstances will they repeat the play? If so, how many times?

- Do they act on anticipation or rely on experience?

- How quickly do they act (in terms of how quickly the match unfolds?) When the pace exceeds their limit how do they act?

There is a lot more, but that's enough for now.

My own style is to pressure my opponent. Set a quick tempo and prevent them from playing like they normally do.

This is all standard stuff but I focus on it heavily in a long set.

How do you hone your power of concentration for a tournament?

I set my expectations: I go in to the tournament committed to live and die by my own intuition.

Of course one-and-out style is scary and losing is scary, so you're liable to do something out of the ordinary.

For example, if Sasquatch is right next to you with an okiseme chance, based on past experience you'd block low in anticipation of a low chain combo. In a tournament, however, one-and-out style makes you want to avoid a mortal wound from a Big Brunch [command throw] or overhead so you hold up and wind up getting hit by the low chain combo after all.

Do away with that kind of soft-headedness. Whether attacking or defending, believe in your own intuition.

If you wind up getting caught by the Big Brunch, chalk it up to your own abilities that day. Do this to get rid of idle thoughts and get the most satisfaction win or lose.

What do you think about being called one of the 5 Gods [of Fighting Games]?

Well that's just an internet meme so I don't take it seriously but from my perspective there are tons of people who are more skillful than me. When people say that I feel uncomfortable. If people would say "he's pretty strong for his area" that would be fine.

It's not self deprecation or anything like that that's just objectively how I see myself.

* There was a miscommunication with the second question but Haitani's answers were interesting so they printed them both.

Basic Nico Searches

Let me share with you guys my primary method of digging up ST videos these days. It's very simple.

Nico has an English website now. I was able to login there with my info I assume it works the other way around. Also: Spanish, German

Once you have an account you're going to search for ST videos by upload date.スパIIX

That's a search for the most common ST nickname.

On the sorting pull-down menu you want the ninth item down. That's it. Some good action from Versus this past Tuesday right at the top. Inomata Ototo (the younger Inomata brother) entered a couple things last week w/ his green Hawk. Lots of Double Typhoons.ヴァンパイアセイヴァー

Vampire Savior. Some footage from last weekend's contest at Mikado up top.