Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gamest Cup Video 050394

For the Super Turbo national championship, Gamest Magazine and Capcom teamed up to run qualifiers all over Japan and the top 16 players faced off to vie for the top spot. Foosuke had been using DeeJay as his anchor on the road to the finals but he busted out a not-so-secret weapon in the last game.


Katou "Foosuke" vs. Okunishi "Ikuradon"

Here are a couple of pictures from the event:
Ikuradon (in black) during the quarterfinals.

Master Foosuke wins the Gamest Cup. (Check out the Gamest slogan on the woman's blazer.)

Special thanks to Fran and Gemant.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, I uploaded a bunch of X-Mania 2k1 and X-Mania 3 videos to YouTube. Link on left sidebar.


  1. Sup nohoho? Has the Japanese ST Player Report changed drastically or does it need updating?

  2. I'll add 2007 major results to the report. This year was kind of a mess because of HSF/SBO.

    A case could probably be made that Shiro Ryu has stepped up into S-class territory.

  3. O.o wth, Gamest? When was this national qualifier? back in late `90s?

    They way they played in those Finals, makes me believe that was some really old play.


  4. That's some nice piece of history.
    Thx nohoho :)

    Foosuke-Danna and the YSB are too good.

    @cbun_li1: 1994