Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 2 Vids 091706

Movies from the Las Vegas Cup 2 tourney are up. Instead of messing about with Sagat (see previous post,) Taira here issues proper beatdowns with Dictator.

"MOVIE" -> "第2回大会" (2nd link from the bottom)

Here's the card:
las2_d_taira4.zip -- Taira (Dictator) Set
lasvegas_vol2_026.wmv vs. Bunkichi (S.Honda)
lasvegas_vol2_028.wmv vs. Sagawa (Dictator)
lasvegas_vol2_030.wmv vs. Kuwata (Ryu)
lasvegas_vol2_034.wmv vs. Gechena (Ryu)

las2_d_bunkichi3.zip -- Bunkichi (S.Honda) Set
lasvegas_vol2_031.wmv vs. Sagawa
lasvegas_vol2_033.wmv vs. Kuwata or Gechena?
lasvegas_vol2_029.wmv ""

las2_sanketu.zip -- Edo (Honda) vs. Kannami (Ryu)

las2_kesshou.zip -- Taira vs. Kashiwagi (Ryu)


The most recent HSF video on Popy Niigata also features Kashiwagi Ryu (vs. Nomura Guile.)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Las Vegas Casual HSF Vids 082006 & 091706

There are a bunch of casual match vids from Ikebukuro Las Vegas at madrigal's site:
"Movie" -> "SSF IIX" -> "Lasvegas Cup"

Volume 2 #s 15-40 were uploaded more recently. FWIW, the Grey Dictator/ST Sagat player (check out vol 2: 17-20, 23-28) is probably Taira.

The MSC DVD and MOF DVD sample movies are still up, too. Follow the links on the left sidebar.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Japanese SSF2T Player Report - Part 3

T.Hawk Players

Japanese: まやこん
Color: dark grey
Sub-character: Ken, Fei-Long, Guile, Zangief
Region: Kansai
2006 Wins/Loses: 5 / 1
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 0

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 1st

Beat SuperStar, ARG and Otochun back-to-back at the X-Mania VII prelims @ a-cho.

Even though he's known these days for his T.Hawk game, Mayakon used to be a Guile specialist. Along with Tamashima and Daigo, he's one of a few players who can play many characters at the highest level.

Japanese: 東単騎
Color: white
Sub-character: O.Hawk, Zangief
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 20 / 8 (71%)
W/L vs. top players: 9 / 6 (60%)

Super Battle Opera 3on3: 3rd (tie)
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd

Japanese: K, MASTER-K
Color: 1p (O.Hawk)
Sub-character: Fei-Long, Boxer
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 15 / 11 (58%)
W/L vs. top players: 9 / 8 (53%)

X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd

Fei-Long Players

Umechin, Noguchi and Tamashima

Japanese: ノグチ、野口
Color: dark blue
Sub-character: Claw
Region: Kanto (More/Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 24 / 13 (65%)
W/L vs. top players: 12 / 10 (55%)

X-Mania IV (2003) 3on3: 1st
X-Mania V (2004) HSF 3on3: 1st
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
Neo Star Cup: 3rd (Claw, Claw, Fei-Long)
Super Battle Opera '07 HSF 2on2: 3rd (tie)
X-Mania VIII (2007) 3on3: 3rd
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 1st
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 3rd (tie)

Hwachoo! Hwachoo! Hai, hai, hwai!
If he sees even the tiniest opening, Noguchi will pounce and leave his opponent battered. His Chicken Kick trap is the best in the game, and if his opponent gets caught flinching Noguchi will hit them with a 7 hit combo with deadly efficiency.

Japanese: ゆうぼう
Color: light blue
Sub-character: O.Hawk
Region: Kanto (More)
2006 Wins/Losses: 18 / 20 (47%)
W/L vs. top players: 6 / 13 (32%)

X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 2nd
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 1st

Cammy Players

Japanese: オオタ、O田
Color: blue/purple
Sub-character: Ken
Region: Kansai (UFO)
2006 Wins/Loses: 4 / 3
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 1

Yuubou, Hakase and Nakamura

Japanese: なかむら、中村
Color: blue/red
Sub-character: Ken
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 7 / 9 (44%)
W/L vs. top players: 1 / 4

X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 2nd

Shiki Guile re: Nakamura Cammy link
"Huh, so Nakamura at Mikado is a Cammy player. I guess people already know this, but that guy is really impressive. I'd say that his sense, spacing and tactics are all first rate. He might not stand out since he uses a weak character like Cammy, but when his Ryu and Ken get rolling you're in deep shit. I'd like to see him use Chun. I don't usually engage in hyperbole but as far as it goes, I think that Nakamura really has the "power." I'm not just blowing smoke here. ..."

Japanese: さわだ
Color: blue/pink
Region: Chubu (Kasugai 50)
2006 Wins/Losses: 10 / 5 (67%)
W/L vs. top players: 0 / 3

Super Battle Opera 3on3: 3rd (tie)

Japanese: タサカ
Color: grey/red
Sub-character: O.Cammy
Region: Chubu
2006 Wins/Losses: 4 / 10 (29%)
W/L vs. top players: 2 / 7

Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 2nd

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lord Haitani vs. Team Nagoya (plus Vampire Savior Vid Round-up)

At the 3rd Nagoya Stories 2on2 Vampire Savior tournament, Dara and Haitani came in from Osaka and cleaned up. Afterwards, they played each other and Haitani won, earning the "Tono" (old-fashioned term for lord) title.

I uploaded the Haitani vs. Nagoya Players exhibition videos to FileForge: here. Player names are on the files.

Just for fun, here's a translation of the post-tourney interview:

Nagoya Stories(HYNE): Congratulations on winning and picking up the title.

Haitani: Yeah, thanks! In the main event Dara and I both did our parts and we got a good result. I thought that it would be a cakewalk but it was actually quite tough. I don't know what's up with this title, but when I heard the word "Tono," I wanted to lose. (laughs) Still, I got into it -- I think I'd like to go to the local ranbat and steal their Byakko title [*] so that I can be called Lord Byakko. (laughs)

NS: Next time you enter, who would you like to team up with?

H: I'd like to try and team up with CAA. I've actually never been on a team with him. You can't go wrong with Zabel and Sasaquatch, right? Man, I definitely want to enter next time.

[* - Byakko = The White Tiger. Lately held by Shiimaro the Zabel player, btw]

More Vampire Savior videos:
These are all on filebank. I made a little graphic to show how it works?

Yajima Morrigan (Nagoya Stories 3 VIP) Exhibition
password: nagoyaka

Dara Demitri vs. Team Nagoya
pass: nagoyaka

Haitani Sasquatch vs. Team Nagoya (Source for above f-forge file.)
pass: nagoyaka

3rd Nagoya Monogatari Festival
pass: nagoyaka

Vids from the January 13th Vampire Savior Ranking Battle ~West~ are up. Oboro is the man! This filebank directory has the whole series to date:

pass: vpsw

Here's the card for the most recent batch:
vsrkbw05a.avi Deka (Lei-Lei) vs. Kenta (Demitri)
vsrkbw05b.avi Oboro (Victor) vs. Shiimaro (Zabel)
vsrkbw05c.avi Oboro vs. Deka
vsrkbw05d.avi Finals: Shiimaro vs. Kenta
vsrkbw05e.avi Best bout: Kenta vs. Kage (Gallon)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nagase Cup 2 Vids

Grand Master Challenge chief Dara uploaded some videos from the Nagase Cup 2. They feature the three finalists ShootingD Ryu, Tsuji Boxer and Suzuki Guile. The Nagase (UFO) Cup is a kind of warm-up tournament for the new GMC ranking battle series, I guess.

I snatched the vids from filebank and re-uploaded to FileForge: link.

By the way, Mikado's first series of SSF2T ranbats starts this weekend. Shaping up to be a good year for ST action.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Japanese SSF2T Player Report - Part 2

Blanka Players

Komoda, Aniken and Kusumondo

Japanese: コモダ、こもブラ
Color: grey
Sub-character: Guile, Ryu
Region: Kansai (UFO, Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 34 / 21 (62%)
W/L vs. top players: 14 / 21 (40%)

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VIII (2007) 3on3: 2nd

Mattsun: Hey pops, congratulations on your win!
Komoda: I did my best.
M: I was hoping to get a quick comment...
K: Before me, even the tiger becomes a kitten. Or should I say that you are all mice?
M: Umm...
K: [more BS, thanks teammate, etc.] link

Over the years, some players have managed to transcend the abilities of their chosen character: Muteki Guile, Daigo Ryu (a few years ago, at least), Mayakon T.Hawk, etc. None of these players, however, has broken through the "wall" to the extent that Komoda has. There are plenty of fine Blanka players out there but none of them are in the same league -- it's almost like they're using a different character.

Nakamu's BBS
Japanese: ナカム〜
Color: gold/blue
Sub-character: Chun-Li
Region: Hokkaido (Game41)
2006 Wins/Losses: 7 / 7 (50%)
W/L vs. top players: 1 / 2

While Komoda has cut back on the Blanka trickery a little, Nakamu uses it every chance he gets. His fierce ball into the corner cross-up antics are particularly hot.

Zangief Players

Japanese: ポニー、ポニー村
Color: red
Sub-character: T.Hawk
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 9 / 8 (53%)
W/L vs. top players: 6 / 6 (50%)

TRY Tower 5on5 (2005): 3rd

Pony-Gunze is another good East-West rivalry. Pony has a bit of an edge with his brutal steamroller style. Let's go to the tape:

...'nuff said.

Japanese: グンゼ、エロニモ
Color: red
Sub-character: Ken
Region: Kansai (Leebros)
2006 Wins/Losses: 13 / 10 (57%)
W/L vs. top players: 3 / 8 (27%)

Watching Gunze in action, one begins to doubt Zangief's place towards the bottom of the rankings. He has a mind-blowing ability to catch whiffed attacks with walk-in SPDs.

Gunze, BTW, is the name of a Japanese company that makes hosiery, among other things.

Guile Players

2005 Taikou Results Page
Japanese: ムテキ、むてガイル
Color: white
Sub-character: Chun-Li, DJ
Region: Kanto (Jaspa, Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 50 / 11 (82%)
W/L vs. top players: 26 / 7 (79%)

Super Battle Opera 3on3: 3rd (tie)
X-Mania IV (2003) Singles: 2nd
X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 3rd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 1st
Club Sega HSF 5on5 (2007): 1st
Hyper Mania 4 HSF 3on3: 1st
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 1st
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 2nd

If Kurahashi plays the textbook Guile game, then Muteki is the "anti-Guile." He follows in after the jab sonic booms and forces his opponents to make mistakes. He capitalizes on knock-downs with safe jump-in okiseme. When he gets his opponents in the corner, they're often finished before they even knew what happened.

Muteki also likes to use exotic combos: jump in then neutral fierce or short into Double Somersault is a speciality of his.

Related post: Muteki interview

Japanese: クラハシ、倉橋
Color: dark blue
Sub-character: Ryu, Boxer
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 14 / 12 (54%)
W/L vs. top players: 3 / 12 (20%)

Neyagawa ABC Championship (2000): 3rd
X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 3rd
X-Mania 2001 3on3: 3rd
X-Mania III (2002) 3on3: 3rd
Super Battle Opera 3on3: 1st
X-Mania IV (2003) 3on3: 2nd
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 2nd
Super Battle Opera '07 HSF 2on2: 1st

Kurahashi relies mostly on the tried and true Guile tactics, but he uses them better than anyone else. His rapid-fire sonic boom ability is outstanding.

Kurahashi's match with John Choi is legendary on both sides of the Pacific.

Shiki's Blog
Japanese: 志木, 志木ガイル
Color: purple or tan
Sub-character: Boxer, DJ, Dhalsim, Dictator
Region: Kanto (Shiki King, Mikado)
2006 Wins/Loses: 5 / 4
W/L vs. top players: 2 / 3

Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 2nd

One of the best all-around players during the 90s, Shiki's interest in ST has waned a bit, but when he's "on" he still has one of the finest Guiles in the game. Case in point: at the Neo Star Cup he eliminated former champ ARG with three consecutive wins Guile vs. Claw/Claw/Ryu.
FWIW, Shiki's blog has a lot of great information about the history of the SF2 scene in Japan.

Related post: Shiki/Tama interview

Japanese: すずき
Color: tan
Sub-character: Ryu
Region: Kansai
2006 Wins/Loses: 4 / 5
W/L vs. top players: 0 / 3

Dhalsim Players

AKA: The Doctor
Japanese: 博士
Color: green shorts/light blue face paint
Sub-character: Boxer, Claw
Region: Kanto (More)
2006 Wins/Losses: 33 / 9 (79%)
W/L vs. top players: 18 / 8 (69%)

X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
Neo Star Cup: 2nd (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Fei-Long)
Mikado Ranbat FINAL: 2nd
Super Battle Opera '07 HSF 2on2: 3rd (tie)
X-Mania VIII (2007): 3rd
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 2nd
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 3rd (tie)

KKY, Gian and Taira

Japanese: ジャイアン、KEN-O, ジャイダル
Color: dark grey/green
Sub-character: Ryu
Region: Kanto (Namiki, More, Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 27 / 16 (63%)
W/L vs. top players: 17 / 13 (57%)

X-Mania III (2002) 3on3: 3rd
TRY Tower 5on5 (2005): 1st
X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 1st
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd
Evolution 2005 SSF2T: 1st
X-Mania VII (2006) HSF 3on3: 1st
Mikado Ranbat FINAL: 1st
X-Mania VIII (2007): 1st
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 2nd

With a variety of anti-air attacks that correspond to each character he faces, his comprehensive air defense is something to be feared.
Seven hues of interceptor attacks.
A multicolored anti-air assault.
Gian Dhalsim is like a rainbow spanning the sky of the battle.

Gian also plays a key role in the SF2 community, sponsoring numerous tournaments, etc.

Japanese: KKY
Color: jab
Sub-character: Blanka
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 23 / 11 (68%)
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 8 (33%)

X-Mania III (2002) Singles: 1st
Super Battle Opera 3on3: 2nd
TRY Tower 5on5 (2005): 1st
X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 1st
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 2nd

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Japanese SSF2T Player Report - Part 1

I've compiled some basic information about the top SSF2T players in Japan. The seed for this list came from the Hyper/ST Player thread(s) on 2ch.net. Discussion there revolves around the question of, "who is the best ____ player?" Players are given scores that represent their mastery of a certain character. While these scores are rather arbitrary -- and simply the opinions of anonymous nerds on a thread -- there is a pretty solid consensus as far as who the top players are.

Here's a sample list that someone posted a couple months ago. Let me stress again that these numbers are just one anonymous person's opinion: I think he may have been factoring in the Neo Star Cup results heavily -- note the high marks for Shiki Guile and Aniken Boxer. Names in bold are players I'll list in detail presently.

Ryu: ShootingD (94), Daigo (92), Gotoh (89), Tencho (86)
Ken: Aniken (93), Mattsun (90)
Honda: Kusumondo (88), Otohonda (85)
O.Honda: Shougatsu (90)
Chun-Li: Otochun (93), Tojo (87)
O.Chun: Inro~ (84)
Blanka: Komoda (94), Nakamu~ (83), ASTEKA (80)
Zangief: Pony (91), Gunze (87), Kakki (80)
Guile: Muteki (94), Kurahashi (88), Shiki (88), Tsunoppi (85)
Dhalsim: Hakase (93), Gian (90), Yoshimura (85), KKY (80)
T.Hawk: Mayakon (90), Inomata (87)
O.Hawk: Toutanki (90), K (88)
Fei-Long: Noguchi (94), Yuubou (87), K (83)
Cammy: Oota (94), Nakamura (85), Tasaka (84), Ikebukuro Cammy (84)
DeeJay: YuuVega (89), yaya (84)
Boxer: Tsuji (91), Anioah (90), Tamashima (90), The SuperStar (87)
Claw: Noguchi (92), ARG (89)
Sagat: yaya (92), Akeome (80)
Dictator: YuuVega (93), Taira (91), MoreVega (87)

Also included in my report: (all of these players get low 80s. postman = high 70s)
Chamu Chun, Suzuki Guile, Sawada Cammy, Makki-7 Boxer, postman Boxer, Kimomaru Dictator

Player photos were taken from various sites including a-cho and Grand Master Challenge.

Character illustrations come from SSF2T Revival via Street Fighter Galleries.

Roughly speaking, Kansai refers to the area around Osaka and Kanto is Tokyo and vicinity. "More," "UFO," etc. are names of arcades that these folks often play at. More, BTW, raised their price from 50 yen to 100 yen for a while and some of the hot players jumped ship to Mikado. Nagase UFO's SSF2T is still 20 yen (!), I think. UPDATE: There's an arcade called Hey in Akihabara that has a 10 yen ST machine that some of the Kanto players occasionally visit.

The Win-Loss numbers include tournament matches from X-Mania 6 (December 30th, 2005) through Shinjuku Mikado 3on3 (December 17th, 2006.) I did include HSF (SF2AE) events as well as matches involving sub-characters (IE: Noguchi Claw, Gian Ryu, etc.) "Top players" here refers to other players on the list.
I'm afraid I don't have detailed information for some of the team events including Club Sega 5on5 and X-Mania VII. Toutanki would have gotten a big W/L boost from the latter, in particular.
UPDATE 3.30.07 -- Added additional X-Mania 7 matches to the numbers.

Some of the text is adapted from a series of cheesycute mini-bios on an old 2ch thread. I also gleaned some information from interviews on the Daigo fan page.

Ryu Players

Japanese: シューティングD
Color: black
Sub-character: Guile
Region: Kansai (Leebros, UFO)
2006 Wins/Losses: 24 / 8 (75%)
W/L vs. top players: 18 / 8 (69%)

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 1st
X-Mania III (2002) 3on3: 1st
X-Mania IV (2003) Singles: 1st
Star Cup FINAL: 1st (Ryu, Ryu, Guile)
Grand Master Challenge S1 FINAL: 2nd

The winningest Ryu player in the game, D plays the textbook Ryu. His sense of spacing and his ability to chew up "big four" (Sim, Chun, Claw, Boxer) players is unmatched. It's a good thing D is around; to tell the tale of Street Fighter 2, we need a strong protagonist.

Daigo Umehara
Daigo Fan Page
Japanese: ウメハラ、梅原大吾
Color: brown
Sub-character: Boxer, Guile, Sagat, Zangief, DJ
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 15 / 6 (71%)
W/L vs. top players: 6 / 6 (50%)

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 3rd
Super Battle Opera 3on3: 1st
Evolution 2003 SSF2T: 1st
Evolution 2004 SSF2T: 1st
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
Hyper Mania 4 HSF 3on3: 2nd

Umehara + Shoryuken = Umeshoryu. With one of the finest psychic DPs in the game, Daigo got his name on the technique itself. The Umeshoryu actually gained fame during his SFA3 days, but he busts it out plenty when he plays SSF2T. How does he do it? Is it fast reflexes? Anticipation? Simply the power of THE BEAST? You decide.

Related post: Daigo interview

Japanese: ゴトー、ゴトバス
Color: black
Sub-character: Guile, Ken
Region: Chubu/Kansai (Kasugai 50)
2006 Wins/Losses: 14 / 11 (56%)
W/L vs. top players: 10 / 8 (56%)

Hyper Mania 4 HSF 3on3: 2nd

In addition to ST, Gotoh also plays VH (Merman) at an elite level.

AKA: Shopkeeper
Japanese: 店長
Color: light blue
Sub-character: Ken
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 14 / 16 (47%)
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 14 (22%)

X-Mania III (2002) Singles: 2nd
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 1st
Club Sega HSF 5on5 (2007): 1st

Ken Players

AKA: Brother Ken
Aniken's Web Page
Japanese: 兄ケン、 兄オアー
Color: pale green
Sub-character: Boxer, Ryu
Region: Kansai (UFO)
2006 Wins/Losses: 34 / 17 (67%)
W/L vs. top players: 22 / 12 (65%)

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 1st
X-Mania III (2002) 3on3: 3rd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
Neo Star Cup 2006: 1st (Ken, Ryu, Boxer)

Aniken used to be known as the player with the "mix-up of god." While it ought to work 50% of the time, Aniken somehow employed the knee bash/Dragon Punch mix-up with 80% efficiency. Recently Aniken has cut back on his use of the mix-up of god, yet he still wins with incredible consistency.
One more thing about Aniken: rumor has it, he once rescued a girl who had fallen on some train tracks by using a real world top-spin kick* to get to her in time. (* - down, down-back, back, up-towards+kick)

Japanese: Mつん、まっつん
Color: blue
Sub-character: Cammy
Region: Kanto (Namiki, Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 9 / 7 (56%)
W/L vs. top players: 5 / 4

TRY Tower 5on5 (2005): 1st

If Aniken is the "Ken of the West," then Mattsun is the "Ken of the East." Mattsun's game is dramatically different, however, as it features a lot more risk taking and odd-ball tricks. His spicy Ken style makes for some of the most entertaining ST matches out there.

E.Honda Players

Japanese: くすモンド、楠モンド
Color: light green
Sub-character: Chun-Li, Cammy
Region: Kansai
2006 Wins/Losses: 19 / 26 (42%)
W/L vs. top players: 13 / 20 (39%)

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VIII (2007) 3on3: 2nd

Chun-Li Players (pic: AstroGuy2)

AKA: Brother Chun
Japanese: オトチュン、弟ちゅんりー
Color: blue
Sub-character: E.Honda, Ryu
Region: Kansai (UFO)
2006 Wins/Losses: 31 / 15 (67%)
W/L vs. top players: 20 / 11 (65%)

Neyagawa ABC Championship (2000): 2nd
X-Mania 2001 3on3: 3rd
Star Cup 1: 1st (Chun, Chun, Honda)
Star Cup 2: 1st (Chun, Honda, Ryu)
X-Mania III (2002) 3on3: 1st
Super Battle Opera 3on3: 1st
Star Cup 4: 2nd (Chun, Chun, Honda)
X-Mania IV (2003) 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania V (2004) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd
Grand Master Challenge S1 FINAL: 1st
X-Mania VII (2006) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
Neo Star Cup 2007: 3rd (Chun, Chun, Ryu)
X-Mania VIII (2007) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 1st

As the strongest player in recent history, Otochun is the king of Super Turbo. Among other things that make his Chun-Li game so fierce, is some slick use of the vertical jump roundhouse. Crack reflexes and high priority give him an iron wall of defense.
Otochun is also a gentleman and he's always gracious in post-victory interviews.

Japanese: トウジョウ
Color: purple
Sub-character: E.Honda
Region: Kanto (Nakano Royal)
2006 Wins/Losses: 14 / 8 (64%)
W/L vs. top players: 3 / 5

TRY Tower 5on5 (2005): 2nd

Since Akishima retired a little while ago, Tojo has worked hard to become the best Chun-Li player in the Kanto area.

Japanese: チャ無、ちむちむ
Color: grey
Region: Kanto (Nakano Broadway, Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 8 / 11 (42%)
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 8 (33%)

Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 1st
Club Sega HSF 5on5 (2007): 1st
Hyper Mania 4 HSF 3on3: 1st

The strongest woman in the world? Chamu Chun is a killer. This past year she beat Aniken, Kurahashi and Daigo back-to-back at the Club Sega 5on5 tournament.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chamu and co. onlooking @ X-Mania Gaiden Source

To be continued...

Monday, January 8, 2007

Mikado 121706 Continued

Correction from last post: it seems like nekohashi plays ST after all. I had seen his nickname only in VS-related discussions.

They've upped movies of some exhibition matches held after the tournament.

Gotoh (Ryu) vs. Kurahashi (Guile)

Taira (Dic) vs. ARG (Claw)

Kurahashi (Ryu) vs. KomodaBlanka

BTW, KurahashiGuile, Taira and KurahashiRyu all won 7-3.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Mikado 3on3 121706 Vids

New movies from a recent 3 on 3 tournament at Shinjuku Mikado.
Picture of Cham in her maid outfit swiped from that same blog.

Gian and Mattsun devised some strange rules to accommodate (entice?) some fighting game royalty:

Nuki (3S - Chun, various games)
Chibita (VF - Lion)
Yankee (VS - QBee)

... but those three couldn't make it. The rules had fights between team captains weighted so that SuperTurbo newbies could be carried to later rounds. Would have been lame even if those three had showed up. Two non-ST players did enter, anyway:

Nakanishi (VS - Bishamon, CVS2)
Nekohashi (VS - Felicia?, CVS2?)

Here's the card:

4 Panel Suberikkochan (Ryu) vs. Taira (Dictator)
Wassekun (Sim) vs. Kamiyama Mangetsu [<-Pony] (Gief)
ARG (Claw) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)

KKY (Sim) vs. Shiro (Ryu)
Goriraimo [<-Shogatsu] (O.Honda) vs. Kikai (Guile)
Gian (Sim) vs. Tsunoppi (Guile)

Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) vs. Kusumondo (Honda)
Gotoh (Ryu) vs. yaya (DJ)
The Superstar (Boxer) vs. KomodaBlanka

Sennari (Blanka) vs. USA (Boxer)
Akynd (O.Ken) vs. Tencho (Ryu)
Onucho (Dic) vs. Yuubou (Fei)
Onucho (Dic) vs. Tencho (Ryu)

(no Shogatsu vs. USA?)
KKY vs. Tencho
Gian vs. YuuBou

Nakanishi (Guile) vs. Tencho
Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. USA
Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Yuubou

Gian vs. Nekohashi
(^ Unblockable RH slide kick @ 1:06)
KKY vs. Nakanishi
Goriraimo vs. Tsuji
Gian vs. Nekohashi


Check one two!

UPDATE: Check three four!