Monday, October 17, 2011

Kawachikko vs. Shanghai?

Komoda vs. Shangai Rematch 043010

Komoda apparently had another showdown with the Shanghai ST players last year. Videos from that day (name starts with "30上海") over here. Thanks to Mixah for the nudge!

2008 photo from this article.

十字火焰 (Shizhi Huoyan, aka Crossfire) and 清水 (Qing Shui) went to SBO '08.

Kusumondo vs. Shanghai Oct 2009

Kusumondo also visited Shanghai the year before that. There are a bunch of videos here.

There's an interview from a visit this year here.
EDIT: Papasi kindly translated it into English link

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Versus Casuals 092011

On the Tuesday after SBO, Versus had the usual team battle. Earlier that evening Nuki and Muteki were playing a long set and we snuck in when Mute went to get change. I recorded all of Damdai's matches.

I have a bunch more footage I'd like to post plus maybe talk briefly about some players we met and trickery we learned. Please check back in a bit. Also: buy a shirt!