Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Turbo Videos 062808

Sure has been slow lately on the video front. How about a little local action? Here are some miscellaneous vids from a recent tourney:

David D. (Ryu) vs. Rahsaan (Dhalsim)

Frankie (Boxer, Guile) vs. Damdai (Zangief)

Chris D. (Chun-Li) vs. FlashG (Claw)

Julian R. (Claw, DeeJay) vs. Jeron (Chun-Li)

David D. (Ryu) vs. Damdai (Zangief)

RashReflection (Boxer) vs. Jeron (Chun-Li)

NH2 (Blanka) vs. JustinW (O.Ken, Boxer)

David D. (Ryu) vs. Julian R. (Claw)

FlashG (Claw) vs. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu)

Chris D. (Chun-Li) vs. Rahsaan (Dhalsim)

FlashG (Claw) vs. Chris D. (Chun-Li)

JustinW (O.Sagat) vs. Damdai (Zangief, Ryu)

Thank you to Damdai for posting these. Check out his 2DF FreePlay client for some online SSF2T action. It's got built-in stats tracking, automatic replays plus you can play a slew of old games besides ST including some multiplayer shooting and beat 'em up titles.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Battle Opera '08 ST Qualifiers

Here is some information on the Tougeki qualifiers that have gone down so far.

EDIT: table removed. See newer post.

I'm pretty sure that Suzuyan is Suzuki Guile.

Kikai may or may not have changed his nickname to Kamedo.

Daimon Lau is a well known Virtua Fighter player.

Reminder: Kinki and Kansai are interchangeable terms.

By my count there will be only one last chance spot this year:
28 Japanese Qs + 3 International Qs + 1 Last Chance = 32 Teams Total

Slim pickings for videos. Hopefully we'll see some from the Qs at Game Sakura and a-cho in the next few weeks. Maybe Ooyama Newton, too.

Twenty-three teams entered the Akira Cup FINAL at Saitama Popy. Yuubou (Fei), Noguchi (Claw) and YuuVega won. The joint is closing at the end of the month.

One more...
RE: Zangief's Womb-Pump Attack
LINK: Street Fighter II de Danjo

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mikado Vampire Savior Videos 052408

A Block
KEN (Gallon), Rascal (Morrigan), Nasu (Sasquatch), Chihiro (Zabel), Dede (Sasquatch)

B Block
Kaji (Lilith), Sakamoto (QB), Buzz (Gallon), Juri (Lei-Lei), Shu (Bishamon)

C Block
Sasazuka (Lei-Lei), Oraora (QB), T2ya (Zabel), Shou (Aulbath), Nishiken (Morrigan)

Nasquatch, Sakamoto (QB), Sasazuka (Lei-Lei)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A-Cho Olympics ST & VS Vids 011308
ARCADE -> 大会動画 (sixth link down on the left)

Event results here.

Vampire Savior

acho_vs_20080113a.asx - Verti (Gallon) vs. CAA (Zabel)
acho_vs_20080113b.asx - DD (Sasquatch) vs. Saga (Sasquatch)
acho_vs_20080113c.asx - Dara (Demitri) vs. Kashiwagi (Aulbath)
acho_vs_20080113d.asx - Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs. SIN (QB)
acho_vs_20080113e.asx - Verti (Gallon) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
acho_vs_20080113f.asx - Dara (Demitri) vs. SIN (QB)
acho_vs_20080113g.asx - Verti (Gallon) vs. Dara (Demitri)
acho_vs_20080113h.asx - DD (Sasquatch) vs. SIN (QB)

Super Street Fighter II X

acho_sp2x_20080113a.asx - The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)
acho_sp2x_20080113b.asx - Prince (Chun) vs. Isasa (Blanka)
acho_sp2x_20080113c.asx - Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
acho_sp2x_20080113d.asx - Kusumondo (Honda) vs. Batayan (Guile)
acho_sp2x_20080113e.asx - YuuVega (Dictator) vs. Prince (Chun)
acho_sp2x_20080113f.asx - Gunze (Zangief) vs. Kusumondo (Honda)
acho_sp2x_20080113g.asx - Prince (Chun) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
acho_sp2x_20080113h.asx - YuuVega (Dictator) vs. Kusumondo (Honda)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Battle Fantasia Frame Data

The following charts list some frame data for the normal moves in Battle Fantasia. Also: start-up time for supers and guard advantage numbers for Face's sequential attacks.

The "Start-up" time is how long it takes for an attack to hit, i.e. how many frames of wind-up a given kick, punch or slash has before it strikes the opponent.

"Initiative" indicates which character gets to act first after an attack is blocked. Positive numbers mean the attacking character's recovery is shorter than the defending character's block stun and vice versa.

Where separate data for far C attacks are missing that means that a character has only one standing C move.

Numbers in parentheses are for attacks that have been fully charged.

Standing A5-2
Crouching A5-1
Standing B60
Crouching B71
Close C65
Far C111
Crouching C9-7
Standing D104
Crouching D8-8
→ + B19-6
→ + C26 (65)-14
↘ + D8-13
Ba-ku-o-n Roadmaster8
Basilisk Burst3

Standing A50
Crouching A6-1
Standing B63
Crouching B70
Close C55
Far C90
Crouching C8-11
Standing D100
Crouching D10-11
→ + B20-6
→ + C9-6
→ + D22-6
↙ + D7-4
Dyna Rush3
Final Strike4

Standing A50
Crouching A5-3
Standing B63
Crouching B7-5
Close C113
Far C--
Crouching C8-8
Standing D15-3
Crouching D10-13
← + B177
→ + D34 (109)-16
Eternity of Regretmin 7

Standing A51
Crouching A5-1
Standing B53
Crouching B5-5
Close C74
Far C--
Crouching C8-2
Standing D9-5
Crouching D7-6
→ + B19-1
↘ + D9-6
Secret Desire5
Royal Heart10

Standing A51
Crouching A52
Standing B71
Crouching B5-7
Close C63
Far C7-7
Crouching C7-7
Standing D102
Crouching D10-4
→ + B17-6
→ + D21 (65)-7
↘ + D32-3

Standing A5-3
Crouching A40
Standing B7-1
Crouching B52
Close C9-7
Far C--
Crouching C7-4
Standing D11-23
Crouching D8-10
→ + A200
Travasa Major26
Alsuhail Almuhlif5

Standing A51
Crouching A5-3
Standing B60
Crouching B6-3
Close C4-4
Far C8-5
Crouching C71
Standing D9-7
Crouching D11-13
Magnum Jet Landing12
Heat My Justice6

Standing A62
Crouching A5-2
Standing B52
Crouching B5-7
Close C11-6
Far C--
Crouching C9-8
Standing D10-5
Crouching D7-11
→ + B21-1
Nekoneko Ranbu8
Neko Arashi4

Standing A91
Crouching A4-1
Standing B71
Crouching B6-3
Close C90
Far C14-10
Crouching C11-5
Standing D11-15
Crouching D26-11
→ + B16-4
→ + D16-4
Flying Don Cake3

Standing A52
Crouching A50
Standing B7-2
Crouching B7-5
Close C72
Far C94
Crouching C71
Standing D110
Crouching D10-11
→ + C210
Wild Comeback (A)-4
Wild Comeback (C)-1
Frontier Shot (A)-4
Frontier Shot (C)-1
Middle Western (A)0
Middle Western (C)5
Grand Western (B)-4
Grand Western (D)-17
Kouya no Bazooka2
Ikari no Final Dillinger4

Standing A64
Crouching A62
Standing B10-12
Crouching B7-7
Close C73
Far C16-12
Crouching C11-13
Standing D20 (80)-12 (0)
Crouching D19 (43)0 (6)
→ + D21 (62)0
Final Infernomin 36

Odile & Dokurod
Standing A51
Crouching A50
Standing B71
Crouching B5-5
Close C90
Far C--
Crouching C7-1
Standing D70
Crouching D9-6
→ + B17-6
Grande Pirouettemin 1