Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mikado 3on3 Videos 032109

The complete tournament — with MC'ing, etc. — is on Stickam here: Part 1, Part 2. Shogatsu butchered everbody. Cracking finals.

Semifinal B
Gian (Dhalsim), YuuVega (Dictator), yaya (Sagat)
Toukon (Chun-Li), KKY (Dhalsim), Roku (Honda)

3rd Place
Toukon (Chun-Li), KKY (Dhalsim), Roku (Honda)
tomo (Ryu), Kita (Chun-Li), Takekawa (Ryu)

Shiro (Ryu), Taira (Dictator), Shogatsu (O.Honda)
Gian (Dhalsim), YuuVega (Dictator), yaya (Sagat)

Elsewhere... Shiro won (w/ Taira) again this weekend. Three in a row.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gian Recital News for March

Singles @ Game Newton - March 14th
38 Entrants
1 Shiro (Ryu)
2 AFO (Blanka)
3 Buta Gorilla [Shogatsu] (O.Honda)
4 tomo (Ryu)

Tournament Report


3on3 @ Mikado -- March 21st
13 Teams
1 Shiro, Shogatsu, Taira
2 Gian, YuuVega, yaya
3 tomo, Kita, Takekawa


There are going to be some Kansai events next month:
Nagase Cup 6 at UFO plus a 2on2 tourney at A-cho.

A bit of local action:
Your humble blog editor taking some lumps over here. Also Damdai vs. top Florida player Mavrick here. Thank you Kajoq for the vids.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Turbo 5on5, SF4 Vids, Beast News

For the past four years, Super Turbo players have got together in the spring for a five on five tournament. Results for the last couple years on the blog here: 2007, 2008. For the fifth 5on5 tournament they are adding preliminary contests ("ranking battles") where the winners get points that will be used for seeding at the main event. Ranking battles run March through June and use different formats at different arcades:

Game Newton: Singles
Mikado: 3on3
Game Inn Sakura: 2on2

The main event — the Gian Recital — is scheduled for the third week of July to run in conjunction with the 3rd Strike Cooperation Cup.

Official website is here:

I'll probably post results and video links as things get underway. Stay tuned.

These following videos are highlights from a TV show where top players visit to duke it out and chat about their game. The complete episodes are here: Third Strike, Street Fighter IV.

3S: Haruna Anno (Akuma) vs. Tokido (Sean)

3S: Haruna Anno (Akuma) vs. KSK (Alex)

SF4: Itabashi Zangief vs. Haruna Anno (Zangief)*

SF4: Tokido (Akuma) vs. Haruna Anno (Zangief)*

SF4: Daigo (Ryu) vs. Itabashi Zangief

* I added a few tl notations on these just for fun.

There are some pictures from the SF4 taping on Haruna's blog here. She took 4th place at a couple of Nakano TRF beginner tourneys, by the way.

The Daigo Umehara fan site was just updated. Looking great.

There's an incredible collection of videos there including the complete Aniken - Daigo gachi battle (follow the link at the bottom of the ST section.)

Here he is at his first national tourney, Vampire Hunter Gamest Cup 1995. The Anakaris player is one of Foosuke's fellow YSB members.

I used this website to make the headings above.