Thursday, January 28, 2010

Super Turbo at Tougeki '10 Plus Alpha

SSF2T is going to be at SBO again this year. 3on3 (or 2on2 — it looks like there's a typo in that scan.) Qualifiers May through July. Main event in September. I plan on posting results as things get underway. Also regular SF4 (?) I may or may not keep up with that one.

UPDATE: Live Vampire Savior broadcast on Saturday. UPDATE2: See below.
UPDATE3: Tsurumaki finals block is up.

ST Videos

The Nishinippori Versus matches are "east-west" team battles. The players in brackets weren't needed. For Auto Snack Tsurumaki, I don't think the whole event has been uploaded yet. Nico playlist.

Versus 010510
Part One
Part Two
Noguchi (Fei), Ponkotsu (Boxer), Minamaki (Dictator), Aoki Cyclone (Zangief), Tonegawa (Ken), Numa (Boxer), Shin (Hawk), [Hakase (Dhalsim)]

Versus 011210
Part One
Part Two
Kanchu Mimai [Shogatsu] (O.Honda), Muneo (O.Sagat), Yoshio (Guile), Shin (Hawk), Nobison (Boxer), Fujinuma (Chun), Nakamura (Cammy), [Noguchi (Claw)], Nuki (Chun), Nikaiten (Boxer)

Versus 011910
Part One
Part Two
Mario (Boxer), Toukon (Chun), Fujinuma (Chun), Shin (Hawk), Sasori (Ryu), Noguchi (Fei), Muneo (O.Sagat), [Satou (Dhalsim)]

Versus 012610
Part One
Part Two
Ponkotsu (Boxer), Toukon (Chun), Fujinuma (Chun), Shin (Hawk), Sasori (Ryu), Noguchi (Fei), Nakamura (Cammy), Tojo (Chun), Matayoshi [Shogatsu] (Honda), Nikaiten (Boxer)

Tsurumaki 012410
A Block 1, A Block 2
B Block 1, B Block 2
C Block 1, C Block 2, C Runoff
D Block 1, D Block 2
Finals 1, Finals 2
Entrants include: Kusa (Chun), VIPER (Hawk), Yuzuru (DJ), AFO (Blanka), Hitsuji (Sagat), Yomiaido (Dark Blue Ryu), GOH Ken (O.Ken), Isaji (Cammy)

Vampire Savior January Tourneys

Here are a couple results cribbed from DD's blog.

January 3rd
Playland F1R
9 entrants
1 Kosho (Bulleta)
2 Oouchi (Jedah)
3 Haneman (Gallon)

January 23rd
Ibaraki VIP
6 entrants
1 Dara (Demitri)
2nd (tie) Orekon (Felicia), Rakkyou Lilith [SIN] (Lilith)

January 30th
Baba Mikado
18 entrants
1 Kosho (Bulleta)
2 DD (Sasquatch)
3 Kaji (Lilith)
Live stream archive.

Savior Fanarts

The poster over here was done by Fujishiro (click the little boxes on the left.) Playland F1R Morrigan player.

Gorobots posted a nice Lilith the other day. Link to B&W version right below the original.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Minimum Logic 2 - The Button Release Fireball

Here's another item that Nekohashi posted a few years ago. Once again the specific details are for Ryu but the concept works for various characters. The original post is here. I paraphrased and omitted some parts.

"Button Release" AKA "Negative Edge."

"Sumo Drop" AKA "Hyakkan Otoshi." Charge down, up + kick.


For this technique you take advantage of the fact that you can do special moves with a button release to throw a fireball that way. [Hold punch, down, down-towards, towards+release punch.] There's no need to do this every time but under certain circumstances it can work to your advantage.

You can use a button release motion to prevent having accidental normal attacks come out in case you couldn't throw a fireball. This means you not only guard against having that accidental normal get tagged, but you can also focus immediately on your next play.

In fact this situation comes up in places you may not have noticed. Take Ryu vs. Honda for example. You knock Honda down then throw a jab fireball that's right on top of him as he's getting up. If you try to follow up with a fierce fireball as quickly as you can, but he avoids the first one with a reversal Sumo Drop, you'll get an accidental straight punch (i.e. far standing fierce.) If that Sumo Drop hits you, he then gets a juicy okiseme chance; what was an advantageous situation for you quickly turns very gloomy. On the other hand, if you wait to see if the jab fireball is blocked you must throw the fierce one a moment later. Depending on the spacing this will give him time to vertical jump over the second fireball. A third fireball won't necessarily be safe and your barrage is much weaker.

You can avoid these pitfalls with a button release fireball. It can be done at the earliest possible moment, and if Honda does a wake-up Sumo Drop you can simply hit him with a Dragon Punch.

Detailed flowchart:
1. Jab fireball as Honda is standing up
2. At the earliest moment (as the jab fireball would dissipate,) do a button release fierce fireball
3. Jab fireball misses as opponent does wake-up special move, you're free to do whatever
(If the jab fireball hits or gets blocked, you'll throw the fierce fireball like normal)
4. Respond to opponent's wake-up move appropriately (DP, low RH, block)

Once you master this technique, you can shut down various attempts by your opponent to gamble with wake-up moves through the first fireball. The trick is also very handy with a super fireball. While the above example was for Ryu, you can use it with Guile and other characters, too.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Minimum Logic 1 - The Built-in Dragon Punch

Here's a Super Turbo trick that Nekohashi put on his blog a few years ago. The original post is here. Info about safe jump option selects has been widely disseminated for SF4; I thought it'd be nice to post some nitty gritty for SF2.

"Built-in Dragon Punch" and "option select Dragon Punch" are more or less interchangeable. The idea is that the DP motion is "built-in" to the previous attack.

"Hit stop" is the brief (about a quarter of a second) freeze for both characters when an attack hits or gets blocked.

Translation note: I paraphrased some of this but kept Nekohashi's voice; first person comments below are his.


For this trick you do a safe jump on your opponent and then if they do a wake-up attack you'll beat it with a DP. If they don't do the wake-up, however, after the jump attack is blocked there's no DP. Safe jumping is well known amongst SF2 players, but with this built-in DP you can further enhance the technique. The theory is that if you blocked [after safe jumping] you could have DP'ed.

Detailed flowchart:
1. Input the safe jump attack
2. Reach the moment for the safe jump to hit or get blocked
3. Complete the built-in Dragon Punch command
4. Safe jump kick whiffs as opponent does wake-up reversal
5. Since the safe jump kick didn't make contact, the whole sequence is shortened by the hit stop duration so you get a Dragon Punch as you land

We want to put this to use against wake-up attacks that can't be punished or to crush gambling wake-ups + inflict damage (+ loop.) Ultimately the goal is to discourage any wake up reversals and leave them with no choice but to block the jump kick.

You have to input the command for the Dragon Punch extremely quickly in conjunction with the safe jump kick. For a safe jump roundhouse with a built-in jab dragon punch the actual button presses should be happen with a quick "TATAN." They should be about one to six frames apart — do it as fast as you can. If you think about the timing for canceling a jumping punch into an air HK with Ken, this is similar to that. In the event that your opponent blocks your safe jump kick you must finish the Dragon Punch command before your feet touch the ground.

Some notes about Ryu's built-in DP vs. various attacks.
Green: option select OK. Red: option select NOT OK.

Vs. Ryu: Hurricane Kick, Dragon Punch (trades), Super Fireball (delayed super freeze makes this ok)
Vs. E.Honda: Headbutt, Sumo Drop, Super Headbutt (super freeze means timing is difficult)
Vs. Chun-Li: Super (no safe jump vs. Tenshokyaku [RH version])
Vs. Guile: Flash Kick (DP generally loses to Super Flash Kick)
Vs. T.Hawk: Tomahawk Buster (usually loses so there's no point)
Vs. Fei-Long: Flame Kick, Chicken Kick, Super
Vs. Cammy: Cannon Spike, Spin Knuckle, Super
Vs. DeeJay: Machine Gun, Short Jackknife (don't let him get a read on you)
Vs. Boxer: Super (DP loses to Buffalo Headbutt but it can take out Crazy Buffalo)
Vs. Claw: Scarlet Terror
Vs. Sagat: Tiger Uppercut (don't safe jump vs. Sagat LOL)

Special case:
Vs. Blanka: if you jump in with a punch at a range that would stop Vertical Balls you can add a built-in fireball or super fireball to defeat wake-up Back Hop attempts.

Once you get the hang of this technique it's just a matter of coming up with your own preferred setups. Against Honda I find that doing it with jump kick -> low roundhouse -> fierce fireball feels nice. If the built-in DP hits that's fine, if the jump-in -> low roundhouse hits that's fine and if the whole thing is blocked you press the advantage. Consider Aniken's setup:
jump short (built-in DP) -> crouching medium punch -> low roundhouse (-> fireball)
If this hits, his opponent is knocked down and near dizzy. It's also easy to hit confirm, and Ken can lock down with the fireball or stop at the low strong and look for a knee bash mixup. That makes it an extremely well rounded sequence.

This type of option select can be done with any attack including a normal move. For example, you can use a crouching uppercut to stop Ryu's Hurricane Kick. Time it properly [on the slow side] and then if Ryu blocks your jump-in you get nothing, if he does a wake-up HK you'll beat it with the built-in punch and if he does a wake-up DP you'll land and block it. When I saw Shiki playing Boxer at Star Cup he was doing this well.

[NH2 says: you can mess with this on an emulator. Get a MAME cheat file and turn on the easy special move cheat for 2P's (would-be) wake-up special move. Then assign 1P's jump kick and 2P's special move all to the same button. Now if you do a deep jump kick with a built-in Dragon Punch you can see how the trick works. The timing isn't exactly the same — this will only work against slower wake-up attacks.]

Monday, January 11, 2010

A-cho Olympics Results 010910 & 011010

Street Fighter IV
1st Pied (Sagat)
2nd KOK (Sagat)
3rd MDR (Rufus)

Vampire Savior
1st bow (Aulbath)
2nd Takahashi (Gallon)
3rd Nan (Bulleta)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st Danjiri Dhalsim
2nd ShootingD (Ryu)
3rd Saitou (Zangief)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Street Fighter IV Tourney Results - 2009 Addendum

In this post I've got a small number of results from the last few months plus some miscellaneous bar graphs.

 Date  Location # 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
8/16/09TST IV30ShinAkuma (AK)Bagram (SG)ugotrained (RY, SG, KE)
8/22Summer Jam 3on323tIssei (AK)
Jav1ts (BX)
Chris "Fascinating" Hu (RY)
Moose (BX)
Eric Kim (SG)
RyRy (DH)
Dr Chaos (KE)
MagnetoManiac (CH)
Romes (RY)
8/23GVN Summer Jam103LI Joe (SG)Moose (BX)Chris Hu (RY)
9/04Nakano TRF25PE (RU)G.X (AB)Arturo "Sabin" (DH)
9/06West Coast Warzone275Marn (RU, VI)Alex Valle (RY)Edma (AK)
9/06Gnouz Ranking Battle44Lord DVD (EH)Yamazaki93 (RY)Saunic (CH)
9/12Nagoya Street Battle48tMago (SG)
Nemo (CH)
Hebi-hime (CH)
Maakun (SG)
Hisho (SG)
9/13Super Versus Battle
RickyTTT (SG)Shirl (AK)Prodigal Son (SG)
9/19A-cho24tNoriyasu (AK)
Koji (ZA)
Washimi@P.C (RY)
Dogura (DI)
Efute (CH)
Inbe (AK)
Nike (RU)
10/03Saracen's10qBehbehani (RY)Iori (SG)Morphis (ZA)
10/18Seasons Beatings250Daigo (RY)Justin (RU, FE)LI Joe (SG)
10/24Nagoya Street Battle55tRikuson (SG)
Maeda Taison (BX)
Eita (AK)
Mild Cocoa (GU)
coop (BL)
Epsilon J (VI)
10/25Inferno Cyber League70Shirl (AK)Sean (VI, SE)Champion (AK)
11/01A-cho25tKoji (ZA)
Pamyu (BX)
Uryo (VI)
cat-k@Arai (CL)
Yuya (AB)
White (BX)
Shang Tsung Ningyo (AK)
wao (KE)
Ujiki (CL)
Marn (VI)Justin (RU)fLoE (SG)
11/22Norcal Regionals220Ricky Ortiz (RU)Alex Valle (RY)Combofiend (AB)
11/27DreamHack Winter
Prodigal Son (SG)Xian (DH)Yagami (DH)
11/28Nagoya Street Battle54tMago (SG)
Tokido (AK)
Fabio (RU)
Rikuson (SG)
Eita (AK)
Tetsuko (RU)
11/29Gnouz Ranking Battle45Starnab (FE)Jin (RY)2Pac (VI)
12/06NEC 2009
Justin Wong (RU)Flash Metroid (VI)Sanford Kelly (SG, CA)
12/06NEC 3on352tJustin (RU)
Noel (SG)
Perfect Sin (ZA)
Eduardo "vVv Scrub" (BX)
Marn (RU)
Flash Metroid (VI)
Sanford (SG)
Andre (DI)
Rahsaan (EH)
12/06Absolute Battle
Buktooth (EL, RY)FindMyFarms (BX)Jan (ZA)
12/12Amanecer Reventadero16MKK Hanzo (DI)Kusanagi (BX)Fusco
12/13A-cho25tUryo (VI)
Pamyu (BX)
Maakun (SG)
Kayo Police (VI)
coop (BL)
Kindevu (SG)
Hisho (SG)
Onaka (KE)
12/19Shinjuku Carnival40Mizoteru (BL)Fudo (RY)Shippu Jinrai Kenmasu (KE)
1/01/10Nakano TRF20KI (SG)Masatsugu (SG)Kim1234 (DI)
1/02Frosty Faustings77fLoE (RU, SG)Marcus (DI)DeFly (RU, DI)

This chart shows the number of posts in each character's area on the Japanese BBS and the Shoryuken sub-forum as of the beginning of 2010.


Number of Grand Masters, Masters and players with more than fifty thousand Battle Points per the arcade ranking system.


Popularity for each character as of the end of December.


Tiger New Year!

Illustration by Kisuu.