Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 062910

Captains Viper and Choshu took turns picking teammates.

Part 2 @1:37 crouch to make the jump medium kick whiff.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Muneo (CH), Shin (TH), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), VIPER (TH), Nakamura (CA), Hiroyan (TH), Numa (DJ), Sasori (RY), Toukon (CH)
Kurahashi (RY), N Yama (FE), Noguchi (FE), Sumida (ZA), Shinomaru (RY), Fujinuma (CH), Choshu (KE), KKY (BX, MC), Nikaiten (BX, MC)

Art by Kosamedaizu.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

G-Com SBO Qs 062710

12 teams

1st Kusumondo (E.Honda), Yabu (Cammy), Gunze (Zangief)
2nd Toukon (Chun-Li), Muneo (O.Sagat), Yuzuru (DeeJay)

We will wipe out everyone who's thinking, "let's just go with top tier characters!"

Nero [Blanka] couldn't enter because of work. We'll head to the main event with his determination, too.

"Now recruiting wives."

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fukuoka SBO Qualifier Preview

The G-Com Wajiro contest is tomorrow. Here are two bits of info that may or may not be pertinent.

G-Com Danisen Ranks as of Today

Nikaiten has incorporated these into the main site (location in red) but there is a separate blog, too.

7th Dan: Kyararaida (EH), M Ryu (RY)

6th Dan: AHO (CL), Isaji (CA), Jay (RY), Kyararaida (DJ)

5th Dan: Giondaiko (DJ), Hashikko (ZA), Micchan (ZA), Misumaru Yurika (OZ), Misumaru Yurika (ZA)

4th Dan: Isaji (OK), Micchan (SG), Beaver (OT), Raichi (BL), Yumu* (CL), Kyararaida (KE)

3rd Dan: Giondaiko (DI), HIMO (BL), Yoshikazu (BX)

2nd Dan: J,O (DH), PST (OR), PST (OK), Kuni (DI), Yumu (OCL)

* Not sure how to read this nickname.

Tough Unqualified Kansai and Chubu Teams

Don't know if any of these guys are going to make the trip but the above players would have their work cut out for them if so.

Akashachi Kancho (BL), Gotoh (RY), Nakamura (CA)

Batayan (GU), Okafei (FE), Gunze (ZA)

Kachu (CL), Suzuki (GU), Seki (DJ)

Kusumond (EH), Yabu (CA), {Yomiaido (RY) or Nero (BL)}

ARG (CL), Prince (CH), Star (BX)

HAS (FE), Tencho (RY), Roku (EH)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 062210

300th post! Thanks for visiting, everybody!

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Noguchi (SG), Kurahashi (RY), Shu (KE), VIPER (TH), Toukon (CH), Shin (TH), Choshu (KE), Chojin (KE), Peco (OK), YuuVega (DJ)
Nakamu (BL), Shinomaru (RY), Mu (DH), Fujinuma (CH, MC), Numa (DJ), Tono (DI), Hiroyan (TH), Muneo (CH), Sasori (RY), Nikaiten (BX, MC)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ko-hatsu SBO Qs 062010

Tsuji (Boxer), Inro (O.Chun) and Danjiri Dhalsim took it. Videos from that one as well as the Shuttle event last week should be coming soon.

Art by Setsuna. (animated gif by nh2)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 061510

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Ryokucha (KE), Toukon (CH), Choshu (KE), Kurahashi (RY), Keishin (CH), Mu (DH), Nakamura (CA), Fujinuma (CH), VIPER (TH), Kikai (GU), Peco (OK)
Noguchi (SG), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), H (BL), Ken (BX), Nikaiten (BX), Hiroyan (TH), Muneo (CH), KKY (BX), Numa (BX), Shin (TH)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

ST Results

Yotsukaido Messe Solo 3on3 Results 061210

32 entrants
1 Gian (Dhalsim x3)
2 AFO (Blanka, Boxer, Fei-Long)

Last tourney at that arcade they're going out of business. Tough times. There are some videos here, but the uploads are a couple events behind.

Shiogama Space Shuttle SBO Qs 061310

MAO (Claw), Ito (DeeJay) and Futachan (Ryu) won a spot.

Psycho Powah

Any interesting OCVs this weekend? Hmm...

Kim1234 (Dictator) over Shiro (Abel), Mizoteru (Blanka) and Ojisan Boy (Sagat)

Awesome! Good luck Kim, Air and Misse!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 060810

Different format this time. Nikaiten and KKY MC'ed, but I guess it didn't get recorded. Art by Soboro.

Part 1.1
Part 1.2

Tonegawa (KE), Kikai (GU), Muneo (CH), Hiroyan (TH), VIPER (TH), KKY (DH), Shu (KE), Noguchi (SG), Numa (BX)
Choshu (KE), Shinomaru (RY), Peco (OK), Sasori (RY), Yakitori (TH), H (BL), Nikaiten (BX), Tsume ["Claw"] (CL), Chikubasan (CL)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gamer's Vision SBO Q 060610

Abebin (E.Honda), Oonishi (Dictator) and Sasori (Ryu) won a blue ticket. Stream archive here and here. Art by Kyujukyu.

Some OCVs:
Muneo (O.Sagat) over Tokido (Claw), Nakamu (Blanka) and Yoshio (Guile)
AFO (Blanka) over Aomori (Claw), Shacho (Cammy) and tomo (Ryu)
Oonishi (Dictator) over MAO (Claw), Ito (DeeJay) and Futachan (Ryu)

From the post below this, Frank Dux Dim Mak said...
Oonishi vega (dic) is a BEAST

Friday, June 4, 2010

GVision Live Plus A-cho, Versus Vids

There are two events at Gamer's Vision this weekend both of which are going to be broadcast live. Times for Japan.

Live stream

Ranking Battle - 2on2
Saturday, June 5th at 8pm

SBO Qualifiers - 3on3
Sunday, June 6th at 3pm*

* Start time from Aka Zangief who says he's not sure. I can't find a time on the official site. I'll update if I see something more solid.
EDIT: KSK confirmed 3 o'clock.

A-cho 2on Vids 050510

Some great matches in this batch. Otochun and Nekohashi didn't make it out of their block (vs. Kusumondo and MAO's teams.)
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (sixth link on the left)

acho_sp2x_20100429a.asx - Kachu (Claw) & Rokko Honda vs. Prince (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw)

acho_sp2x_20100429b.asx - Mori (Boxer) & Seki (DeeJay) vs. Yabu (Cammy) & Kusumondo (E.Honda)

acho_sp2x_20100429c.asx - MAO (Claw) & Ito (DeeJay) vs. Tsuji (Boxer) & Inro (O.Chun-Li)

acho_sp2x_20100429d.asx - Futachan (Ryu) & Danjiri Dhalsim vs. Teppei (Guile) & Murasaki Vega (Dictator)

acho_sp2x_20100429e.asx - Semifinal A
acho_sp2x_20100429f.asx - Semifinal B

acho_sp2x_20100429g.asx - 3rd Place Match

acho_sp2x_20100429h.asx - Final

Versus Team Showdown Vids 060110

Part 1.1
Part 1.2

Part 2.1
Part 2.2

Tono (DI), Love Plus Shin (FE), Hiroyan (TH), Kikai (GU), Abebin (EH), Shin (TH), Kurahashi (RY), Seme Musician [Yuzuru] (DJ), Fujinuma (CH, MC), Nikaiten (BX, MC), Mu (DH), Choshu (KE), H (BL), Nakamura (CA), Shinomaru (RY), Shu (KE), VIPER (TH), Keishin (CH), Sasori (RY), Numa (BX), Toukon (CH), Yakitori (TH), Peco (OK), Tonegawa (KE)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Auto Snack Tsurumaki Vids 052310

This event was a two-man 4on4 like last year's Star Cup warm-up. *Not sure about this name.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Semifinal A
Semifinal B

3rd Place Match


Team list:
Ryokucha (Ken, O.Ken) & Kondo (Claw, Dhalsim)

Yuzuru (DJ x3) & Ron (Ryu)

Kashiwagi (Guile, Boxer) & Kannami (Ryu x2)

AFO (Blanka, O.Blanka) & Kusa (Chun, Honda)

Gakuzan (Zangief x2) & Taoki (Boxer x2)

Peco (O.Ken x2) & Nyo (DJ x2)

Pao (DJ, Ken) & Komoda (Ryu, Blanka)

YuuVega (DJ, Dictator) & Goh Ken (O.Ken, Cammy)

Sumida* (Zangief, O.Gief) & TMF (Zangief x2)

Suika (Dhalsim x2) & S (Ryu, Hawk)