Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upcoming ST and VS Live Broadcasts

Hey everybody I'm going a blogging hiatus. I'll be back a little later in the spring with SBO scoop. Also I'm thinking of adding subtitles to some old ST match video commentary. Check out Aka Zangief's joint for your ST fix. He usually embeds all the latest vids.

Art by Taka. Times below are for Japan. h/t DD

GMC Radio 4/18

Super Turbo talk show: midnight

Live stream: TBA over here

Audio-only discussion with Dara and Gian about Gian Recital and the SBO qualifiers.

Vampire at Mikado 4/24

Vampire Savior solo 2on: 4pm
Vampire Hunter: 6pm
Savior team showdown: after Hunter wraps up

Live stream

Niigata Popy 5/2

Vampire Savior 2on2: 3pm

Live stream

Gian Recital 5/2

Super Turbo 5on5: time TBA

Live stream: TBA over here

Results from the last few events: 2007, 2008, 2009 preview, 2009 quick results


Tech Monkey, NH2, Green Tea, FlashG

Saturday, April 10, 2010

SF4 Tournament Results Q1 2010

Final Street Fighter IV post! I wanted to put up a few results to keep continuity with earlier information. Click the dates for videos. Links to earlier posts in this series (much more thorough than this one) are on the left.

 Date  Location # 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1/17Exceed29tZak (AK)
Cuongster (EH)
Mullah (BL)
Chunkis (RY)
Ryan Hart (SG)

1/23Nagoya Street Battle58tSAW (CH)
Aojiru (BX)
Koji (ZA)
Noriyasu (AK)
Uryo (VI)

1/24Fuddruckers CA
Mike Ross (EH)
Combofiend (AB)
Keno (BX)
Marn (RU)
Flash Metroid (VI)
Perfect Sin (DH)
Filipino Champ (DH)
John Choi (RY)
Ricky Ortiz (RU)
2/13Urban Square
Nationals Qualifier

Eita (AK)
Rikuson (SG)
Maeda Taison (BX)
3110 (RU)
Shizuoka Saikyo (BL)
Tsukiji (DI)

2/20Sunroute 3on27tJustin Wong (RU)
Ricky Ortiz (RU)
Noel Brown (SG)
Vicious (RU)
KillerKai (RY)
Red Venom (VI)
Sextaro (RU)
Kai (EL)
2/20Arcade UFO33tViet (RY)
Jan (AK)
Blueshirt (BX)
Haseeb (AK)
2/21Sunroute Cup64Justin (RU)Marn (RU, VI)ShadyK (AK, RY)
2/26Winter Brawl 3on
LI Joe
Weak Sauc3
Paul Wall
2/27Winter Brawl106Sanford (SG, RY)Dr. Chaos (KE, SG, AK)Marn
3/06Godsgarden21*Tokido (AK)Uryo (VI)Mizoteru (BL)
3/06World Game Cup 2on
Daigo (RY)
Eita (AK)
Yamazaki93 (RY)
LordDVD (EH)
3/07World Game Cup
Fuudo (RY)Daigo (RY)Luffy (RO)
3/14Final Round256Justin Wong (RU, SG, BX)vVv Scrub (BX)Flash Metroid (VI)
3/21Nagoya Street Battle48tNyora (AK)
Pamyu (BX)
Uryo (VI)
Kindevu (RU)
Momochi (AK)

4/03Warzone 3on
Justin (RU)
vVv Scrub (BX)
fLoE (SG)
Ricky Ortiz (RU)
Marn (VI)
Filipino Champ (DH)
Alex Valle (RY)
Combofiend (AB)
Shizza (CH)
4/04Japanese Nationals14qtRF (SG)
Kindevu (RU)
Momochi (AK)
Hissho (SG)
Pamyu (BX)
Tokido (AK)
Mago (SG)
Akimo (EH)
4/04West Coast Warzone
Justin Wong (RU)Combofiend (AB, CA, AK)Alex Valle (RY)

* Godsgarden 2 participants included top placers from the first event, four day-of qualifiers and twelve players chosen by internet poll.

wao (Ken)10,702
Dragon Boy (Ken)10,622
Ojisan Boy (Sagat)10,584
Chu-ashi Zessho TKD (EL)9,734
Nuki (Chun-Li)9,391
Maeda Taison (Boxer)8,944
Ne-oh Makoto (Claw)8,676
Dashio (C.Viper)8,535
Iyo (Dhalsim)8,479
Yazu (Guile)8,296
Fuudo (Ryu)8,037
Tokido (Akuma)7,703
Bonchan (Sagat)Qualifier
Mahoshojo Zangitan (ZA)Qualifier
Hanamaruki (Sagat)Qualifier
Mizoteru (Blanka)Qualifier
Mago (Sagat)GG#1 1st
Uryo (C.Viper)GG#1 2nd
Daigo (Ryu)GG#1 3rd
Kyabetsu (C.Viper)Special
Choco (Blanka)#1 Ladies 1st

This chart shows Google Images search results that led people to this blog. Some pics were posted much more recently than others. Related links: Gary Busey, Kayo Police (Etc.), Choco Blanka, Deadwood

Friday, April 9, 2010

Yotsukaido Messe 102 Videos 032010

Nailbiter final. *Not sure how to read this nickname.

A Block 1, A Block 2
Kyuman (O.Honda), Ryokucha (Ken), Numa (Boxer), PECO (O.Ken), F (Honda)

B Block 1, B Block 2, B Block 3
Shin (Hawk), Ankokumaru (Ryu), VIPER (Hawk), Momio (Zangief), Sakaemachi* Hawk, Kusa (Chun)

Semifinal 1

Semifinal 2

3rd Place Match


Nishinippori Versus Video 040610

Part 1.1

Part 1.2

Part 2.1

Part 2.2

Muneo (O.Sagat), Musashi Kosugi (Zangief), Shu (Ken), VIPER (Hawk), Numa (Boxer), Toukon (Chun), Noguchi (Fei), Choshu (Ken), Shin (Hawk), Izumi (O.Sagat), Akatsuka (Ryu), Chojin (Ken), Nikaiten (Boxer, MC), Abebin (Honda), Chika@8doors (Honda), Fujinuma (Chun, MC), Nuki (MC)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fujico x Capcom

Capcom gals by way of Doraemon by Michiro Ueyama.

There are a whole bunch of old Ikebukuro Vegas vids here. Some highlights: Inomata Hawk, Inomata (?) Dictator, O.ST Honda, Akuma, CE Boxer

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 040410

Congratulaions to Fudd for getting fifth this past weekend. Turn on, strap in, Max Out!

Part One

Part Two

KKY (Dhalsim), Numa (Boxer), Yuzuru (DeeJay), AFO (Blanka), Gian (MC)

Some notes:
  1. Gian was teasing KKY for not sorting out his air defense.

  2. Souzou Fei apparently joined those guys at 10th Dan but they didn't include him in the video for some reason.

  3. AFO rules. Next time he'll have to slug it out with Nuki, Shiki and Gian.