Thursday, September 27, 2007

Neo Star Cup 07 Chubu Prelim Vids 091607

There may be Kansai (a-cho) and Kanto (Mikado) prelim videos, too. The Kyushu prelims were cancelled, unfortunately.

The following players will get to skip the first round at the main event next week:
Kanto: Muteki, YuuVega, K, Toutanki
Chubu: Otochun, Futachan, Gotoh
Kansai: Seki, Saitou, Kachu
Last year's finalists: Aniken, Hakase, Noguchi, ShootingD
Extra spots: Nakamura, Kusumondo

...something like that. I'm not 100% sure. - Kunihata (Hawk, O.Hawk x2) vs. Sawada (Cammy x3)* - Noguchan (Ken x2, Chun) vs. Kachu (Claw x2, Ryu) - ZTT (Zangief x3) vs. ARG (Claw x2, Dictator) - Akashachi Kancho (Blanka x2, Guile) vs. Kamiya (DJ x2, O.Sagat) - Saitou (Sagat x2, Ken) vs. Tasaka (Cammy x3) - Tani (Guile x3) vs. Kusumondo (Honda x3) - Suzuki (Guile x3) vs. Aniki (Guile x2, Boxer) - Akynd (O.Ken x2, O.Chun) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3) - Gotoh (Ryu x3) vs. Otochun (Chun x2, Ryu) - Kusumondo (Honda x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)

* Noguchan may be using a special anti-crossup trick in the first game here:
→↓↘→ + Punch + Kick
This gives you a DP if they're on the right and an HK if they're on the left. (hat tip: Yoga Book Hyper)

Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Use Nico Video

Nico Video ("Nico Nico Douga") is a flash-based video sharing web site not entirely unlike YouTube. It has a gimmick that allows users to post comments directly on top of the movies. I put this post together to help fighting game movie hounds use the site. There's some information at the bottom about ripping their .flv files, too.

Update 12.26.08
The big peach "create new account" button is gone. Click the red link near the upper left to go to the registration screen.

For me the Firefox FLV download script described below still works. The key thing is to initiate the download (right click the orange FLV DL button then "save as...") right as the movie starts to load. Too early or too late and it won't work.

Added a link to the SF4 tag in the getting started section below.

Creating an Account

Unlike YouTube, Nico Video requires that people register before viewing videos. Click the peach-colored button at the front page to create an account.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enter your info like so:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's a screen shot of a filled-in form.

At the next screen, type in the anti-spam code and click the bottom button. You should receive a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in that and you're set.

Browsing Fighting Game Vids

Some queries to get you started...
Street Fighter 2, Vampire Savior, Battle Fantasia, Sengoku Basara X, Street Fighter 4
Mikado, Tougeki, Vampire Hunter, Daigo

BTW, click the "コメント非表示" checkbox to disable on-screen comments.

Downloading from Nico Video w/ Firefox

This past summer they made it more difficult to download the movie files. The following method - using a Firefox script - is the only one left that works for me.

1) Install Greasemonkey.
Via this page. If that link doesn't work just google greasemonkey.

2) Download the nico ripping widget.
Click the 'nicovideo.user.js' link on this site.

3) Open a movie in nico video and click the FLV DL button at the top.
Keep your fingers crossed...

UPDATE (11.30.07)
The greasemonkey widget doesn't seem to work any more. Here's another method to try:
Niconico Downloader BETA
1) Log-in to Nico Video in the upper frame if you aren't already.
2) Enter the url for the video you want to download in the first field and click OK.
3) Cut and paste the text sequence that appears in the lower frame into the second field and click OK.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Star Cup 2 Vids 101103 Plus Alpha

To get people in the mood for this year's Star Cup (two weeks from now) SuperStar, Akashachi and co. have posted some classic videos from an earlier event. - Muteki (Guile, Guile, Chun) vs. Otochun (Honda, Ryu, Chun) - Noguchi (O.Sagat, Claw, Fei) vs. Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer)* - Umechin (O.Sagat, O.Sagat, Ryu) vs. yaya (DJ, DJ, Sagat) - Sennari (Blanka x3) vs. ShinDhalsim (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Ryu) - Otochun (Honda, Ryu, Chun) vs. Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer) - ShinDhalsim (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Ryu) vs. yaya (DJ, DJ, Sagat) - Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer) vs. yaya (DJ, DJ, Sagat)** - ShinDhalsim (Dhalsim, Dhalsim, Ryu) vs. Otochun (Honda, Ryu, Chun)

* No link, but it's there. Just enter the URL.
** File is corrupt? COME ON!!Bueno.

Kasugai 50 Ranbat(?) 071507 Vids

Also on that site, some recent matches: - OreRyu vs. Seki (DJ) - The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Wassekun (Dhalsim) - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Futachan (Ryu) - Noguchan (Ken) vs. MAO (Claw)* - Aniki (Guile) vs. Noguchan (Ken) - Seki (DJ) vs. Sugimoto (E.Honda)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hyper Mania 4 Videos 081107 update

This is the first batch. I'll update this post when the rest are up. Second batch below.

By the way, Graham Wolfe posted a nice report of the brothers' trip to Japan on SRK here.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat) vs.
Yokkun (CE Dictator), AFO (CE Blanka) & tomo (CE Ryu)
Otochun, KomodaBlanka & Aniken vs.
Kurahashi (CE Guile), Nakamura (Cammy) & Akashachi Kancho (ST Blanka)
Alex Wolfe (CE Dictator), Graham Wolfe (ST Claw) & MR. Bob (S Ken) vs.
Tokido (ST Claw), Gian (ST Dhalsim) & YuuVega (ST Dictator)
Kurahashi (CE Guile), Nakamura (Cammy) & Akashachi Kancho (ST Blanka) vs.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat)
Nakanishi (WW Guile), Yoshio (CE Guile) & Shiro (ST Ryu) vs.
Tokido (ST Claw), Gian (ST Dhalsim) & YuuVega (ST Dictator)

Chui (ST Ryu), Nogyo (ST Zangief) & San (ST Ryu) vs.
Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator)
Naka (Cammy), Kachu (ST Claw) & OreRyu vs.
Pony (ST Zangief), Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Mattsun (ST Ken)
Nakanishi (WW Guile), Yoshio (CE Guile) & Shiro (ST Ryu) vs.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat)
Pony (ST Zangief), Tsunoppi (CE Guile) & Mattsun (ST Ken) vs.
Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator)
Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun) & Taira (CE Dictator) vs.
Gotoh (ST Ryu), Kashiwagi (WW Guile) & Daigo (CE Sagat)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vampire Savior DCC 1 Casual Vids 081906

The DVDs for last year's Darkstalkers Combination Cup are going to be available (in Japan) soon. There are some test videos available on the web site. Players unknown?
Click "詳細情報" (beige button,) then scroll down.

On a meta note: Gian and Shiro are skipping the Neo Star Cup and participating in DCC 2 instead. Zabel and Sasquatch, respectively.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Las Vegas Cup 4 HSF Vids 111706
Click: "第4回ラスベガス杯12試合 配信中!" (link right below "Topics") - Aoki Cyclone (Zangief) vs. Nakamura (Cammy) - ryu (Dictator) vs. Yuubou (Fei-Long) - Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator) vs. Kannami (Ken) - Kashiwagi (CE Ryu) vs. DanjiriDhalsim - Bunkichi (O.Honda) vs. tomo (Ryu) - Burn Repair (Guile) vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu) - Nakamura (Cammy) vs. Yuubou (Fei-Long) - tomo (Ryu) vs. Kashiwagi (Ryu) - Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator) - tomo (Ryu) vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu) - Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs. tomo (Ryu) - Finals: Ashitana vs. Ikebukuro Debu

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sengoku BASARA X Scoop

Sengoku Basara X is a new one-on-one fighting game from Capcom and Arc System Works that runs on Namco's System 246/256 hardware. It's scheduled to be released "winter 2007." Here is some information on the special moves for the four characters available in the beta test version of the game. Credit: Arcadia magazine and the official SBX web site.

A = weak
B = medium
C = heavy
E = engun (for assist moves)

All of the double quarter circle moves below are "BASARA Attack" supers.

Date Masamune

JET-X ↓↘→ + A (hold)
Projectile that flies straight ahead. Hold the button down to power up and add extra hits.

DEATH FANG →↓↘ + C (air)(hold)
Climbing anti-air attack.

Masamune charges forward and attacks with electrical energy. He has super armor while moving that lets him ignore his opponents' attacks.

Masamune attacks repeatedly with his six swords. Keep tapping the button for extra hits.

RE-BITE ↓↙← + B
Counter vs. high/mid level attacks.

Leaping attack followed by a lightning burst. Quick enough to be used in combos and for interrupting your opponents' attacks.

HELL DRAGON ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Masamune fires a giant ball of electrical energy. When used in conjunction with an Engun Assist, Katakura Kojuro will add an extra attack.

BASARA one-hit kill move. Masamune sends out an [80,000 volt?] electric dragon that kills his opponent instantly if it hits.

Engun Attack
Katakura Kojuro fires an electric projectile at Masamune's opponent. At level 100 he fires a cluster of three balls of electricity.

Sanada Yukimura

Koen Ichi ↓↘→ + A (hold)
Yukimura moves forward and takes a swipe at his opponent. Follow up with Koen Ni or Koen San.

Koen Ni ↓↘→ + B
Low attack with a flaming spear that knocks down. Can be used by itself or as a follow-up from Koen Ichi.

Koen San →↓↘ + C (hold)
Rising attack. Can be used by itself (for anti-air, etc.) or as a follow-up from Koen Ichi.

Suzakushou ↓↙← + C (air)
Leaping overhead attack. The ground and air versions have different animations.

Rekka ↓↙← + B
Yukimura attacks repeatedly with spear thrusts. Excellent speed and reach make this good combo material. Follow up with extra input* for more hits and a special finish.
(* not sure if this is something more complicated than extra button presses)

Shakunetsu Enouha ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Multi-hitting horizontal blast of fire. Can be enhanced with an Engun Assist.

Daikaen Hanabi ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Yukimura creates a circle of fire that travels diagonally upward. The initial spear twirling animation hits, so this move works up close, too.

Nekketsu! Daifunka! ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Yukimura calls out Sarutobi Sasuke, who attacks with a leaping swipe. As he powers up, he gains after images that add extra hits.

Maeda Keiji

Yoko Renbo ↓↘→ + A (hold)
Big swiping attack.

Koi no Togegoe →↓↘ + B
Keiji plants his weapon in the ground and does a pole vault kick.

Hitori Zumou ↓↙← + B
Command throw. Keiji flings his opponent across the screen.

Koi no Saya-ate ↓↙← + C
Keiji tosses his scabbard in a parabolic arc. The spinning projectile covers a lot of area so it works well against airborne or distant enemies, but it misses if they're close.

Shitakogare ↓↘→ + B (hold)
Low stabbing attack. This move is slow but it has terrific range.

Koi no Arashi ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Keiji creates a giant whirlwind.

Hitome Bore ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
Ground slam attack with huge range. After Keiji brings his weapon down, rubble adds additional hits. Engun Assist OK.

Matsuri da! Wasshoi! ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Keiji's aunt, Matsu, unleashes a mole attack from underground. Extra moles (up to three) at higher levels.

Uesugi Kenshin

About Freezing
Some of Kenshin's moves cause a freezing affliction when they connect. Victims turn very pale and their attacks are slowed down. They can still move around normally, however. The effect wears off after a set amount of time.

Shin-na (Chi) ↓↘→ + A
Shin-na (Ten) ↓↘→ + B
Ice projectile. The weak version travels horizontally while the medium version travels diagonally upwards. Neither inflicts any damage; instead Shin-na causes freezing on contact.

Shinjin ↓↙← + C (hold)
Kenshin causes a column of ice to rise up from the ground. Hold the button down to make the column larger. Causes freezing even when blocked.

Shinsoku ↓↘→ + C
Shinzan A
Shin-en B
Kenshin rushes forward very quickly. Press weak or medium attack to follow up with Shinzan (a low attack) or Shin-en (overhead.)

Shinpan (Chi) ↓↙← + A
Shinpan (Ten) ↓↙← + B
Kenshin moves forward in a defensive pose. If his opponent attacks he'll counter with a slash attack. Shinpan Chi counters low attacks. Shinpan Ten works against medium and high attacks. Even if the counter is unsuccessful, the initial move causes freezing on contact!

Shinretsu ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
After charging forward, Kenshin slashes his opponent repeatedly. Use in conjunction with an Engun Assist for bigger combo possibilities.

Shinkyou ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Ice blast attack. If Kenshin's opponent attacks as he's starting this move he'll attack with an even more damaging ice slash.

Shin-iki ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill.

Engun Attack
Kasuga slashes with her kunai. At level 50 or above you can hold the button down to have her throw the knife instead. More knives at higher levels.