Friday, February 26, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 022310 Plus Alpha

Yoshio on the mic.

Peco (O.Ken), Chika (Honda), Nikaiten (Boxer), Toukon (Chun), Sasori (Ryu), Fujinuma (Chun), Yoshio (Guile)
Pony (Zangief), VIPER (Hawk), Pyonkichi (Zangief), Noguchi (Fei), KKY (Dhalsim), Shin (Hawk), Nakamura (Cammy)

Some miscellaneous items. Thanks to Aka Zangief for the ST scoop.

- The Gian Recital site has been updated with a teaser for this year's event. '09 DVDs on sale at Versus and Ooyama Newton.

- Each month leading up to X-Mania 11 there's going to be an "X-Mania Archives" tournament at Baba Mikado. Format to-be-determined.

- Although most of the X-Mania 10 footage is gone, Mattsun seems to have conjured up the video for X-Mania 9 and X-Mania 8. Stay tuned…

- Danisen events have started up at Versus. Twice a month, players have a chance to fight for higher titles. It goes like this:
  • Fight a similarly-ranked opponent
  • Get one point for winning, give up a point for losing
  • At +3 points your rank goes up, at -3 your rank goes down

A few arcades have been running this type of event on Third Strike for a little while. The Haitani vids I mentioned the other day are danisen fights.

Thirty people showed up this past sunday. Current top rankers: Nuki Chun (9th Dan), Gian Sim (8th Dan), KKY Sim (7th Dan)

- Nakano TRF — Hokuto hotspot and SF4 streaming pioneer — has been setting up SSF2X twice a week. Not sure if they plan to have tourneys and/or a stream.

- There will be only eight teams at SBO. Rumored (2ch chatter) Muteki, Shiki & Nuki team-up.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Turbo News Bits

Update: added a couple upcoming live broadcasts.

- New Game Spot Versus ST team battle over here. KKY, Nuki and Noguchi were on the same team.

- Mattsun accidentally erased most of the X-Mania 10 footage. Even if someone had captured the stream that was only one station of many it looks like those videos are lost to history.

- This year's Gian Recital 5on5 has been scheduled for May 2nd. Not sure if there are going to be any preliminary contests.

- The second GVision Ranking Battle is March 6th at 8pm (Japan.) Live stream.

- On March 14th there are going to be two events at Kasugai 50: random 2on2 at 2pm (Japan) then Chubu vs. Kansai 16 vs. 16 at 5pm. Live stream.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VS Pre DCC 2009 Videos

Quick AKA note:
Aojiru Guile (SF4 Boxer, CVS2) is an alternate nickname for Shiru (VS Zabel.) Same guy.

The B Block matches from the pre-DCC 5on are up over here. Some footage of Chikyu doing his thing.

List of teams:

Benzo (Jedah), Kyoryu (Bulleta), Ranty (Bishamon), Yuurei (Demitri), Basuken (Gallon)

Dara (Demitri), Shimatsuya (Jedah), Kaji (Lilith), Chikyu (Anakaris), Oboro (Victor)

Sasazuka (Lei-Lei), Hachiouji Lilith, Fumio (Gallon), Komatsuna (Felicia), Umi no Ko (Aulbath)

Shu (Bishamon), Mura (Bulleta), Mano (Lilith), Sai (Demitri), Kumi (Felicia)

Onasu (Sasquatch), Tomo (Bishamon), Azwan (Demitri), Hosokawa (Sasquatch), Ruichan (Anakaris)

EDIT: here are some of the teams from C Block. Videos on that same YouTube account. *Speak of the devil

Masakakki (Sasquatch), Sachi (Lilith), Domon (Gallon), Deka (Lei-Lei), Negitoro (Sasquatch)

Hagure (Demitri), Kuma (Sasquatch), Haneman (Gallon), Ouchi (Jedah), Gurori (Jedah)

KATOKI (Jedah), Nishiken (Morrigan), Osakana (Aulbath), Onishintaro (Bulleta), Ego (Lei-Lei)

Nasu (Sasquatch), Sakai (Zabel), Ogawa (Zabel), Shiru* (Zabel), Hai-iro (Aulbath)

Hige (Q-Bee), Fugo (Lei-Lei), Ho-e (Jedah), Kosho (Bulleta), Take (Lilith)

Old Ranbat Videos

Attn: Jinbe. Sorry this took so long, brother.
Here are a handful of old Oboro Victor at Minoo 38 matches.

Filenames: vsrkbw01b.avi, vsrkbw01c.avi, vsrkbw06d.avi, vsrkbw06e.avi, vsrkbw07d.avi, vsrkbw07f.avi, vsrkbw07g.avi

3S Vids?

There are some recent videos of Haitani playing Vampire SaviorThird Strike at Tenma Vegas on YouTube. Using white/black Yun, purple Ken and grey Makoto.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 020910

Toukon (Chun-Li), Sasori (Ryu), Ponkotsu (Boxer), Nuki (Chun-Li), Gian (Dhalsim), Peco (O.Ken), Nakamura (Cammy)
Musashi Kosugi Zangi, Shin (T.Hawk), Tetsujin (Ryu), Fujinuma (Chun-Li), Noguchi (Claw), Kawamata (Ryu), KKY (Dhalsim)

There are some new Ko-hatsu and Messe 102 videos up, too. Great run from Kuro Guile in the former. Watch out for whiff -> step -> Double Typhoon in the latter.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 020210

Some strong 3S players joined in this time. Gian and Nikaiten did the commentary.

MDR (Guile), Musashi Kosugi Zangi [Pyonkichi] (Zangief), Fujinuma (Chun-Li), Nikaiten (Boxer), Toukon (Chun-Li), Shin (T.Hawk), Muneo (O.Sagat), Nuki (Chun-Li)
Nidaime KO [Shintaro] (Ryu), KO (Ryu), Ponkotsu (Boxer), Kaoru (Guile), Sasori (Ryu), Hakase (Boxer), Noguchi (Claw), Gian (Dhalsim)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gvision Ranbat Live Stream

There's going to be an ST 2on this weekend at Gamer's Vision in Yokohama.

February 6th
8pm (Japan)
Live broadcast

Also, X-Mania XI has been scheduled for August 15th.

3on3 Times Three

One more of those Nishinippori Versus team battles:

Versus 122209
Nikaiten (Boxer), Noguchi (Claw), Shin (Hawk), Ponkotsu (Boxer), Choshu (Ken), Nuki (Chun)

Illustration by Kurohachi.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tougeki '10 ST Rules

The rules are up for SSFIIX at Super Battle Opera '10:
  • 3on3 elimination
  • Super (aka Old) characters OK
  • No Akuma
  • No duplicate characters on a team
    (Old and New count as different characters)
  • No switching characters
  • Rock paper scissors to choose sides
  • Before the match, each team tells the staff who is going first
  • Fixed turbo 3
    (i.e. American speed 2 = the second highest setting)
  • Otherwise factory settings

Here are some posts regarding the last couple times SF2 was at SBO:
2007 Preview & Muteki Interview
Tougeki 2007 HSF2 Results
Taira's Trickery - 2007 SBO Tactics
2008 List of Teams
Tougeki 2008 SSF2X Results

Minimum Logic in Action

Riz0ne found a nice demonstration of both Minimum Logic concepts (one, two.) Thank you!

At 1:32 and 3:07 you can see Aniken using built-in Dragon Punches. Nice display of Ken vs. Honda okiseme throughout that match.

Then at 1:39, if Aniken had done a button release fierce fireball he could have blocked or DP'ed SIN's Sumo Drop.