Thursday, March 29, 2012

Contest Deadline

The contest wraps up this Saturday, March 31st! Send your entries to

I'm sending out email receipts so if you don't get one within a day or two of sending me your entry please try again.

Remember everyone who enters gets a Yoga Sniper pin!

Basic outline
Additional notes

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Spring

Here's the jacket art for the Code of Princess soundtrack by Kinu.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contest Expansion - Forbidden Shigurui Lieutenant

Just under two weeks to go for the contest. Basic information from the original post still applies. Please see that for starters.

Prize expand - in addition to the Yoga Sniper shirt and Capcom Art book winner will also get April 1992 issue of EGM. It's a little worn out but a great piece of SF2 history: Sheng Long code, CE preview, Guile handcuff letter to the editor, WW concept art, etc.

Door prize - everyone who enters gets a Yoga Sniper pin! One inch black on silver. While supplies last. Include your snail mail address.

Options 2 and 3

In addition to the screen caps from the previous post you can also use one or more of these if you like.

Here's a zip with all the caps: link.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Ten ST Match-ups, X-Mania EU 2k12, Blog Updates

These are my favorite cards in ST. Which matches do you guys like the best?

  1. Ryu vs. Guile
  2. Ryu vs. Ryu
  3. Guile vs. Dictator
  4. Ryu vs. Boxer
  5. Dhalsim vs. Dictator
  6. Zangief vs. DeeJay
  7. Chun-Li vs. Cammy
  8. E.Honda vs. Dhalsim
  9. Chun-Li vs. Blanka
  10. Chun-Li vs. Ryu

Honorable mention:
Honda vs. Claw, Ken vs. Fei-Long, Sagat vs. Boxer, Zangief vs. Ryu

X-Mania Europe 2

This year's X-Mania Europe contest has been scheduled for May 19th and 20th. So far Professor Jones, Damdai, Komoda, yaya, Kusumondo and Kenpachi have been announced as special guests.

Official site

Blog Updates

I made some minor updates to the multi-game champs and favorite search qs posts. Some funny stuff in that last one — take a look.

Also sometime not too long ago Google implemented various alternative view options like this one. Some posts here get broken but the new views seem great for browsing old posts. Also perhaps a nice way to check out the site on a tablet. It looks like most of the views keep on scrolling indefinitely very cool.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dan Pink TED Talk 072309

What motivates you guys to do well at fighting games?

…It Was Tuesday — Versus Casuals 092011

Sasori came up and asked me if AfroLegends was with us. He looked pretty disappointed when I said no. I guess they've fought on GGPO a lot.

Muteki and Nuki were playing a long, fierce set before the team battle started. You can hear them yelling "are you serious?", "what was that?", etc. in some of these.

I posted some Damdai vs. Nuki videos from that evening a while ago. Plus some pictures from the previous Tuesday.

By the way, over here there's a wonderful collection of Akiman art.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Blanka Diagram and Tourney Trends

The first section below features character ranking information for Super Turbo Blanka from a wide variety of sources. In the second section we'll look at how Blanka players have fared at tournaments for the past decade or so.

When I first started working on this I thought I would come up with a scientific approach to character rankings. That was foolish of me. It's the ineffability of tier lists that makes them fun to discuss! Some characters are stronger than others, but the precise order is unknowable. Good news is that a simple name change was enough to keep the ship afloat:
Blanka Diagram Project
Blanka Diagram and Tourney Trends

Below I juxtapose players' rankings with real-world tourney results. This is offered as an academic curiosity; I want to stress that I make no claim about a relationship between the two sets of figures.

UPDATE 3/20/12: AFO sent some updated match-up assessments.

Part One: Blanka Diagram

In this table I've compiled character ranking information for Blanka from a wide variety of sources.

I was going to include the numbers from this wiki but it's broken at the moment.


Super Diagram Turbo
Average of all rows and columns. Also see that link for a basic explanation of the character ranking diagram concept.

Huekie Saver

Individual Players
Real Decoy and Kareeeeem are new for this post. Thank you, brothers. The other ranks are older — all from before the Arcadia chart.

Gamest - 1994

Arcadia - 2008

Real Results
The percentages from part two below rounded to the nearest five with the decimal point moved one place. Again, I make no claim about what this means.

3.5443.57656552.5342.55-9Super Diagram Turbo
353486575443565-2Huekie Saver
Results4.552.545.55.53.5764.552. Matches
3.56345.55.52.57-4.531.54.5-5.5-9Top Players

Part Two: Tourney Trends

These two charts show Blanka players' wins and losses going back to 2000. Results come from Japanese tournaments in various formats. I've got events big and small: from X-Mania and SBO through five-man Game41 tourneys but I'm light on Star Cup results as those are not typically posted game-by-game. No gachi battles nor casuals. HSF2 when both sides used ST characters.

The grey bars for Blanka just show how often they encountered each other. Results vs. other Old Honda players were set aside. Also set aside were characters that came up very few times: O.Sagat (10), O.Ryu (8), O.Zangief (6), O.Dhalsim (1), O.Cammy (1), Akuma (1)


The "top player" graph includes fights amongst the following players. There were too few matches for Blanka vs. Cammy and Blanka vs. Sagat.

Ryu: ShootingD, Daigo, Gotoh, Kurahashi
Ken: Mattsun, Aniken
E.Honda: Hamaki, Kusumondo, Roku
Chun-Li: Otochun, Tojo, Nuki
Blanka: Komoda, Nakamu, AFO
Zangief: Kakky, Pony, Gunze
Guile: Kurahashi, Muteki, ShootingD, Kikai
Dhalsim: Gian, Hakase, Yoshimura
Hawk: Mayakon, Viper, Toutanki
DeeJay: Seki, Ito, YuuVega, Yuzuru
Fei-Long: Noguchi, K, Hanashi
Boxer: Tama, Tsuji, Shiki
Claw: ARG, MAO, Noguchi
Dictator: YuuVega, Taira, Onishi


Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I made a Twitter account: NH2_Blanka

For now just silly stuff but I may get into news and links for fighting game stream viewers in a little bit.

ST Blanka Diagram later this week!

Bean allergy?

You can have my EpiPen!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

eLive SF2, Gemaga Cover

eLive Fighter II Turbo via Ken Bogard. Brilliant!

April Gemaga cover by Kinu.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Persona Video 030112, Chun-Li B-Day

Blog update: links spruced up a little.

Let's break in a new tag!

Persona Day One Video

Buppa vs. Shadow at Goi Chariot

Happy Birthday Chun-Li

Art by M-Tomoyohi