Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mikado VS Vids 021608 update

First batch from this event.


080216_01.zip - Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
080216_02.zip - Sai (Morrigan) vs. KEN (Gallon)
080216_03.zip - T2ya (Zabel) vs. Megane (Demitri)
080216_04.zip - Sas (quatch) vs. Kosho (Bulleta)
080216_05.zip - Kaji (Lilith) vs. Aojiru (Zabel)
080216_06.zip - Buzz (Gallon) vs. Sharo (Bulleta)
080216_07.zip - Sakamoto (QB) vs. Jiju (Victor)
080216_08.zip - Shu (Bishamon) vs. Ego (Lei-Lei)
080216_09.zip - Sasazuka (Lei-Lei) vs. Hai-iro (Aulbath)
080216_10.zip - Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs. KEN (Gallon)
080216_11.zip - Kosho (Bulleta) vs. Megane (Demitri)
080216_12.zip - Buzz (Gallon) vs. Kaji (Lilith)
080216_13.zip - Sakamoto (QB) vs. Shu (Bishamon)
080216_14.zip - Hoe (Jedah) vs. Hai-iro (Aulbath)

EDIT: Second batch.


Losers' Bracket
080216_15.zip - Sasazuka (Lei-Lei) vs. Sasu (Sasquatch)
080216_16.zip - Sai (Morrigan) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
080216_17.zip - Sasazuka (Lei-Lei) vs. T2ya (Zabel)
080216_18.zip - Aojiru (Zabel) vs. Sharo (Bulleta)
080216_19.zip - Buzz (Gallon) vs. Hoe (Jedah)
080216_20.zip - Jiju [Kame] (Victor) vs. Ego (Lei-Lei)
080216_21.zip - KEN (Gallon) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
080216_22.zip - Megane (Demitri) vs. T2ya (Zabel)
080216_23.zip - Aojiru (Zabel) vs. Hoe (Jedah)
080216_24.zip - Shu (Bishamon) vs. Ego (Lei-Lei)
080216_25.zip - DD (Sasquatch) vs. T2ya (Zabel)
080216_26.zip - Aojiru (Zabel) vs. Ego (Lei-Lei)
080216_27.zip - Aojiru (Zabel) vs. T2ya (Zabel)

Finals Block
080216_28.zip - Kaji (Lilith) vs. Ego (Lei-Lei)
080216_29.zip - Hai-iro (Aulbath) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
080216_30.zip - Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs. T2ya (Zabel)
080216_31.zip - Sakamoto (QB) vs. Kosho (Bulleta)
080216_32.zip - Kaji (Lilith) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
080216_33.zip - Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs. Kosho (Bulleta)
080216_34.zip - Finals: Kaji (Lilith) vs. Kosho (Bulleta)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Popy Saitama 2nd Pre-Akira Cup 021608

3rd Place and Finals

Tazawa (Guile) & Kunyara [Kuni] (Zangief) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Yoshio (Guile)

Taira (Dictator) & Shiro (Ryu) vs. Tachikawa Cammy & Namiken (Dictator)

Best Bouts (Semis)

Taira (Dictator) & Shiro (Ryu) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Yoshio (Guile)

Tazwa (Guile) & Kuni (Zangief) vs. Tachikawa Cammy & Namiken (Dictator)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Akatsuki Basara X

I typed up move lists for Akatsuki Blitzkampf AA and Sengoku BASARA X. I don't know how to submit the former to Gamefaqs so scoop it up via that link if you're interested.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sengoku BASARA X Scoop - Motochika & Nobunaga

Chosokabe Motochika
About Booty
Treasure chests will periodically be placed in front of Motochika. Hit these to collect coins that can then be spent on karakuri ("mechanisms.")

Isshoku ↓↘→ + A
Motochika aims a long range anchor attack at his opponent's legs. Pull back on the joystick after this move hits to pull them in. Hold down A to delay.

Dokyu →↓↘ + B
Can be done in the air. Motochika rides his anchor like a surfboard. Follow up with:
Kaiten / Rakka ↓↘→ + B or ↓↙← + B
The former a flaming spin attack that launches your opponent. The latter a quick, diving overhead.

Karakuri Heiki Seisan Yousei ↓↙← + A or B or C
Motochika manufactures (?) a mechanical weapon that attacks his opponent. Three levels of strength have increasingly high Engun Level and Gold requirements.

Gora: Ichigeki ↓↙←↓↙← + C
Gora: Nigeki ↓
BASARA attack. Flaming uppercut attack that staggers on hit, leaving your opponent vulnerable to the Nigeki follow-up.

Shibaku ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
BASARA attack. Engun Assist OK. Motochika sets a trap in the ground that ensnares his opponent when it hits. They'll be unable to move for a moment.

Sen-nichi Kourou ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill. Motochika throws a map into the air that catches on fire when it touches his opponent. Good anti-air.

Oda Nobunaga

Enrai Haruka ↓↘→ + A
Shotgun blast. A standard projectile. Can be done in the air.

Yakusai no Toge ↓↘→ + C
Nobunaga causes a multitude of swords to fly out of the ground at his opponent. Hold the button down for more hits.

Ugatareru Shinku - You/In As you block, A or B or C
After blocking an attack, Nobunaga counters with his cape. You must push the same button that your opponent did.

Doukoku suru Tamashii ↓↙← + C
Nobunaga begins to glow with a red aura and he uses damage inflicted on his opponent to create motes of spirit energy (up to three.)
Hadou/Sange ↓↙← + A or B
Use the motes for follow-up attacks.

Ku o Hamu Kurenai ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
BASARA attack. Nobunaga grabs his opponent out of the air with his cape and then roasts them with a column of flame.

Shi ni Itaru Yamai ↓↙←↓↙← + C
BASARA attack. Engun Assist OK. Nobunaga brings his sword down with an unblockable swipe. Creates three spirits when it hits.

Shi ni Otsuru Shiro ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill. Nobunaga sits on a throne of skulls and shoots an eye beam at his opponent. After this hits, he stabs his sword into the ground and blows up the whole scene.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tougeki '08 ST Rules (plus Character Rankings)

Here are the rules for Super Street Fighter II X @ Super Battle Opera '08:
- 2on2 tag
- No switching characters
- Super (aka Old) characters OK
- No Akuma
- No duplicate characters on a team
(Old and New count as different characters)
- Fixed turbo 3
(i.e. American speed 2 = the second highest setting)
- Otherwise factory settings
- Rock paper scissors to choose sides
- Blind pick team order

The main in event in August will feature 32 teams. Qualifiers (to be announced soon, I think) run April through June.

Arcadia's SSF2T Character Rankings (February 2008):

EDIT: By the way, the article that I took this list from was written by none other than Gian.

SSS Rank

S Rank
Dhalsim, Claw, Chun-Li, Boxer, O.Sagat

A Rank
Ryu, Guile, O.Ken, DeeJay, Dictator, O.Hawk

B Rank
Ken, E.Honda, Fei-Long, Sagat

C Rank
Zangief, Cammy, Blanka, T.Hawk

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mikado 2on2 Vids 123107

These videos are from a special year-end event called the Nagata Shougatsu Happy New Year Special (yep, number seven.) Two-on-two where Shogatsu was waiting for the winning team at the end. Kinu art via Street Fighter Galleries.


071231_01.zip - Taira & Gamu (Dictator) vs. Hamaki (Honda) & Kusshi (Dic)
071231_02.zip - Yokkun (Dic) & Choshu (Ken) vs. Kita (Chun) & Takekawa (Ryu)
071231_03.zip - Shu (Ken) & VIPER (Hawk) vs. Tsunoppi & Jenety (O.Chun)
071231_04.zip - Mattsun & Abebin (Honda) vs. Gian & Cello Tape
071231_05.zip - Hamaki & Kusshi vs. Ashitana (O.Ryu) & Yukinofu (Zangief)
071231_06.zip - KKY & Yuubou (Fei) vs. Kita & Takekawa
071231_07.zip - Shiro & Kikai (Guile) vs. Tsunoppi & Jenety
071231_08.zip - Kurocchi (Blanka) & Yoshio (Guile) vs. Gian & Cello Tape
071231_09.zip - KKY & Yuubou vs. Ashitana & Yukinofu
071231_10.zip - Shiro & Kikai vs. Gian & Cello Tape

071231_11.zip - 3rd Place: Shiro & Kikai vs. Ashitana & Yukinofu

071231_12.zip - Finals: KKY & Yuubou vs. Gian & Cello Tape

071231_13.zip* - Title Bout: Shogatsu (O.Honda) vs. KKY & Yuubou

*"- If you try a technique and lose, you must have no regrets."