Thursday, August 16, 2007

Daigo vs. Aniken Showdown 050406

HondaMonmon put some new Daigo vs. Aniken movies up on his Beast fan page. All of these matches are cracking good; don't miss them!
(NOTE: While I was writing this post the site seems to have gone down. If it isn't working later on, I'll at least re-up the three files (out of five) I managed to download.)
"ウメ動画" (3rd link on left) -> "Download page" (next to Ryu vs. Ken screen)

Fatboy @ SRK was nice enough to re-up the earlier movies in this series here.


  1. Sites back up. Yet they took down those awesome CvS1 videos.

  2. Yeah they are still there! They are great videos help yourselves!

    I am just happy to be named on Nohoho's site! It rocks!


  3. Are those the same one's that are up on YouTube?