Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thriller Blanka Plus Alpha

The ST monitor is on the fritz, and it's given start-color Blanka a wonderfully ghoulish look. Pictures — and the name — courtesy of Riz0ne. Some new videos over here. GreenTea's team took first place in a 3rd Strike 2on that same evening.

Thanks for Live Broadcasts

Here are some tournaments going down this weekend. The times listed are for Japan.

Street Fighter IV - Nagoya Street Battle 11 3on3
12pm on November 28th
Stream TBA — maybe here

Last time they had 55 teams. ARG (@Claw) teamed up with Henboku and Kubo — SBO champs on Super Turbo, Arcana Heart and Melty Blood, respectively — but they lost first round.

Super Turbo - Thunder Beast Cup 3on3
1:30pm on November 29th

Raijuhai in Japanese. Akashachi Kancho probably came up with the name. He wrote that the idea is to have a big 3on3 in Chubu since Kanto has X-Mania and Kansai has Rekku Cup.

Vampire Savior - Baba Mikado Singles
3pm on November 28th (VH at 5)

I can't say with certainty that this event will be streamed live. They used to show all Mikado events but I'm not sure if that's still going on.

Akiman Exhibit

Last month a gallery in Akihabara ran an exhibition of some of Akiman's artwork.

Official poster
Autograph signing video (Sochie @ Gundam character)
Working on a large Chun-Li: One, Two, Three, Four
More pictures
Guest book

A-cho Olympics

The A-cho Capcom Olympics have been scheduled for January 9th and 10th. Tourneys for SF4, SFA3, CVS2, 3S, ST, MVC2 and VS plus an overall winner based on combined results.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vampire Savior 5on5 Vids 091909

DD and Ego have started uploading some videos from this year's pre-DCC 5on5 event. Art by AstroGuy2.

To use Filebank:
- hit the check boxes on the files you want
- click 転送モード切替 (upper right) to switch to browser-based downloading
- choose 各駅ダウンロード (2nd option) from the ダウンロード menu (blue arrow)
- click the grey 各駅ダウンロード button in the window that pops up


DD (Sasquatch), Orekon (Felicia), bow (Aulbath), Panpina* (QB), Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs.
Tinka (QB), TKO (Sasquatch), Haramori (Sasquatch), Yoshiyuki (Sasquatch), Komemaru (Zabel)

Sasunii (Sasquatch), Sakamoto (QB), Oraora (QB), Yajima (Morrigan), KEN (Gallon) vs.
Kurae (Morrigan), Kame (Victor), JB (Jedah), MAB (Gallon), Izumi (Aulbath), Gyunko (Gallon)**

DD (Sasquatch), Orekon (Felicia), bow (Aulbath), Panpina (QB), Nakanishi (Bishamon) vs.
Nekohashi (Felicia), Takahashi (Gallon), GyuBee (QB), Yamakawa (Zabel), T2ya (Zabel)

* Pane Peana?
** 5 out of 6 of these guys participated in each match.

There are a bunch of videos from various Playland F1R events including VS, ST and SF4 over here. h/t Jinbe

Shimatsuya has been uploading some more action from that same arcade:

Shimatsuya (Jedah) vs. Kaji (Lilith) casual series

October 17th VS Tourney Cracking Kaji-Kosho finals!

They just had another tourney this past weekend, so more videos should be coming soon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Star Cup Videos 101109

The videos from last month are up. While the official results haven't been posted yet, this batch, unlike the earlier ones, has the complete finals block so you can see how it went down.

I'll update this post with a few more things a little later. UPDATE: added characters below. Also here is a round-up of local posts with links to Star Cup vids:
2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008


2nd-a-1.zip - ARG (Claw x3) vs. Aniken (Ryu, Ken, Boxer)
2nd-a-5.zip - Aniken (Ryu, Ken, Boxer) vs. Otochun (Chun x3)
2nd-b-2.zip - Sanada Mayumura (O.Ryu x3) vs. Gunze (Zangief x3)
2nd-b-3.zip - Numa (Boxer, DJ, Ryu) vs. Gunze (Zangief x3)
2nd-c-1.zip - Kachu (Claw x3) vs. Tsuji (Fei, Boxer x2)
2nd-c-3.zip - baby nine (Honda x3) vs. Tsuji (Fei, Boxer x2)
2nd-d-1.zip - Futachan (Ryu x3) vs. Seki (DJ x3)
2nd-d-4.zip - Futachan (Ryu x3) vs. Gakuzan (Zangief x2, DJ)

2nd-e-1.zip - Muneo (O.Sagat x3) vs. Prince (Chun x3)
2nd-e-3.zip - Tani (Guile x3) vs. Prince (Chun x3)
2nd-f-1.zip - Ito (DJ x3) vs. Oonishi (Dictator x2, Ryu)
2nd-f-2.zip - Noguchi (Fei, Claw x2) vs. Higeta Shoyu [you-know-who] (O.Honda x2, Honda)
2nd-g-1.zip - AFO (Boxer, Blanka x2) vs. YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ)
2nd-g-3.zip - AFO (Boxer, Blanka x2) vs. Oh!!J (DJ x3)
2nd-h-3.zip - Toukon (Chun x3) vs. Tsumura (Fei x3)
2nd-h-4.zip - Nakamu (Chun, Blanka x2) vs. Kusumond (Honda x3)

fin-1-1.zip - Gunze (Zangief x3) vs. Ito (DJ x3)
fin-1-2.zip - AFO (Boxer, Blanka x2) vs. Kachu (Claw x3)
fin-1-3.zip - Seki (DJ x3) vs. Kusumond (Honda x3)
fin-1-4.zip - Prince (Chun x3) vs. Otochun (Chun x3)
fin-1-5.zip - Numa (Boxer, DJ, Ryu) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
fin-1-6.zip - Tsumura (Fei x3) vs. Muneo (O.Sagat x3)
fin-1-7.zip - Noguchi (Fei, Claw x2) vs. YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ)
fin-1-8.zip - baby nine (Honda x3) vs. ARG (Claw x3)

fin-2-1.zip - Otochun (Chun x3) vs. YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ)
fin-2-2.zip - Kachu (Claw x3) vs. ARG (Claw x3)
fin-2-3.zip - Futachan (Ryu x3) vs. Tsumura (Fei x3)
fin-2-4.zip - Gunze (Zangief x3) vs. Seki (DJ x3)

fin-sf-1.zip - Futachan (Ryu x3) vs. Otochun (Chun x3)
fin-sf-2.zip - ARG (Claw x3) vs. Seki (DJ x3)

fin-f.zip - ARG (Claw x3) vs. Otochun (Chun x3)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ko-Hatsu Videos and Whiteboard Drawings

There have been some great matches at Ko-Hatsu lately. Don't miss "Yokozuna" Kusumondo's run last month.

October 4th
Suzuki (Guile) & Otochun (Chun-Li) vs. Yabu (Cammy) & Kusumond (E.Honda)

Nero (Blanka) & Seki (DeeJay) vs. Taniyan (Dictator) & Hashikko (Zangief)

Nero (Blanka) & Seki (DeeJay) vs. Yabu (Cammy) & Kusumond (E.Honda)

November 1st
Seki (DeeJay) & Gunze (Zangief) vs. Suzuki (Guile) & The SuperStar (Boxer)

These whiteboard tournament announcements were snatched from the staff blog.


On November 29th the Thunder Beast Cup — a 3on3 Super Turbo tournament — is going down at Kasugai 50. Akashachi Kancho wrote that since Kanto has X-Mania and Kansai has the Rekka Cup (annual A-cho event) Chubu ought to have a good 3on3 tourney. They're planning to run a live stream, maybe here.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Star Cup Videos 101208

The top tier restriction was chucked at this event. Results are still available on the official site. Mirror here (1MB pdf in Japanese.)


a-f.zip - Mekuri Inochi (Ryu, DJ, Chun) vs. Sanada Mayumura (O.Ryu x3)
b-f.zip - AFO (Blanka x2, Boxer) vs. Abeabe (Ryu x2, Sagat)
d-f.zip - Kimoyan [Kimomaru] (Dictator x3) vs. Kachu (Claw x3)
e-f.zip - KKY (Dhalsim x3) vs. Kusumond (Honda x3)
f-2-1.zip - Shiro (Ryu x3) vs. ShootingD (Ryu x2, Guile)
h-2-1.zip - Nogyo (Zangief x3) vs. Muneo (O.Sagat x3)
i-1-1.zip - Prince (Chun x3) vs. Seki (DJ x2, Claw)
l-2-1.zip - Danjiri Dhalsim (x3) vs. Okka (Dictator x3)

wild-a-2.zip - AFO (Blanka) vs. Kimoyan (Dictator)
wild-b-1.zip - Saitou (Zangief) vs. ShootingD (Ryu)
wild-c-1.zip - Oh!!J (DJ) vs. Oreryu (Ryu)
wild-d-1.zip - KKY (Dhalsim) vs. Sawada (Cammy)

2nd-a-3.zip - Tsuji (Boxer x3) vs. Kachu (Claw x3)
2nd-b-1.zip - Danjiri Dhalsim (x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
2nd-c-3.zip - ShootingD (Ryu x2, Guile) vs. Otochun (Chun x2, Guile)
2nd-d-1.zip - YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ) vs. AFO (Blanka x2, Boxer)
2nd-e-3.zip - Gotoh (Ryu x3) vs. Taira (Dictator x3)
2nd-f-3.zip - Gian (Dhalsim x3) vs. Mattsun (Ken x2, Cammy)
2nd-g-5.zip - Aniken (Ken x3) vs. Komoda Blanka (x3)
2nd-h-1.zip - ARG (Claw x3) vs. Saitou (Zangief x3)

fin-1-1.zip - Kusumond (Honda x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
fin-1-2.zip - Mattsun (Ken x2, Cammy) vs. Kachu (Claw x3)
fin-1-3.zip - Otochun (Chun x2, Guile) vs. YuuVega (Dictator x2, DJ)
fin-1-4.zip - KKY (Dhalsim x3) vs. ARG (Claw x3)
fin-1-5.zip - MAO (Claw x3) vs. Aniken (Ken x3)
fin-1-6.zip - Taira (Dictator x3) vs. Gian (Dhalsim x3)
fin-1-7.zip - Tsuji (Boxer x3) vs. AFO (Blanka x2, Boxer)
fin-1-8.zip - Gotoh (Ryu x3) vs. Danjiri Dhalsim (x3)
fin-2-1.zip - Tsuji (Boxer x3) vs. Otochun (Chun x2, Guile)
fin-2-2.zip - Aniken (Ken x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
fin-2-3.zip - ARG (Claw x3) vs. Danjiri Dhalsim (x3)
fin-2-4.zip - Kachu (Claw x3) vs. Gian (Dhalsim x3)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Star Cup Videos 100707

The Star Cup video blowout continues. For the 2006 and 2007 contests there was a rule that prohibited having more than two "big 5" characters (Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Boxer, Claw, O.Sagat) on a team. I uploaded the results over here. 1.5MB pdf in Japanese.


a-2-1.zip - Chamu (Chun x2, O.Chun) vs. Shigaken (Ken, Ryu x2)
b-f.zip - Abebin (Honda x2, O.Guile) vs. Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei)
c-2-2.zip - MAO (Claw x2, DJ) vs. Komoda (Blanka x2, DJ)
d-2-2.zip - AFO (Blanka x2, Boxer) vs. Gunze (Zangief x3)
e-f.zip - Aniki (Guile x2, Boxer) vs. Tani (Guile x3)
f-f.zip - Mayumura (O.Ryu x3) vs. Tencho (Ryu x3)
h-2-2.zip - Prince (Chun x2, Ryu) vs. Noguchan (Ken x2, Chun)
j-f.zip - ARG (Dictator, Claw x2) vs. Head Press Oomura (Dictator x3)

wild-1.zip - Chamu (Chun x2, O.Chun) vs. postman (Boxer x2, O.Boxer)
wild-5.zip - Drunk (Blanka, Claw x2) vs. Aniki (Guile x2, Boxer)

2nd-a-3.zip - Seki (DJ x3) vs. Tencho (Ryu x3)
2nd-b-3.zip - Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei) vs. Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer)
2nd-c-1.zip - Taira (Dictator x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
2nd-d-2.zip - Mayumura (O.Ryu x3) vs. Nakamura (Cammy, Ken, Guile)
2nd-e-1.zip - ARG (Dictator, Claw x2) vs. Saitou (Zangief x3)
2nd-f-6.zip - TIO Dake wa Korosu* (Dhalsim x2, Blanka) vs. TIO (DJ, Dhalsim x2)
2nd-g-3.zip - Otochun (Chun x2, Ryu) vs. Noguchan (Ken x2, Chun)
2nd-h-5.zip - Komoda (Blanka x2, DJ) vs. Muteki (Guile x2, Chun)

3rd-2.zip - Otochun (Chun x2, Ryu) vs. Tencho (Ryu x3)
3rd-3.zip - ARG (Dictator, Claw x2) vs. Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer)
3rd-4.zip - Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei) vs. Saitou (Zangief x3)
3rd-7.zip - TIO (DJ, Dhalsim x2) vs. Komoda (Blanka x2, DJ)
3rd-8.zip - YuuVega (DJ, Dictator x2) vs. Muteki (Guile x2, Chun)

fin-1-1.zip - Seki (DJ x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
fin-1-3.zip - Taira (Dictator x3) vs. Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei)
fin-sf-1.zip - YuuVega (DJ, Dictator x2) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)
fin-sf-2.zip - Otochun (Chun x2, Ryu) vs. Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei)

* "At least kill TIO." Probably KKY.