Monday, September 24, 2007

How to Use Nico Video

Nico Video ("Nico Nico Douga") is a flash-based video sharing web site not entirely unlike YouTube. It has a gimmick that allows users to post comments directly on top of the movies. I put this post together to help fighting game movie hounds use the site. There's some information at the bottom about ripping their .flv files, too.

Update 12.26.08
The big peach "create new account" button is gone. Click the red link near the upper left to go to the registration screen.

For me the Firefox FLV download script described below still works. The key thing is to initiate the download (right click the orange FLV DL button then "save as...") right as the movie starts to load. Too early or too late and it won't work.

Added a link to the SF4 tag in the getting started section below.

Creating an Account

Unlike YouTube, Nico Video requires that people register before viewing videos. Click the peach-colored button at the front page to create an account.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Enter your info like so:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Here's a screen shot of a filled-in form.

At the next screen, type in the anti-spam code and click the bottom button. You should receive a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in that and you're set.

Browsing Fighting Game Vids

Some queries to get you started...
Street Fighter 2, Vampire Savior, Battle Fantasia, Sengoku Basara X, Street Fighter 4
Mikado, Tougeki, Vampire Hunter, Daigo

BTW, click the "コメント非表示" checkbox to disable on-screen comments.

Downloading from Nico Video w/ Firefox

This past summer they made it more difficult to download the movie files. The following method - using a Firefox script - is the only one left that works for me.

1) Install Greasemonkey.
Via this page. If that link doesn't work just google greasemonkey.

2) Download the nico ripping widget.
Click the 'nicovideo.user.js' link on this site.

3) Open a movie in nico video and click the FLV DL button at the top.
Keep your fingers crossed...

UPDATE (11.30.07)
The greasemonkey widget doesn't seem to work any more. Here's another method to try:
Niconico Downloader BETA
1) Log-in to Nico Video in the upper frame if you aren't already.
2) Enter the url for the video you want to download in the first field and click OK.
3) Cut and paste the text sequence that appears in the lower frame into the second field and click OK.


  1. Thanks for this post (I saw it from Incert Credit). The update about downloading video is useful as well.

    I found that using "Login with BugMeNot" (a Firefox plugin) works just fine for avoiding the registration, but I'm sure they'll stomp on that in the near future.

  2. Does this site post up your email in any sort of way?

  3. Hello,
    First thank you for creating this guide, it was very helpful.

    But second, on the downloading section, where you mention the "NicoNico Downloader BETA". The 3rd step "3) Cut and paste the text sequence that appears in the lower frame into the second field and click OK." I don't really understand. Where is the text in this "lower frame".

    Im a tad confused here, and I apologize for the trouble but is there any chance you could explain this?
    Thank you.

  4. Hi, thanks for this post.

    As for downloading files from Nicovideo (should work for any other online video site I think), I load the vid completely and then just go to my browser's (Opera) temporal files folder (C:\Documents and Settings\xxxx\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4) and get it from there.

    So far, that worked or me.

  5. What about how to leave a message?

  6. yeah me too, the link i think is the same that appear where u copied the first one but however it gives me error and doesnt work, any solution?

  7. never leave a message if you cant speak japanese you weeaboo

  8. can someone teach me the step by step
    instructions for how to download videos from nico nico douga. I dont understand and clearly I'm not good with computers. thanks

  9. The link for "Niconico Downloader Beta" doesn't seem to work here. It jumped to another website :(

  10. Kick ass man, just to let everyone know GREASE MONKEY still works!! haha woo thanks

  11. link for the edit download program does not work anymore....

  12. Could someone explain to me how to use the grease monkey thing to downlaod? because i don't see this DL button he/she talks bout....

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    I like its batch downloading and directly download Nicovideo to any video or audio format.

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