Friday, June 29, 2007

Pasopiard Battle Fantasia Vids 061707 bump
Follow the "MOVIE" link on the left. Links to vids are on the right side of the first diagram as of today. - Yagamo (Freed) vs. Machida Don (Donvalve) - Kimidori (Ashley) vs. KB (Coyori) - Ramune (Face) vs. Machida Don - Kimidori (Ashley) vs. Yagamo (Freed) - KB (Coyori) vs. Yagamo (Freed) - Ramune (Face) vs. Kimidori (Ashley)

The rest of the matches are up. - KB (Coyori) vs. Machida Don - Ramune (Face) vs. Yagamo (Freed) - Ramune (Face) vs. KB (Coyori) - Kimidori (Ashley) vs. Machida Don - Finals: Kimidori vs. Machida Don

Elsewhere... there are a couple more casual matches from this same event (including the movies I linked to below) here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Vampire Savior Vids 052707

This time Mikado held a random 2on2 tourney. - Dara (Demitri) & Nekohashi (Felicia) vs. Kosho (Bulleta) & Osakana (Aulbath) - Dara & Nekohashi vs. Shou (Aulbath) & kaji (Lilith) - Yankee (QB) & Kenta (Demitri) vs. Sakai (Zabel) & Ogawa (Zabel) - Takahashi (Gallon) & Ego (Lei-Lei) vs. Sakai & Ogawa
Finals block: - Kosho & Osakana vs. Sasukei (Sasquatch) & Sakamoto (QB) - Sasukei & Sakamoto vs. Yamakawa (Zabel) & Oboro (Victor) - Kosho & Osakana vs. Yamakawa & Oboro

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Battle Fantasia Scoop - Marco, Olivia, DeathBringer


Fighting at a distance
Use towards + C and projectile attacks for mid-range fighting. Cancel the towards+C into a Baribari Beam or Baribari Cutter to set the pace of the fight. If your opponent flinches, hit confirm towards+C into a heavy Jigoku Slash. Use towards+C -> Dokuhebi Crush to break their defenses.

Other useful attacks at this range include standing C and down+D. Marco's standing C is a high swing that can catch his opponents as they try to jump. It's particularly useful against larger enemies as it won't miss when they're crouching. Down+D is a sliding attack that goes underneath many incoming attacks and knocks down.

Quick step and then a throw/crouching B two-way mix-up is the basic tactic at close range. Hit confirm the crouching B like so:
crouching B -> crouching B -> weak Jigoku Slash or Dyna Rush

If your opponent tries to throw you, Marco's towards+D leaping attack will avoid it and gives him a chance to juggle with a Final Strike when it hits.

When you've knocked your opponent down, a close C attack is a good choice in addition to the above mix-up. Marco gets the initiative when it's blocked, plus he can "no cancel" (i.e.: link) combo into a Dyna Rush. The close C can also be chained into a towards+B overhead.

Charshu Fire Loop
As you activate Heat Up, hit your opponent with crouching C -> crouching D then activate Charshu Fire. The input for this sequence looks like this:
down+B+C+D -> down+D -> down, down-towards, towards+A
What happens here is that you'll combo the first two attacks and then unleash the Charshu Fire as you're knocking your opponent down such that it will be right on top of them as they stand up. At this point, after they've blocked the fire for a moment, high jump over their head and you'll make it extremely difficult for them to continue blocking the dragon's breath. Now combo jumping D -> crouching C -> crouching D. Trigger another fire as you do the crouching D and you've got them in a loop.

It's possible to do three of these loops for huge damage. The Heat Up timer will run out on the fourth loop attempt.


Basic Empress Lily Trickery
Empress Lily: in the air ↓↙← + B or D (hold)
Olivia dives at her opponent from above. If you aim for your opponent's shins you'll have the initiative when they block. Look for an attack/command throw mix-up here. If the Empress Lily hits, combo into a heavy Rote Rose attack (or Centifolia, if you're close enough.)

When you hold the button down, Olivia will fall without attacking and then immediately do a small hop. You can attack normally during this hop -- look for a big combo starting with jump C -- or do nothing and go for a throw as she lands.

Use the Empress Lily move to vary your air assault and confuse your opponent. If they're eager to use Gachi Match against your jump C, Empress Lily can throw off their timing. If you cancel a jumping D into Empress Lily and they try to Gachi Match -> Gachi Drive, hold the button down and tag them during the whiff. Etc.


Saigo no Ichigeki Combos
Here are some combos that end with DeathBringer's special Heat Up attack. Brackets {} denote chains.
(near corner) Upper Gachi Drive -> Heat Up! -> high jump {A -> D} -> quick step A -> jump D -> {close C -> D} -> Saigo no Ichigeki

Lower Gachi Drive -> Heat Up! -> jump C -> {close C -> far C} -> crouching C -> Saigo no Ichigeki

Lower Gachi Drive -> Heat Up! -> high jump C -> {standing B -> D} -> {A -> D} -> Saigo no Ichigeki

Power Up then Mix Up
DeathBringer's Fundo no Sakebi power up move can be done safely after a throw or a heavy Shoujin no Semete attack. It's such a strong play that you may want to gamble with it when you see other opportunities, too.

When powered up, the Noroi no Gunba attack becomes extremely dangerous. DeathBringer has super armor and runs at his opponent very quickly. Catch them flinching and inflict big damage.

Powering up also makes DeathBringer's quick step much quicker. Since he's got the best normal throw range in the game, dash -> throw is an excellent play. Once you have a good sense of your throw range (a bit less than one of Death's boot lengths) step just close enough so that you can throw but not be thrown to menace your opponent. Crouching B can also be used at this range for a two-way mix-up. Hit confirm the kick into a Yaketsuku Tsumeato. If you're very close you can hit confirm crouching B into a Shoujin to Semete.

Another choice when you've dashed into close range is a close C attack. This will beat low Gachi Match attempts (maybe they're hoping to tag your crouching B) and gives DeathBringer the initiative when it's blocked. Chain the close C into towards + D or link crouching B for a high-low mix-up. Or take a half step forward and throw or use a Shoujin no Semete to try to catch them jumping.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Battle Fantasia Vids 061707 update

Somebody posted some BF videos on Nico Nico Video. These are casual games; I think some tourney matches might be forthcoming.
One, Two, Three

I downloaded the flash files and re-upped here. You'll need an .flv player.

Kimidori (Ashley) vs. unknown (Freed)
unknown (Freed) vs. Machida Don (Donvalve)
Machida Don (Donvalve) vs. KB (Coyori)


One more re-upped here.

KB (Cedric ) vs. Ramune (Coyori)

BTW, it seems like VLC can play .flv files. link

Saturday, June 16, 2007

GameDial 110 SBO Q Vids 060907

These are from the June 9th qualifier at Leebros. - Suga vs. Seki & Kachu - OkaFei [O-Cafe?] & Tomi vs. Futachan & Prince - Kuni & Tsumura vs. Saitou & Doku Manjuu - Rokkou Honda & Batayan vs. Nakanishi & Yoshio - Futachan & Prince vs. Kachu & Seki - Tsumura & Kuni vs. Nakanishi & Yoshio - Finals: Seki & Kachu vs. Nakanishi & Yoshio

Battle Fantasia Vid 061007

Original file here.
Pass: fantasia

NDS (Cedric) vs. G.X (Ashley)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mikado Ranbat 051907 Vids

The fifth ssf2x ranking battle at Mikado used a solo 2on format. - K (Fei/O.Hawk) vs. Yuubou (O.Hawk/Fei) - Noguchi (O.Sagat/Fei) vs. Muteki (Chun/DJ)* - KKY (Boxer/Dhalsim) vs. Gian (Ryu/Dhalsim) - Taira (Sagat/Dictator) vs. Akashachi Kancho (O.Honda/Blanka) - Noguchi vs. K - KKY vs. Taira - Finals: Noguchi vs. Taira

* Note that both of these guys are in SBO mode: O.Sagat is a good stand-in for his CE version while ST Guile isn't, thus the latter stays benched.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Battle Fantasia - Comic Scanlation 2

BattleFantasia made the cover of Arcadia this month. Art by Emiko Iwasaki.

Click to enlarge.