Monday, September 28, 2009

Super Turbo Sundries

SNF2X Poll

I put a quick poll on left side of the blog. In addition to picking one of the choices I'd ask that you:

1) tell your sparring partners about it. The idea is to survey regular readers but friends of regular readers would be excellent, too.

2) post ideas for future polls in the comments to this post. This concept was lifted from the SF2 Fan Site (see below) but those questions don't really fit here.

Thank you!

Star Cup Live Stream

Gama no Abura (NSB chief) is going to help get a stream up for Star Cup weekend.

Pre-Star Cup Event
October 10th at 7:30pm (Japan)

Duo 4on4 tournament (each team consists of four characters divided up between two players) followed by some exhibition matches.

The SuperStar Cup 2009
October 11th at 1pm (Japan)

Solo 3on3 as usual.

It isn't clear what exactly is going to be streamed and where, but the exhibition matches, at least, will be on Nico Live. You'll need a Nico Video account for that. I'll post URLs when I have them.

SF2 Fan Site Surveys

Over the last couple months Aka Zangief conducted a series of polls on the Street Fighter II Fan Site (link on the left.) Here are some of the results. To switch from a pie chart to bar graph click the button on the right side.

Who is your main character?
Results (spreadsheet)
Ryu 25
Ken 19+1
E.Honda 6
Chun-Li 7
Guile 8
Blanka 15
Dhalsim 6
Zangief 10
Boxer 6
Claw 5
Sagat 3
Dictator 11
Cammy 5
T.Hawk 4
Fei-Long 3
DeeJay 5
Akuma 1

Where do you play?
Results (spreadsheet)
Choices go from north to south, more or less, including:
Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa 16
Tokyo 21
Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu 9
Osaka, Hyougo, Nara, Wakayama 18

When it comes to tournaments do you prefer ST or HSF?
(setting aside super and earlier games)
X 37
Hyper 0
Either is OK! 7

Do you prefer single or team tournaments?
Singles 10
Teams 30

For team tournaments, what is the ideal team size?

Which tournament format do you prefer?
Single elimination 9
Round robin 20
Compare gauntlet results[*] 1
Double elimination 10
Choose your opponent 0

* Not sure what this is. Similar to round robin I guess.

ST Videos

SSF2X @ Kouhatsu
Gunze has been doing really well at Ko-hatsu events this year.

Local match from a few weeks ago. Never saw a zero damage bite before. Thank you to Riz0ne for the upload.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

DCC4 Quick Results 092009

Vampire Hunter

1st TKO (Sasquatch)
2nd Haramori (Morrigan)
3rd Kashiwagi (Bishamon)

Vampire Savior

1st DD (Sasquatch), Nasu (Sasquatch)
2nd T2ya (Zabel), Dara (Demitri)
3rd Shimatsuya (Jedah), kaji (Lilith)

You can check out the pre DCC 5on footage over here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Darkstalkers Combination Cup Live Stream

DCC4 is happening tomorrow at Mikado.

[player removed]

Click 'ライブを見る' to start video. Pressing the grey magnifying glass button brings up a pop up window. From there hit the brown button in the upper right for a larger view. Stickam link.

Vampire Hunter starts at noon on Sunday (later on tonight in the US.)

Vampire Savior starts at 3 o'clock.

Pre DCC Savior 5on5 Results

15 teams

1st Nasu (Sasquatch), Sakai (Zabel), Ogawa (Zabel), Hai-iro (Aulbath), Shiru (Zabel)

2nd Nekohashi (Felicia), Takahashi (Gallon), GyuBee (QB), Yamakawa (Zabel), T2ya (Zabel)

3rd Onasu (Sasquatch), Tomo (Bishamon), Azwan (Demitri), Hosokawa (Zabel), Ruichan (Anakaris)

3rd Dara (Demitri), Shimatsuya (Jedah), Kaji (Lilith), Chikyu (Anakaris), Oboro (Victor)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gamest Cup Videos 050394

ArgusDCssf2X uploaded more videos from the 1994 Super Turbo national tourney. Take a look at the player report for profiles of Katou (加藤) "Foosuke" (DeeJay, Dhalsim, etc.) and Okunishi (奥西) "Ikuradon" (Blanka, Chun.)

Part One

Tokyo area qualifiers. The Chun-Li player here, Ohnuki (大貫), isn't the modern SFA2, 3S, ST, SF4 champ; they have different first names.

Part Two

Main event round one. Some footage of Ikuradon's hop trickery.

Part Three

Quarterfinals. Yoga Foolishness @4:14

Part Four

Semifinals. Don't miss Foosuke's Nagata Shougatsu Happy New Year Special flub at the end.

Part Five

Third place match.

Part Six

Finals. Posted here a while back with pictures of the finalists.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vamipre Savior - DCC4 Preview

Picking up where the last post left off... here are the final two seeds for VS @ Darkstalkers Combination Cup 4 in a week and a half. Art by Pon00000.

Kyushu: Monkey House 8/22/09

Seed: Kyoryu (Bulleta)


1st: Kyoryu (Bulleta)
2nd: Yurei (Demitri)

Kanto: Club Sega Shinjuku 9/6/09

Seed: Nasu (Sasquatch)


1st: DD (Sasquatch), Nasquatch
2nd: Nakanishi (Bishamon), Ogawa (Zabel)

All Out War

There is going to be a 5on5 tourney the night before DCC. Great poster at DD's joint. Your humble blog editor is rooting for Dara, Shimatsuya, Kaji, Chikyu and Oboro. What a team. Also DD is still uploading videos from last year's pre-DCC 5on: link.

Video Links

Jinbe kindly sent a whole bunch of VS video links. I'll just go ahead and quote his list (dates changed to American style plus asterisks indicate updated items.) Thank you, sir.
5/03/2009 Shiogama Shuttle 3on3 DCC Qualifier (DCC seed: Kosho/Bulleta)

6/20/2009 Ibaraki VIP Tournament (win: kaji/Lilith)

6/20/2009 Playland F1R Tournament (win: Dame otoko/Zabel)

6/21/2009 A-Cho 2on2 DCC Qualifier (DCC seed: Takahashi/Gallon)
plus (freeplay after the tournament) (tag: darkstalkers)

6/27/2009 Mi-Ka-Do Tournament (win: DD/Sasquatch)

7/11/2009 Game41 Tournament (win: Mokoshi/Bulleta)

*7/11/2009 Ibaraki VIP Tournament (win: Haitani/Sasquatch)

7/25/2009 Mi-Ka-Do 2on2 Tournament (win: Sasazuka/Felicia & Ego/Lei Lei)

7/25/2009 Playland F1R 2on2 Tournament (win: kaji/Lilith & Shimatsuya/Jedah)

7/26/2009 Playland F1R DCC Qualifier (DCC seed: kaji/Lilith)

*8/08/2009 Ibaraki VIP Tournament (win: Orecom/Felicia)

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 3 - Savior Character Breakdown

This graph shows the characters that people used at last year's event.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Super Turbo Videos - Muteki Guile

These are excerpts from a couple long series that, according to the uploader, Mute narrowly won. Art by Hidef.

Komoda Blanka vs. Muteki

Otochun vs. Muteki


Star Cup has been scheduled for October 11th.

Aka Zangief posted a picture of the Xmania winners here.