Thursday, January 27, 2011

Live Broadcasts This Weekend

Art by Falcoon.

3on3 at Game Spot Versus
January 29th at 8pm (Japan)

2on2 Gaiden* at Ko-Hatsu
January 30th at 4pm
*X-Mania Gaiden rules i.e. American Style. Blind pick for first character then free select after that.


Nagoya Street Battle 19
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
January 29th at Noon

Some teams:
Haitani (Makoto), MDR (Rufus), ShiroItachi (Makoto)
Nemo (Yang), RF (Fei-Long), Ikoma (Dictator)
tsk (Fei-Long), Gama no Abura (Dictator), Kokujin (Dudley)
a.k.a.jojo (Dictator), Y24 (Chun-Li), Eita (Akuma)
Maeda Taison (Boxer), Pied (Sagat), KOK (Gen)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A-cho Danisen Videos 012211

Some long videos. Looks like it starts right at the beginning with everybody at Shodan (except MAO and Opemai who ranked up elsewhere.) Nikaiten updated the ranks with the latest Kyushu results but he hasn't added the Kansai standings yet.

Otochun, D, Gunze, MAO, Murasaki (Dictator), Opemai (Claw), Tencho

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nishinippori Versus Video 012511

Great turnout this week.

Part One
Part Two

Shinomaru RY, Minamaki DI, MB BX, Shin TH, ryu DI, Kikai GU, Jenety OCH, Numa BX, Muneo OS, Fujinuma CH, VIPER TH, Nakamura CA, Hakase DH, Kurahashi RY
Azalea GU, Koemon FE, YURI FE, Nikaiten BX, Sasori RY, KKY DH, Nakamu BL, Shinshin GU, Tomoza DI, Gucchi RY, Noguchi FE, Nuki CH, Keishin CH, Hiroyan TH

Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Turbo News From Jan 22nd and 23rd

Some results:

A-cho 012211

5 teams
1st Otochun (Chun) & Dorachin (E.Honda)
2nd MAO (Claw) & Opemai (Claw)
EDIT: video one, two

Vegas HSF2 012311

18 entrants
1st Taka (Akuma)
2nd Kamedo [Kikai] (CE Guile, ST Guile)
3rd Naoki (ST Boxer)

And some videos:

Newton 012211

Part One
Part Two

Hanashi FE & Goemon FE
Aoki Cyclone ZA & ryu DI
Toutanki TH & VIPER TH
Hiroyan TH & Muro OTH
Ore GU & Hage DH
Chojin KE & Kikai GU
Raoh RY & CB CH

Tsurumaki 012311

A Block
B Block
Losers & Finals

Ron (KE, RY, SG)
Kusa (CH, CH, EH)
104 (DI, CL, CL)
Nyo (SG, DJ, KE)
Kondo (CL, CL, DH)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Super Turbo Vids

Lots of tourneys this weekend: Newton, A-cho, Ikebukuro Vegas (HSF2), Club Sega, Tsurumaki. The next Ko-hatsu event is a 2on2 on January 30th at 4pm. Live stream. Art by Boyaking(SBF).

Auto Snack Tsurumaki 122610

At least it's not black & white this time.



Nishinippori Versus 011811

Usual suspects. Toukon and Keishin were the team captains.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Versus Danisen Video 011611

Tsuwamono fights from Sunday. KKY DH, Numa BX, Kurahashi CH, tomo RY, Kawamata RY, Nuki MC. Also: stream archive for re-random 3on from Saturday.

By the way, over here you can see Kurahashi @ Guile using the crouching fierce trick mentioned in the previous post. Guile gets hit out of the start of an uppercut which puts him in standing hit stun but he still has the Flash Kick ready to go. 9:45 in the first video over there for starters. Thanks to Riz @ Eagle Eye.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ooyama Newton Videos 010811

Fourth season ranbat standings as of this contest: 1. Keishin (18), 2. Muneo (16), 2. KKY (16), 4. RYU (13), 5. Gian (10), 5. Kawamata (10)

Part One
Part Two

Nakamura CA, Kawamata RY, Aoki Cyclone ZA, Choshu, KE, Ore GU, Raoh RY, Ora BX, Kikai GU, KKY DH, Hiroyan TH, CB CH, VIPER TH, Keishin CH, Toukon CH, Oji RY, Kotaka Shoten GU, Gakuzan ZA, Shin TH, HA-GE DH, Shiki BX

EDIT: At 17:50 in the first video, it looks like Shiki eats the safe jump standing up then does a Buffalo Headbutt. Someone on the 2ch thread wrote that he probably did a wake-up crouch fierce to force the standing hit stun animation while keeping his charge.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anioto Gachi Battle on GMC TV

On Friday, January 21st at 11:45pm (Japan) Dara is going to broadcast a first-to-ten showdown between the brothers. The graphic says solo 3on but I guess the format is still up in the air pending character picks. Link. Danisen events start up in Kansai (at A-cho) that same weekend, too.

Aniken: Mix-up of God
Otochun: SF2's Strongest

Kuroppi uploaded some great Southern California tourney action from 1994. Thanks to The Dude for the heads up. Link.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nishinippori Versus Video 011111

Shinomaru RY, Shu KE, Koemon FE, Shin TH, Kotaka Shoten* GU, Hakutanki ZA, Keishin CH, Hanashi FE, Nakamura CA, Sashishi RY, Hiroyan TH, Numa BX
Jenety OCH, Tomoza DI, Kawasim DH, Gucchi RY, Yama BL, Kikai GU, Fujinuma CH, Azalea GU, Abebin EH, Sasori RY, Nikaiten BX, Kurahashi RY

* Tsuwamono! Very nice.

On GMC TV last weekend, Sako helped out Dara and Nekohashi with the training dummy. They went over all sorts of basic stuff. If you know ST or Japanese (doesn't have to be both) you'll be able to follow along. The archive is here. Also: Sako messing around with SSF4's training mode.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Savior 3on Videos 121810 Plus Misc. Art

There was a three-way tie in the finals so they ran it again. EDIT: Jinbe is posting this stuff on YouTube as well as the other Vampire events from that day.

A Block

B Block

C Block

Finals Block

I don't have the full team list but the last vid features:
Kaji (Lilith), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Shimatsuya (Jedah)
Sasunii (Sasquatch), Teitoku (Jedah), Sasazuka (Lei-Lei)
Sakamoto (Q-Bee), DD (Sasquatch), Ego (Lei-Lei)

Miscellaneous Art

Click for larger versions.

Poster for Mikado's New Year's tourney.

Cover for a new art book by Side 1, a group of Akiman's friends and fans. Clean version. By Nam.

Cover for a different art book by some of the same people. This one by Kinu Nishimura.