Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kasugai 50 Exhibition 123010 -- Mister X*

Here's part of the stream archive from Thursday. First-to-four exhibition matches at Kasugai 50 with commentary by Otochun, Komoda Blanka, yaya, Shogatsu and Aniken.

* I figured this referred to Taira but…

Watch live video from kasugai50 on

Watch live video from kasugai50 on

Gotoh (Ryu) vs. yaya (Guile)
AFO (Blanka) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
Gotoh (Ryu) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
Komoda Blanka vs. Aniken (Ken)
Futachan (Ryu) vs. yaya (Sagat)
Taira (Dictator) vs. ARG (Claw)
yaya (Sagat) vs. Gunze (Zangief)
The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Futachan (Ryu)
Taira (Dictator) vs. Aniken (Ken)
MAO (Claw) vs. Ito (DeeJay)
ARG (Claw) vs. Kusumondo (E.Honda)
Aniken (Ken) vs. yaya (Sagat)
Otochun (Chun-Li) vs. ARG (Claw)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Cammy New Year!

122810 Versus team battle. San Ryu came to visit from up north.

Shinomaru RY, Yamada ZA, Chika EH, Kawasim DH, Nikaiten BX/MC, Nakamu BL, VIPER TH, Toukon CH, Seo RY, Abebin EH, Shin TH, Sasori RY, Yopparai ["Drunk"] DH/MC, Noguchi FE
San RY, Nidan [Azalea] GU, Numa BX, Muneo SG, Nakamura CA, Chabozu SG, Koemon FE, Gucchi RY, Kikai GU, Makuhari DJ, tomo RY, Hiroyan TH, H BL, Hakase DH

X-Mania Europe

3on3, Singles and Solo 3on going down June 4th and 5th in Toulouse, France. I'll post more later it'd be neat if some Yanks made the trip. h/t Vernon

Forum announcement.

Year-end Live Broadcasts

I haven't seen any announcements about a Mikado stream. If there is something it might get mentioned over here.

The Kasugai 50 live show is still on. Info here.

EDIT: New Years gachi battles at Ko-Hatsu. Mori, Seki, Okafei, Suzuki.
December 31st at 6pm.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Newton 2on2 Videos 122510

Kama-age is a tough VF player. Here fighting Bubbles who also entered one of these Newton 2ons. Ryu needs a little Death Star floating around his head, too.

Part One
Part Two

Shirotanki (TH) & VIPER (TH), Shinshin (GU) & Gucchi (RY), Hiroyan (RY) & Keishin (CH), Kama-age (RY) & Ore (GU), Kawamata (RY) & Sashishi (RY), Akabla (BL) & Tori-ore (RY), Kisaki (DI) & Toukon (CH), Shin (TH) & Kawasim (ZA)

EDIT: Rainbow Edition sighting in "And Soon the Darkness."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Versus Danisen Video 121910 Update

10th dan matches from Sunday. Kurahashi (CH), Nakamura (CA), Yuzuru (DJ), Akabla (BL), Hammer (OK), Keishin (CH), Kurahashi (OK)

EDIT2: Tsuwamono fights. Keishin (CH), tomo (RY), Numa (BX), Kurahashi (BX)

EDIT: team battle for this week: one, two.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Year-end Vampire Results 121810

Results from various contests at Club Sega via DD.
Art by ta2nb

10 entrants
1st Sakamoto (Sasquatch)
2nd DD (Demitri)

Vampire Savior 2
24 entrants
1st Shimatsuya (Jedah)
2nd Panpina (Felicia)

Vampire Hunter
20 entrants
1st Ushipi (Morrigan) & Sasunii (Sasquatch)
2nd Yoshiyuki (Pyron) & Marusa (Felicia)

Vampire Savior
35 entrants
1st Sakamoto (QB), DD (Sasquatch), Ego (Lei^2)
2nd Kaji (Lilith), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Shimatsuya (Jedah)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TZW Interview

XSPR conducted a great interview with combo godfather TZW.
In a real game, what is the biggest or fanciest combo or feat you accomplished?

Using Guile, jumping heavy kick (roundhouse), standing light punch, Sonic Boom, standing mid punch, Sonic Boom, jumping heavy kick (roundhouse) (6 hits). I chose this for a Zangief player who was dizzy; after I did this 6 hit combo, he was re-dizzied.

Another time with Guile, I did jumping heavy kick (roundhouse), standing light punch, Sonic Boom, crouching light kick, super (5 hits connected, for total of 9 hits).

Go check it out. He dodges the nickname question, but TZW signed up for a lot of Mikado ranbats as "Tazawa" so that's...

Also: Nikachan uploaded the proper part two from the other day. New link in previous post.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 121410

I wasn't able to view part one; Nico is acting funny this week. Also the files are misnumbered and/or there's a piece missing. Fixed 12/16

This was the fiftieth Versus ST Tuesday contest. There weren't any set teams — each player pulled a card, ace of spades fought two of spades then the three of spades fought the winner, etc. Toutanki took an FAB break.

Part One
Part Two

Numa BX, Shinomaru RY, YURI FE, Noguchi CL, Keishin CH, Shin TH, KKY DH, Fujinuma CH, Yama BL, AFO BL, Shu KE, Muno SG, Toutanki TH, Kurahashi RY, VIPER TH, Sasori RY, Chika EH, Tomoza DI, Gucchi RY, Hanashi FE, Nuki CH, Azalea GU, Nakamura CA, Mu DH, Koemon FE, Peco OK

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ooyama Newton Video 121110

Raoh, by the way, is a very strong 3S player.


KKY DH, Keishin CH, VIPER TH, Aoki Cyclone ZA, Yoshio GU/MC, RYU DI, Choshu KE, Shin TH, CB CH, Raoh RY

"Hunt for Santa Claus" by Okazuwa Shake aka Mokekiyo Inugami.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 120710

Some terrific matches this week.

Shinomaru RY, H BL, Atomic Boy [Toutanki] ZA, Seme Musician [Yuzuru] DJ, Peco OK, Kawasim DH, Hanashi FE, Numa BX, VIPER TH, Keishin CH
King Leo [Azalea] BL*, Shin TH, Koemon FE, Hiroyan TH, Sashishi RY, Kawamata RY, MB BX, Nikaiten BX/MC, Noguchi FE, Sasori RY, Nuki CH/MC


Tech Monkey uploaded the rest of the NEC footage. You can watch some (?) of those same players fight this afternoon on the live stream over here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 120510 Plus Alpha

10th dan matches from Sunday. I'll add the details later. Numa BX, Aka Bla BL, Nikaiten BX, Abebin EH, Hammer OK

Part one

Part two

Some upcoming tourneys.

Versus (Random?) 3on3
December 18th at 8:20pm

Ko-hatsu Ratio Singles
December 26th at 4pm
Rules look about the same as last time.

Kasugai 50 Year-end Tourney
December 30th at 2pm
The rules are a mix of solo 2on and American style; each player picks a main and a sub with stipulations as to which characters the sub counters.

Nagata Shogatsu Happy New Year Special
at Baba Mikado
December 31st at 10pm
Live maybe here or one of these.

A bit of local action.

Tech Monkey posted a bunch of NEC videos. Jason Cole came to visit from the Northwest.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Attn: XSPR (GMC Ustream Notes)

Pick Dhalsim vs. Ken, brother!

GMCTV was interesting. Aniken invited various tough guys to fight with him, his brother and Dara.

Skip to the second hour of the archive for TZW, Baby Nine, Prince, Kusumondo, MAO, Tasaka, Nakamu, ARG, Star, etc. With any luck they'll rope in Sako for a future broadcast.

Otochun said he'd continue to work on his anti-DJ game. Stay tuned. He spoke highly of XSPR's Dhalsim.

Dara ran some viewer polls:

teens: 16
20s: 124
30s: 76
other: 13

About HD
have it, play it: 58
don't have it: 109
plan to buy it: 25
don't plan to buy it: 37

Aniken: 49
Otochun: 37
Daigo: 121
other: 38

Mikado's New Year's tourney tradition continues this year. Some Versus and Ko-hatsu live events between now and then. Maybe Kasugai50, too, I'll post more later.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Savior Tourney News

Ibaraki VIP Singles Vids 110610

YouTube playlist

Gigatch (Sasquatch), Takahashi (Brown Gallon), Senkaku Shoto (Zabel), Dara (Demitri), Orekon (Blonde Felicia), bow (Aulbath), Super Mochimochi (Bulleta), Teruchika (Felicia), Mano (Lilith), Yajima (Morrigan), Kengo (Grey Sasquatch), Basuken (Gallon)

Baba Mikado Random 2on Vids 112710

Jinbe is on top of it.


Pre-DCC Videos 100910

DD linked to a slew of All Out War videos over here. Sakai's team, サカイ様を崇める会, started in A block. Chikyu's team, 白眉, C block. Great title cards.

Darkstalkers Carnival 2010

On December 18th there are going to be tournaments for various Vampire games at Club Sega Shinjuku.

Vampire and Vampire Savior 2 (!) singles
Vampire Hunter 2on2
Vampire Savior 3on3

Events from that arcade are usually not streamed (or even captured) but we'll see.

Art by Michiro Ueyama.