Friday, October 29, 2010

Vision The Final Show Time

Yokohama Gamer's Vision is apparently going out of business. The last Super Turbo tourney is this Sunday.

Random 2on2 followed by east-west team battle
October 31st at 5pm (Japan)
Live broadcast

Kansai ST, Kanto ST then Daigo-Mago all in one evening. Not bad.

EDIT: I didn't catch the Versus live again. Archive here. Kurahashi Guile.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DCC Results, VS Vid, ST Vid

Detailed Darkstalkers Combination Cup results are up on the official site.

Vampire Hunter
41 entrants
1st: Akita (Morrigan)
2nd: Haramori (Morrigan)
3rd: Kashiwagi (Bishamon)

Vampire Savior
100 entrants
1st: Orekon (Felicia)
2nd: Ego (Lei-Lei)
3rd: Panpina (Q-Bee)

Some notes
VH: Haramori over MOV Felicia in the first round. Akita took out two-time champ TKO.
Kashiwagi and Donboru Zabel beat Haramori and Kawamura Phobos to take the pre-DCC 2on.

VS: Kaji over Sakai Zabel. Nakanishi over Kaji. Ego beat Nasquatch. Ouchi Jedah beat Bow Aulbath and Kosho. T2ya Zabel lost first round to Kuma Sasquatch. Aojiru GuileZabel beat Dara and DD, lost to Orekon.
Sakai ruled at the 5on the night before. Jinbe posted details here. DD posted comments from the top 2 teams here.

Astroguy2 (a.k.a. Q-Bee player HigeQ) did the cover for the pamphlet. Zoomed out version from pixiv.

Savior at Mikado 102310

Another Kaji Kosho show. Sakamoto usually broadcasts these events live. Next one November 27th at 6pm.

A Block
B Block
C & D Block
E & Finals Block

Super Turbo at Versus 102610

30-somethings on the 1P side, 20-somethings on the 2P side. Toutanki "Atomic Boy" Zangief along with the usual suspects.

Part One
Part Two

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ooyama Newton 2on2 Videos 102310

Nice Sagat touch-of-death in the first video.

Part One
Part Two

Keishin (CH) & Hiroyan (TH), Moko (RY) & Mokko (GU), CB (CH) & Raoh (RY), VIPER (TH) & Yakitori (OTH), Kisaki (DJ) & Ulcer (CH), Kawamata (RY) & Sashishi (RY), Hanashi (FE) & Den (BX), Ore (GU) & Bubbles (RY), Yoshio (GU) & Aoki Cyclone (ZA), Choshu (KE) & Chabozu (SG)

Live ST broadcast from Ko-hatsu this Sunday, October 31st at 4pm (Japan.)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crazy Bulleta

Dara has been posting some great avatar icons in homage to Sako and other tough guys.

That site, by the way, is his new joint since he shut down the G.M.C. blog.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 101910

Bonus video is self-explanatory.

Team Battle
Bonus Video

Shimichon (DI), Numa (BX), Hammer (OK), Fujinuma (CH), Shinomaru (RY), Nikaiten (OBX), Nia (EH), Keishin (CH), Noguchi (CL)
Kurahashi (RY), Nakamura (CA), Azalea (GU), Shin (TH), Izumi (OS), VIPER (TH), Kikai (GU), Sasori (RY), Hakase (DH)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Versus Danisen Video 101710

10th dan matches from Sunday. Kotaka seems to have stepped his game up a lot. Keishin (CH), Naoki (BX), Kotaka Shoten (GU), tomo (RY), Numa (BX), Numa (DJ)

Vernon has an archive of these videos over here.

Aka Zangief has stopped making updates to the Street Fighter II Fan Site for the time being. His friend Ao Bora has been posting a bit we'll see what happens.

Congratulations to MarsGatti for taking 4th this past weekend. Videos may wind up here or here.
EDIT: some videos here h/t Art


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ooyama Newton Singles 100910

I'll post the DCC results a little later. Tourney was great, but it was too bad that something else was going on that same evening.

If you're having problems with external nico players just click on the videos a second time a la YouTube to go to the main site (need an account.)

Part one
Part two

VIPER (TH), KKY (DH), Isaji (CA), T.Akiba (BL), Hiroyan (RY), tomo (RY), Muneo (OS), CB (CH), Inomata (Otouto) (TH)*, Choshu (KE), Aosai [Aoi Cyclone] (ZA), Keishin (CH), Ore (Guile)**, Raoh (OS)

* Younger brother of the X-Mania semifinalist.

** ore ga iru = I'm here
ore gairu = I, Guile cf.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 100510

This week the players were split up by age. 31 years and over on the 2P side.

Young Team
Izumi (OS), Nikaiten (BX), Buzan (DJ), Fujinuma (CH) Chika (EH), Tomoza (DI), Shin (TH), Keishin (CH), Azalea (GU), babynine (EH), Sasori (RY), Nuki (CH), Hiroyan (TH)

Adult Team
Shinomaru (RY), Mu (DH), Choshu (KE), Peco (OK), Numa (BX), KKY (BX), YURI (FE), Hanashi (FE), Hakase (DH), Kikai (GU), Nakamura (CA), Kurahashi (RY), Noguchi (CL)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Darkstalkers Combination Cup Preview

Pre-DCC and Main Event Live Broadcast

Times for Japan.

Warm Up Tourney
Saturday, October 9th
Vampire Hunter 2on2 at noon
Vampire Savior 5on5 at 3pm
Vampire Savior Kanto vs. Elsewhere team battle after VS wraps up

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 5
Sunday, October 10th
Vampire Hunter Singles at noon
Vampire Savior Singles at 3pm

All of these contests are going to be broadcast live over here:

EDIT: see comments for notes about delay

DCC Pamphlet

This year there's a special DCC book prepared by various players with graphic design by Dara. It has past results, winners profiles, modern VS and VH tactics plus interviews with Kosho, Haitani, Sako and Daigo. Cover on the right.

Vampire Savior Seed Info

DCC seed winners skip the first round of play. Jinbe sent this along. Thank you, brother! The finals from the July event were incredible don't miss that video.
Quoted except for date format.

Location: Chubu
Arcade: Urban Square Osu
Date: 7/18/10
Format: 3on3 Tournament
Participants: 54 (18 teams)
Winner: Kosho (Bulleta) / Sakamoto (Q-bee) / Nakanishi (Bishamon)
DCC Seed: Kosho (Bulleta)
Videos: (only finals)

Location: Kansai
Arcade: A-Cho
Date: 8/22/10
Format: 1on1 Tournament
Participants: 17 players
Winner / DCC Seed: Azuwan (Demitri)
Videos: (post tournament freeplay matches, video 1 of 8, check here)

Location: Tohoku
Arcade: Playland F1-R
Date: 8/29/10
Format: 2on2 Tournament
Participants: 6 teams (12 players)
Winner: Kaji (Lilith) / Shimatsuya (Jedah)
DCC Seed: Kaji (Lilith)

Location: Kanto
Arcade: Club Sega Nishi Shinjuku
Date: 9/4/10
Format: 1on1 Tournament
Participants: 22 players
Winner / DCC Seed: Buzz (Gallon)
Info: #
Videos: #

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ko-hatsu Ratio Tourney Halloween

At the end of the month there's going to be a ratio tournament at Ko-hatsu. Each player runs a team worth up to 8 points.

Ratio 4: Claw, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Boxer, O.Sagat

Ratio 3: Ryu, Guile, DeeJay, O.Ryu, O.Ken, O.Chun, O.Dhalsim

Ratio 2: Ken, Dictator, Honda, Zangief, Fei-Long, O.Fei, O.Box, O.Honda, O.Hawk, O.Guile, O.Claw

Ratio 1.5: Sagat, Cammy, Blanka, T.Hawk, O.Cammy, O.Blanka, O.DJ, O.Dic, O.Gief

October 31st at 4pm
Live broadcast

The video for the last tourney is up
Final on youtube
Complete event stream archive

Someone posted some X-Mania 9 triple Hawk action. Yakitori is 10th dan in the Versus danisen (with O.Hawk.) He's tough.

The Nico external player wasn't working last week; it seems to be ok now.

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four*

* A hardware problem forced them to restart the match at the 2nd round.