Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Evo East Vids 052607

Your humble blog editor... biting like there's no tomorrow!
Thank you to tianyuan2k4 (HnK champ!) for the video.

OSK (Ryu) vs. nohoho (Blanka) @ Evo East '07
Download (xvid x3, 18 MB)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tougeki 2007 HSF Qualifier News

Here are the teams that qualified this month for Super Battle Opera:

5/6 Ikebukuro Playland Las Vegas (Kanto)
YuuVega (DeeJay/ST Dictator) & Tsuji (ST Boxer)

5/12 Amuseum Maebashi (Kanto)
Muteki (CE Guile) & Chamu (ST Chun-Li)

5/13 gamespot SPEED (Chugoku/Shikoku)
Nekohashi (CE Dictator) & sako (ST Ryu)

5/13 Hi-tech Sega Avion (Kansai)
Kimomaru (ST Dictator) & Suzuyan (ST Guile)

5/13 Messe 102 Yotsukaido (Kanto)
Yuubou (Fei-Long/O.Hawk) & Oonishi (WW Guile)

5/13 Family Fun Arcade (West Coast USA)
Alex Wolfe (ST Dhalsim) & Graham Wolfe (ST Boxer)

5/19 Shirone Chance (Chubu)
Kurusu (CE Dictator) & Ayanami Lilith (CE Sagat)

5/20 Amusement Ultimate (Kanto)
Noguchi (ST Claw) & Hakase (ST Dhalsim)

5/26 Plabo Mitsuyoshi (Kyushu)
KKY (ST Dhalsim) & Kikai (CE Guile)

5/27 Club Sega (Kanto)
Tokido (ST Claw) & Gian (ST Dhalsim)

5/27 New Mammoth (Kansai)
Gunze (ST Zangief) & Macky7 (ST Boxer)

For the April 28th qualifiers, instead of DoM and DoS, the winners were:
Popo Soncho (ST Ryu) & Popo Sousui (ST DJ)
Whether or not those are just different nicknames, I don't know.

There are more movies from the Las Vegas qualifiers available. Check the post below.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A-cho Solo Three-on Vids 051207

A-cho held a one-person 3on3 tournament recently. No Aniken - he went to an SBO qualifier that day (but wasn't allowed to enter without his teammate, D) - which means no Aniken, Aniryu, Anioah action this time.

Go there, click ARCADE, then 大会動画 (on the left side above Milia.) I'll list future files so I don't have to update this post.

acho_sp2x_20070512a.asx - Macky7 (Boxer x3) vs. Otochun (Chun, Ryu, Honda)
acho_sp2x_20070512b.asx - Danjiri (Dhalsim x3) vs. Seki (DJ, DJ, Claw)
acho_sp2x_20070512c.asx - 3rd Place: Macky7 vs. Seki
acho_sp2x_20070512d.asx - Finals: Otochun vs. DanjiriDhalsim

There are some SFA2 movies on Mikado's blog:
FWIW, the finals ( were Komoda vs. Mattsun. Messatsu Mattsun pic here.

BF Vids 052407

New Battle Fantasia match videos @ Kijou no Kuuron.

The original files are on filebank here.
Pass: fantasia

OGU (Coyori) vs. Shiru (DeathBringer)
OGU vs. G.X (Ashley)
Puuro (Face) vs. G.X
Shiru vs. G.X
OGU vs. G.X
Shiru vs. G.X

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mikado Ranbat 042107 Vids update

Super Turbo, sweet, sweet, Super Turbo vids are up at Mikado. This is part 1 -- more of this CE-character-free goodness coming soon. - Muteki (Chun-Li) vs. Aoki Cyclone (Zangief) - Gorilla Imo (O.Honda) vs. Shacho (Cammy) - ToutanBoy (O.Hawk) vs. Chamu (Chun-Li) - Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs. Mattsun (Ken) - Hitsuji (Sagat) vs. Nakamura (Cammy) - KKY (Dhalsim) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) - YuuVega (Dictator) vs. Naka (Cammy) - Yoshio (Guile) vs. ToutanBoy (O.Hawk) - Edoya Bunkichi (O.Honda) vs. Nakamura (Cammy)

UPDATE -- Part 2: - ToutanBoy (O.Hawk) vs. Mattsun (Ken) - Taira (Dictator) vs. Pyonkichi (Ryu) - Gian (Dhalsim) vs. Tsunoppi (Guile) - Muteki (Chun-Li) vs. Gorilla Imo (O.Honda) - ToutanBoy (O.Hawk) vs. Kita (Chun-Li) - Kurahashi (Ryu) vs. Taira (Dictator) - Gorilla Imo (O.Honda) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) - Kita (Chun-Li) vs. Kurahashi (Ryu) - Finals: Kurahashi (Ryu) vs. Gian (Dhalsim)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gamespot SPEED SBO Qualifier Vids 051307

Some HSF movies from the SBO Qs at gamespot SPEED are up. Another 2d god, Sako, has thrown his hat into the ring. These movies don't have on-screen names and I can't always tell who's who from the chart. More of these coming soon, apparently, including Akashachi & Nakamura vs. Sako & Nekohashi.

UPDATE: All of the matches are up. I listed the players in a comment on this post -- it seems like some of the files are mixed up, though. C Block Match #4 is in the wrong spot? <- Sako vs. Akashachi Kancho.
Click the blue HSF2 diagram then look for the blue links.
1p: Mario & Luigi
2p: KKY (Dhalsim) & Kikai (No-show)
1p: KKY
2p: Sako (Ryu) & Nekohashi (CE Dictator)
1p: Mario & Luigi
2p: Sako & Nekohashi
1p: KKY
2p: Mattari & Felix
1p: Punch & Bocchan
2p: KKY
?: Mattari & Felix
?: Ryuri & Miyan+Chibi etc.
?: Ryuri & Miyan+Chibi
?: Punch & Bocchan

BattleFantasia Setting Documents

These scans of the early character designs for Battle Fantasia are from the May issue of Arcadia. I've translated or paraphrased some of the designer's comments, too.

The voice actors for each character are listed below. If you punch the names into Google, you can see what else that person has done. Emiko Iwasaki, the voice of Marco, is the director of BF itself. She also did these illustrations as well as illustration work for some of the more recent Guilty Gear games. The man who voiced Freed, Daisuke Ishiwatari, is the father of Guilty Gear. He did the game's original design, illustrations and music; plus he's the voice of Sol Badguy.

Free Image Hosting at
Click to enlarge.

VA: Hidemi Anzai

Towards the end of development, I was in a tight spot where I needed an adult version of Marco to be the hero. Urs came along to bust up the schedule, the planning, the beta test and the budget. That's just like him, I guess. At any rate, I'm glad it's over.

Free Image Hosting at

VA: Emiko Iwasaki

The concept here was to make a boy with a whiff of the Showa era*. Back when he was the hero, I wanted him to be more manly; but in order to differentiate him from Urs I made him increasingly silly. Charshu ["roast pork," the dragon] was a nickname that the staff came up with spontaneously.

[* - The period in Japan from 1926 to 1989. "Whiff of the Showa" i.e., "Retro."]

VA: Masako Ookouchi

Olivia is like a maiden from an old-school girls' comic. I used my experience in the color guard as a base for her movements and the flag design. Some of her moves can be done in real life, so if you cosplay her please give them a try.

Free Image Hosting at

VA: Hiroaki Miura

The concept for this character was male sexiness. I gave special attention to his handsome silhouette. Although he has a lot of tricks for snatching men and women, he's actually a mysterious man looking out for the princess like a character in a girls' comic.

Upper right: "Your voice is just like chocolate..."

VA: Daisuke Sakaguchi

Cedric was initially designed to be a timid boy who grows stronger as he's dragged along with Marco. It turns out that we had too many runts, so his body was made bigger, and a high school student in breeches was born.

Free Image Hosting at

VA: Katsue Miwa

BF's mascot character! My tastes are no secret, huh? He was quite unpopular during development, so I had to push for him by myself like Juliet with Romeo. He may be frail, but we strove to design him so that he can be very strong if you work at it.

VA: Takahiro Fujimoto

I wanted to design a two fisted gunman -- the coolest character in history! When we started modeling, however, he got a Bazooka. Then he started saying, "Texas!" and he became a more boisterous character.

Head poses -- clockwise from left:
Metronome, Blasting, Too Bad, Taunt, "Normal move air defense?", "The texture stretches, too", Time Out, Got Hit

Free Image Hosting at

VA: Umeka Shouji

Because tension amongst the male staff members was high, it's not so much that I created Coyori as she came out on her own. Anyhow, I worked furiously on polishing the panty shots. It would have been nice if I had prepared more cute Japanese-style variations.

VA: Naoki Tatsuta

"I want to make his belly jiggle!" With that in mind, this character was made. We added some steam locomotive and robotic gimmicks to the model, but these don't come across very well on the screen.

Free Image Hosting at

VA: Daisuke Ishiwatari

A captain who travels the skies. Since he has a hook, people mistakenly think that Freed is a pirate. I used the image of a good Latin man, so the model's face turned out dark and handsome. Once Mr. Ishiwatari did the voice, the character really tightened up.

VA: Naoki Imamura

This character was designed in the image of an RPG final boss. If I had had more time I would have liked to research the depiction of the flame mantle more. As development progressed he had fewer and fewer flames, and his rear end was left uncovered...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Las Vegas SBO Qs HSF Vids 050607

Some movies from the SBO qualifiers at Ikebukuro Las Vegas are up. The place-holder matches -- not available as of this post -- are in italics. Great card this time. Tsuji & Yuu pic taken from the GMC Blog.

UPDATED -- More files up. Don't miss toname14. Or Kaito's screwy HF Blanka.
MOVIE -> 闘劇予選本編 (bottom link)

toname07 -
Hakase (Dhalsim) vs. Nakamura (Cammy)
Noguchi (CE Sagat) vs. Akashachi Kanchou (Blanka)

toname08 -
ChimuChimu (Chun-Li) vs. Tonnura (CE Ryu)
Muteki (CE Guile) vs. Abebin (CE Guile)
Muteki vs. Tonnura

toname09 -
Bokkuru (Dhalsim) vs. Sumi (CE Zangief)
Den (Boxer) vs. Kaito (HF Blanka)
Bokkuru vs. Kaito -
Nakanishi (CE Ryu) vs. Oonishi (WW Guile)
Yoshio (CE Guile) vs. Yuubou (ST Fei-Long)
Yoshio vs. Oonishi <- Richardson approved! -
YuuVega (DeeJay) vs. Edoya Bunkichi (O.Honda)
Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Momo Ni-goh (O.Fei)

toname13 -
Kachu (Claw) vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu)
Kuni (DeeJay) vs. Ikebukuro Debu (CE Dictator)

toname14 -
Ashitana (O.Ryu) vs. Suzuyan (ST Guile)
Takiba (Blanka) vs. Kimomaru (Dictator)
Ashitana (O.Ryu) vs. Kimomaru

toname15 -
Oiccho (E.Honda) vs. Gunze (WW Zangief)
Nantanki (Fei-Long) vs. Serotepu (Zangief)
Nantanki vs. Gunze

toname16 -
Muteki (CE Guile) vs. Noguchi (Claw)
Chamu (Chun-Li) vs. Hakase (Dhalsim)

toname17 -
KKY (Dhalsim) vs. Sumi (CE Zangief)
Kikai (CE Guile) vs. Kaito (HF Blanka)

toname19 -
Oonishi (WW Guile) vs. Kawamata (Ryu)
Yuubou (Fei-Long) vs. Tenchou (CE Ryu)

toname20 -
Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Kuni (DeeJay)
YuuVega (DeeJay) vs. Kachu (Claw)

toname22 -
Kikai (CE Guile) vs. Chamu (Chun-Li)
KKY (Dhalsim) vs. Muteki (CE Guile)
Kikai (CE Guile) vs. Muteki (CE Guile)

toname24 -
Suzuyan (ST Guile) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)
Kimomaru (Dictator) vs. Tsuji (Boxer)
Suzuyan vs. Tsuji

toname25 -
Chamu (Chun-Li) vs. Kawamata (Ryu)
Muteki (CE Guile) vs. Tenchou (CE Ryu)

toname26 -
3rd Place Fight
Kawamata (Ryu) vs. Kimomaru (Dictator)
Tenchou (CE Ryu) vs. Suzuyan (ST Guile)

The finals are going to be included on the next Tougeki Spirits DVD:
YuuVega (Dictator) & Tsuji (Boxer)
Chamu (Chun-Li) & Muteki (CE Guile)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

BF Vids 050407

G.X posted some more BattleFantasia matches.

The original files are on filebank here.
Pass: fantasia

G.X (Ashley) vs. Hev (Coyori)
Puuro (DeathBringer) vs. Hev
OGU (Watson) vs. Hev
Setsuna (Cedric) vs. Hev
G.X vs. Hev
Puuro vs. Hev
OGU (Coyori) vs. Hev

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

GAME41 SBO Qs HSF Vids 043007

A couple movies from the GAME41 SBO qualifier are up.
Second group of files as of today.

game41-20070430hst_1.wmv -
Kiken ("Yellow Ken") & San (Ryu) vs. ARG (Claw) & The SuperStar (Boxer)

Yoshio (CE Guile) & Nakanishi (WW Guile) vs. ARG & The SuperStar

BF Vids bump

kubo (Watson) vs. Satoken (Homo)* x3

From this site.

* - Hey, that's what is says...


Monday, May 7, 2007

The 3rd Club Sega 5on5 Results 050507

This year's 5 on 5 tourney went down this past weekend.

21 Teams

Winners: Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun-Li), Tsuji (ST Boxer), YuuVega (ST Dictator) and Tencho (ST Ryu)

2nd Place: Kachu (ST Claw), Six (CE Dic), ABC (CE Ryu), Ao (CE Sagat) and postman (ST Boxer)

The picture at right was lifted from Honda's* blog. He said that people weren't very enthusiastic about the event this year since it was HSF and not ST. Too many CE players winning BS matches. Daigo himself played a run-of-the-mill CE Guile. The hot games were mostly the ones featuring ST characters: YuuVega (ST Dictator), Komoda (ST Blanka) and yaya, using ST Guile for a change. His jump in -> crouching strong -> double somersault woke people up a bit. Tsuji (ST Boxer) swept four teams!

The exception to all the CE gloominess this season has been Muteki's CE Guile. He went undefeated for the day. Jump in -> neutral cancel fierce -> flash kick? No sweat. Taking out top Dhalsim players? Bring it on! I said in a post below that I'm rooting for Otochun and Komoda at SBO, but it sure would be a shame if Muteki and Chamu (team name: Shinkon ("Newly-wed")) didn't qualify.

I don't have detailed information but two other teams that made it to the final block were:

Tokido (ST Claw), Nuki (ST Chun), Daigo (CE Guile), Kurahashi (ST Ryu) and Gian (ST Dhalsim)

Chibita** (ST Blanka), yaya (ST Guile), Gotoh (ST Ryu), The SuperStar (ST Boxer) and Komoda

* - Proprietor of the Daigo fan page.
** - Very famous Virtua Fighter 5 (Lion) player.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Battle Fantasia Scoop - System, Urs, Cedric

Here's some more basic BattleFantasia information. This time I've mixed together Arcadia strategy with items picked up on the 'net. The fan art section probably won't be a regular thing... I just thought it was neat how people on the BBS whipped up such interesting drawings.

Fan Art Roundup

Click to enlarge.

Kajima at Arcadia Frontiers:

Mizuki at this page:

Various anonymous BBS contributors:

"Close your eyes..."


Upper Gachi Drive and Juggle Limitations
To use an upper Gachi Drive attack press towards + G to meet your enemy's high/mid attack. Your character will do a counter attack that blasts their opponent against the wall. Since this attack isn't invincible, it doesn't work against multi-hit attacks. Note, however, that you can use Gachi Drive in conjunction with Gachi Match. For example, if Coyori attacks with her three-hit jumping D mop strike use:
Gachi Match -> Gachi Match -> Gachi Drive
to nail her with an upper Gachi Drive.

Having connected with an upper Gachi Drive you'll have a big opportunity to use some kind of juggle combo. In any juggle situation there is a limit to how many attacks you can use. Repeating attacks will cause you to reach this limit more quickly. When your opponent's portrait is red that means they are still vulnerable to juggle attacks. Once it turns blue you won't be able to combo them any further.

Attack Sets and Lower Gachi Drive
Chain combos -- where you cancel one normal attack into another -- in this game are called "Attack Sets." These are analogous to Target Combos in Street Fighter III in that each character has a unique set of Sets, as it were. I'll add Attack Sets to the next version of the move list.

When you successfully meet a low attack with a Gachi Drive, the chain combo limitations are relaxed and most characters can chain A -> B -> C -> D. I think you can tell when this is possible if your opponent has a gold trail behind them.

Okiseme Command Throw Trap
After being knocked down, you can be thrown right away when you stand up. People are saying that you can't back step or even jump to avoid being thrown. This is particularly troublesome for Face since he doesn't have any invincible (or at least immediately un-throwable) special moves. Wake-up Bazooka works, though.

Heat Up! Activation Plus Alpha
It's possible to simultaneously activate Heat Up! and attack by inputting the corresponding commands all at once.
For example, from a normal state, Ashley can immediately do a Romance Wing attack by doing: down, down-forward, forward + A + C + D
Likewise, from a normal state Face can do the Heat Up! version of his far D (it sends his opponent flying?) with A + C + D.

Last Boss
The final CPU opponent, "Shin" DeathBringer, starts out with 30,000 Hit Points! He also has a super countdown attack reminiscent of Bahamut's from Final Fantasy. It's possible to damage him normally (percentage-wise) while in Heat Up mode -- charge your meter with throws and Gachi Matches and then use it to defeat him.


Combo Basics
The A Barify Shot gives Urs excellent initiative. When it hits you'll have time to quick step in and combo off of it like so:

A Barify Shot -> quick step -> close C -> C Barify Blade -> Ba-ku-o-n Roadmaster

Hit confirm crouching B x2 into a Roadmaster super. If you're very close, you can combo the crouching kicks into a Barify Blade. For something more exotic try this one:

croching B x2 -> crouching B kara cancel Onsoku Tackle
(2B -> 2B -> 2B~36D)

A 2ch poster uploaded a video of this. Re-upped here. The first attempt is without the kara cancel. The second is with it.

Here's Arcadia's first upper Gachi Drive combo for Urs:
Gachi Drive -> (back step) -> Heat Up! -> Zero Yon Glide x3 -> Barify Blade


Which Finger for Holding D?
Cedric's St. Drop Kick has four levels of power. Hold the D button down a few seconds for level one, then a few seconds more for levels two and three. The button must be held for much longer (most of the round, it seems) to reach level four. Here are the effects:

Level 1: regular hit
Level 2: knock down
Level 3: juggle opportunity
Level 4: juggle opportunity + huge damage

You can combo the St. Drop Kick in a variety of situations, including after a throw: Throw -> Level 4 Drop Kick -> D Holy Devotion does enormous damage.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tougeki 2007 HSF Qualifier News (plus Tamashima & ShikiGuile Interview)

Super Battle Opera 07 is a big, multi-game tournament that will take place this summer. A Hyper Street Fighter II (aka Street Fighter 2 Anniversary Edition) 2-on-2 tourney is one of the events this year. Listed below are the teams that have qualified so far. Your humble blog editor is rooting for Otochun and Komoda! (pic, lifted from the GMC blog, at right)

4/8 Nagase UFO (Kansai)
ABC (CE Ryu) & Six (CE Dictator)

4/14 Sugamo Carrot (Kanto)
Tamashima (ST Boxer) & ShikiGuile (CE Guile)

4/21 Plabo Ageo (Kanto)
Kurahashi (CE Guile) & Nuki (ST Chun-Li)

4/22 GAME'S DRAGON (Kansai)
Kusumondo (ST E.Honda) & DanjiriDhalsim (ST Dhalsim)

4/28 Tsurumaki (Kanto)
DoM (ST Dictator?) & DoS (ST DeeJay?)

4/29 Kasugai 50 (Chubu)
Otochun (ST Chun-Li) & KomodaBlanka (ST Blanka)

4/30 GAME41 (Hokkaido)
ARG (ST Claw) & The SuperStar (ST Boxer)

Just for fun, I translated an interview with Tamashima and ShikiGuile from April 14th. source

INH Sakamoto: Congratulations on making it through the qualifiers!

Tamashima & ShikiGuile: Thank you very much.

What was the key to your victory?

Shiki: (tapping his teammate's shoulder) Well, that would be this guy's Boxer you know. (laughs)

That was a stellar performance.

Tama: (blushing) Anyway, since this was the first qualifier for Kanto, I figured I'd be able to take a look at what the other teams are up to.

A wait-and-see approach.

Tama: Yeah. It felt like wait-and-see, while looking for opportunities. Plus I wanted to test how well my main character, ST Boxer, could fight against strong characters like the CE cast and how strong I am in general lately. I guess it's good that I was able to play while keeping my cool.

Shiki: For me, ST Boxer is a really tough fight so I wanted to see if I could counter with CE Guile. My main since the beginning has been Guile, but ST Boxer is pretty much guaranteed trouble. CE Guile seems very solid against him. We were both confident, and I think that combining our strength was the key to winning.

I see. I hope that you'll keep up this level of enthusiasm while heading for the main event.

Tama: There's still a lot of time before the main event, and I'd like to take a good look at the teams that qualify. Then we'll be able to work on countering those teams.

That's the advantage that comes with having this under your belt, right?

Tama: That's what makes winning today's qualifier so lucky... Actually, as expected some powerhouse teams have stepped up, so I'm feeling the tension of a tournament for the first time in a while.

Really? (laughs)

Tama: (laughs) I'm having fun, but part of it is stressful.

Shiki: It was my first tournament in a long time, too, so I was really tense. In the main event I hope that I can play while being all worked up. From here I want to work more and more on CE Guile, and try hard not to drag Tama down.

I understand. (laughs) Good luck at the finals! Thank you very much!