Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vampire Savior - Chikyu Kumite 092510

This is an exhibition that took place after Saturday's singles tourney at Mikado. At the pre-DCC 5on Chikyu is once again teaming up with Dara, Oboro, Kaji and Shimatsuya. Only two weeks away I'll probably make a preview post with prelim news and recent videos soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Super Turbo Video Round-up

Good weekend for VIPER.

Tsurumaki Solo 3on 082910

The rules prohibited duplicate characters. B&W because of technical difficulties.

A Block
B Block

Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2


Ryokucha (KE, OK, RY), Yuzuru (DJ, CH, RY), VIPER (RY, GU, TH), Kusa (CH, OCH, EH), Nuruponyo (DH, CL, BX), Ron (RY, OS, BX), AFO (BL, FE, ZA), Nyo (KE, DJ, SG)

Ooyama Newton 2on2 092510

Part One
Part Two

Usual suspects.

Fukaya F-1 Team Battle 092610

This arcade is closing this month.


Kusa (CH), VIPER (TH), AFO (BL), Yajika (ZA), PECO (OK), MOR (GU)
Shinohonda (EH), Isaji (CA), ASTEKA (BL), Moto (OR), GI (TH), Gakuzan (ZA), Shimada (SG)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ko-hatsu Live ST Broadcast

There are two Super Turbo events at Ko-hatsu this weekend. September 25th at 9pm (Japan time) is Ko-hatsu vs. New Mammoth [Arcade]. I guess it's sort of an Osaka vs. Kyoto thing. They're going to be streaming the event live over here:

Also on September 26th at 4pm there's another solo 3on3 tourney. The last one was excellent hopefully some more hot ST this time. Aka Zangief wrote that Sunday's contest will also be broadcast live.

Versus Team Battle 092110

Part One
Part Two

Muneo, Hiroyan and Oonishi all used Ryu. It looks like Buzan missed a "Buzan Combo" it'll be nice to see that one in action again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Street Fighter 4 Tournament Results

 Date  Location # 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
4/24Kiwami at A-cho37tMDR (RU)
Hisho (SG)
Uryo (VI)
Pamyu (BX)
Eita (AK)
Rikuson (SG)
Y24 (CH)
Cygnus (SG)
Nike (RU)
5/29Nagoya Street Battle26tMago (SG)
Gyasu (CH)
Shizuoka Saikyo (BL)
3110 (RU)
Maakun (SG)

8/28Ayano Cup A-cho21tKindevu? (AK)
Rikuson (SG)
Pied (SG)
Chiba (SG)
Y24 (CH)
Eita (AK)
a.k.a.jojo (DI)
8/29Nagoya Street Battle34tUryo (VI)
Noriyasu (AK)
Darui (DH)
3110 (RU)
a.k.a.jojo (DI)
9/17Ayano Cup Bigbox31tNyanshi (SG)
Misse (AK)
Nemo (CH)
Iyo (DH)
Daigo (RY)
Mago (SG)
Tokido (AK)
Bonchan (SG)
Momochi (AK)
Kindevu (RU)
Akimo (EH)
Ichi (KE)
Hanamaruki (SG)
Yoshi Boy (BX)
Nekojita (AB)
9/18Super Battle Opera32qtRF (SG)
Kindevu (RU)
Momochi (AK)
Daigo (RY)
Bonchan (SG)


Here are some flyers, posters and web banners from the last few months. Mouse over the location column in the older results posts for some more.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tougeki 2010 ST Team List and Results

A-cho videos from July should be coming soon. UPDATE: added some details.

In yellow: top four. Red: second place. Blue: winner.

5/03ドラゴン勢Hakase (DH), Noguchi (CL), Tamashima (BX)videos
5/09生涯現役Gian (DH), Kurahashi (RY), YuuVega (DI)
5/16超無敵不死身Nuki (CH), Muteki (GU), Shiki (BX)
5/23プランクトンKKY (DH), Kita (CH), Kikai (GU)report, video
5/30長瀬UFOAniken (KE), Otochun (CH), ShootingD (RY)
6/06イタリアAbebin (EH), Sasori (RY), Oonishi (DI)video a, video b
6/13ベストパートナーズFutachan (RY), Ito (DJ), MAO (CL)result, videos
6/20真ソルジャーチームTsuji (BX), Inro (OCH), Danjiri (DH)bracket, videos
6/27ヨコ・ヅナー_クロニクルズKusumondo (EH), Yabu (CA), Gunze (ZA)videos
7/04コーハツ四天王Suzuki (GU), Seki (DJ), Kachu (CL)
7/11月の石Toutanki (TH), K (OTH), Yoshimura (DH)bracket, videos
7/18けものみちMuneo (OS), Numa (BX), AFO (BL)result
7/24Team USAGanelon (CL), John Rambo (DH), Damdai (RY)videos, interview
7/25X三世代ARG (CL), The SuperStar (BX), Yuzuru (DJ)result
8/01ゴメンネ!大高さんGotoh (RY), Wassekun (DH), Tani (GU)vid a, vid b, result
9/18白虎隊yaya (SG), Komoda (BL), Taira (DI)

Oonishi's team beat Gian's team and ARG's team. Sasori beat Yuu. Gian beat Sasori. Abebin beat Gian and Kurahashi. [!]

Tsuji swept Tama's team.

Biran swept the double Hawk team but team USA got taken out by Futachan.

Gian's team beat yaya's team.

Aniken beat Numa. AFO beat Aniken. Otochun beat AFO then Muneo beat Otochun and D.

Here's Master Foosuke talking about the top four:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ito swept Nuki's team. Prescient comment from Gian below.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Danjiri over Sasori. Abebin over Danjiri and Inro. Tsuji over Abebin. Oonishi over Tsuji.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Final match.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chubu takes it!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ooyama Newton Video 091110

Commentary by Gian and KKY. Art by Chiko.

Part One
Part Two

Yuzuru (DJ), AFO (BL), VIPER (TH), Shin (TH), Kita (CH), Kikai (GU), Mayumura (OR), Kusa (CH), Hiroyan (RY), KKY (DH), Numa (BX), Choshu (KE), Muneo (OS), Ron (RY), Chabozu (SG), CB (CH), Gian (DH)

Nishinippori Versus Video 091410

Commentary by KKY and Nikaiten.

Part One
Part Two

Shin (TH), Peco (OK), Buzan (DJ), H (BL), KKY (DH), Toukon (CH), Nakamura (CA), Oonishi (DI), Keishin (CH), Shiki (BX), Yuu (DI), Kurahashi (RY), VIPER (TH), Nuki (CH)
Nia (EH), YURI (FE), Choshu (KE), Noguchi (OS), Hanashi (FE), Abebin (EH), Kikai (GU), Hiroyan (TH), Yajika (ZA), Yuzuru (DJ), Numa (BX), Azalea (GU), Sasori (RY), Kotaka Shoten (GU)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Buy a Nico Live Ticket for Tougeki

In order to watch the SBO Super Turbo live broadcast you'll need to buy a "ticket" on Nico that lets you access the show on Sunday. One day tickets cost 1,500 "Nico Nico Points" which are 1,500 yen or about 18 dollars. I can't recommend purchasing one of these tickets for the following reasons:
  • Super Turbo is one of the more esoteric of the six games being shown on Sunday so it may not get much camera time. The final is the only thing guaranteed to get broadcast.

  • People may set up free (bootleg) mirrors. I don't know how vigilant Stickam, or Ustream staff have been in the past about shutting those down. Of course, Nico says its forbidden etc. etc. but there's only so much they can do on their end to stop it.

  • Premium Nico video account holders — paid for above and beyond this ticket scheme — get priority access to live broadcasts. The SBO gateway has the usual white and yellow doors for this. So people who pay for a ticket but are using free accounts may still face reduced quality and/or a viewer cap.

  • The method I'll outline below cost me 28 dollars instead of 18. Nico doesn't take American credit cards and I got dinged paying through other means.

If you're feeling undeterred I've put together a quick guide for buying a ticket for Sunday. h/t Laban

Before you start you'll need:
  • A Nico video account. Sign-up starts here. Put in your email address. The form on the next page hasn't changed that much since my how-to. Nickname, gender, birthday, where you're from, password, security question. I think you can register on their Spanish or German sites if you prefer.

  • A Paypal account with a balance of at least $30.

First you need to purchase points on WebMoney that will go towards the Nico points. They have an english affiliate site here. Buy the points there and charge them to an account on the main site here. The former has english guides to the latter I don't think I need to go over it.

While logged in to your Nico acount, go here:

Click on the amount of points that you want to purchase.

Select WebMoney from the list of payment options.

Confirm payment method and points.

Choose the 'pay with WebMoney wallet' option.

Enter your WebMoney wallet ID and password. (again, there's a guide to setting this up on that SuToCorp link above)

Click the numbers to enter your four digit security password.

Click the orange button to complete the order.

Points successfully purchased.

Once you've taken care of that, you're going to spend the points on the ticket for Sunday's live broadcast.

When you click the pink button there's a pop up that warns you that this command cannot be undone.

When the broadcast starts Sunday, September 9th at 10 am (Japan) go here and cross your fingers:

The white door should open. Click on it to see Muneo sweeping everybody in ST and RF sweeping everybody in SF4.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Capcom Gals, GMC Radio, Versus Video

Art by Kinu Nishimura. Via andriasang. E-Capcom link. UPDATE: new Tsurumaki videos. Scroll down.

GMC Radio - Otochun and Gian talk SBO

Here are some notes from Dara's interview with Gian and Otochun on Thursday. Dara produced the Grand Master Challenge tourney series. Top Vampire Savior Demitri and, according to Otochun, no slouch with Ryu in Super Turbo.

Otochun said that since Nagase UFO closed, things have dropped off in Kansai somewhat. Even online he doesn't see a lot of Osaka players like Tsuji. Still, he was really confident about his teams chances. ShootingD and Aniken both ready to fight Shiki and Nuki. Aniken has been fighting Tsuji for years and he's been sparring with SuperStar online; Kansai and Chubu players are really familiar with the Boxer match. People think that ShootingD has retired but Otochun said that his Ryu is really tough. If Otochun himself can take out Dhalsim players they have a good shot at taking it. He's been working hard on the Dictator match online and also playing a lot against a local O.Hawk player.

When Dara asked about Chubu teams to look out for Otochun singled out Futachan, MAO and Ito. They've got great team balance and all three are extremely motivated to get a big result. Later on in the show Gian said that DeeJay and his touch-of-death could be a big threat to Muteki's team.

Gian was less enthusiastic than Otochun about his team. Since Kurahashi lives pretty far the three haven't had a chance to practice together. In fact Otochun said he's been having fun playing with YuuVega and Kurahashi online. In general Tokyo players are most wary of Otochun. If Gian can defeat Boxer players he thinks they can win.

Both players spoke really highly of Tamashima's team. Great character balance and "teamwork." Gian hadn't heard of the American players. "No Alex or John Choi," said Otochun. They're both hoping to see Komoda and Taira at the last chance Qs.

Nishinippori Versus Video 090710

Part One
Part Two

Ken (OS), Bu[zan?] (DJ), Yajika (ZA), Fujinuma (CH), Azalea (GU), Gogatsu [Nia?] (EH), Stomach Momio (ZA), Kikai (GU), Shin (TH), AFO (BL), Keishin (CH), Oonishi (DI), KKY (DH), Nuki (CH)
Shinomaru (RY), Nikaiten (BX), YuuVega (DI), Chojin (KE), Toukon (CH), Muneo (RY), Ken (BX), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), Takuto (RY), Sasori (RY), Numa (BX), VIPER (TH), Hanashi (FE), Shiki (BX)

Auto Snack Tsurumaki Videos 062710

Here's Aka Zangief's post; he's got the videos embedded: link.

The rules stipulated that each player's team had to have one original character, one new challenger from Super and one boss. So K didn't go with Hawk because he picked Fei instead.

Pony (ZA, OTH, DI), Kondo (CL, FE, DH), VIPER (TH, RY, DI), TMF (ZA, TH, OS), Numa (DJ, RY, BX), Kusa (CH, DJ, DI), K (FE, BX, RY), Ron (RY, DJ, BX), AFO (BL, FE, BX), Masato (BX, TH, RY), Toratsuki (ZA, DJ, OS), Suika (DH, OS, DJ), Gakuzan (ZA, OTH, DI)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 090510

Mousa matches from Sunday. Noguchi, Kurahashi, YuuVega, Shiki, Muteki.

The Kyushu danisen contest has progressed to 10th dan:
10th AHO (CL)
9th M Ryu (RY)
8th Micchan (SG)

On GMC Radio, Dara is going to discuss SBO with Otochun and Gian September 9th at midnight. Audio-only. The link should be over here somewhere right before it starts.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ko-hatsu Solo 3on Videos 082910

Suzuki (Guile x3) vs. Otochun (Chun-Li, Guile, O.Ken)

Aniken (Ken, Ryu, Boxer) vs. ARG (Claw, Dictator, Boxer)

Aniken vs. Otochun

Also the GVision tourney archive is here: ranbat, team battle. Yaya at the beginning and Taira at the end of the second link. Since Yuu didn't show up and both Gian and Kurahashi lost first round, Gian took first for the season.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Versus Video 083110 Plus Alpha

More good stuff from Hanashi Fei. Along with Keishin and Hiroyan he's one of 2010's break out tough guys.

Part One
Part Two

The Fukaya F-1 arcade is going to be closing later this month. Shinohonda has been running monthly ST tourneys there for more than a year now. The last "Gowasu Cup" is scheduled for the day after SBO.

At Gamer's Vision this Saturday the ranking battle season will be wrapping up.
SSF2T 2on2
September 4th @ 8pm (Japan)
Live broadcast

Current standings:
Gian 21 points
Yuu 20 points
Kurahashi 20 points
KKY 10 points
MAO 7 points
Futachan 7 points
Muneo 7 points
Toukon 7 points