Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Turbo Vids and Stream News

Amusement Park Step in Yamaguchi 111310

West end of Honshu. Mostly players from other games (KOF?) giving it a go. Singles.

Part One
Part Two

Newton 112710

2on2. Yakitori O.Hawk.

Part One
Part Two

Versus 113010

Team showdown. Charge characters vs. motion characters. Kurahashi Chun, Numa DJ, Nikaiten Honda.

Nikaiten calls KKY an idiot when he goes for a Sniper finish vs. Nuki. KKY gets picked on a lot; MCs Mattsun and Gian are always on his case.


Live Broadcasts this Weekend

Versus 3on3
December 4th at 8:20pm

December 5th at 11pm

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thunder Beast Cup Results 112810

ShootingD swept three teams on the way to the finals block. Otochun swept the triple Claw team. So did Futachan - twice!

11 teams
1st Shigaken (Ken), Tani (Guile), Futachan (Ryu)
2nd ShootingD (Ryu), Kusumondo (E.Honda), Otochun (Chun-Li)
3rd MAO (Claw), Opemai (Claw), ARG (Claw)

Next Sunday I think Dara plans to broadcast a Remix tourney on this new Ustream account.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Super Turbo Live This Weekend

Starting from Scratch - Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Lecture

On Saturday Aniken, Otochun, ARG, Akashachi Kancho et al. are going to discuss HD Remix with Gama no Abura. The idea is to go over some basics so stream viewers can be better informed when watching American events.

November 27th at 4pm (Japan)

Thunder Beast Cup 2

The second annual Raijuhai 3on3 is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. After the main event wraps up, Otochun and Ito DJ will throw down in a first-to-ten battle.

November 28th at 3pm

Pre-registered teams include:
Otochun, ShootingD, Kusumondo
Aniken, Gunze, JC Hirata RY
MAO, ARG, Opemai CL
Mori BX, Prince, Kotaka Shoten GU

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Index of Multi-game Champs

In this post I've got notes about some of the toughest multi-game champions. Most of this information comes from the fighting game player wiki.
Also: Daigo Fanpage, SRK wiki, Savior player wiki, Arcade World

EDIT 4/9/12
Haitani, Sako, Nuki, Daigo, Tokido at the Topanga Charity Cup photo by Akiki.

Daigo Umehara

VS Nationals: 1st (Bishamon)
1st SFA3 Nationals: 1st (V Akuma)
2nd SFA3 National Team Tourney: 2nd
3rd SFA3 Nationals: 1st
Beat Live Cup Third Strike 3on3: 2nd
CVS1 Nationals: 1st (Guile, Ryu)
X-Mania 2000 ST: 3rd (w/ Kurahashi, Tamashima)
X-Mania 2006 ST: 2nd (w/ Aniken, yaya)
SBO 03 CVS2: 2nd
SBO 03 GGXX: Top 4 (w/ ?)
SBO 03 ST: 1st (Ryu) (w/ Kurahashi, Otochun)
Evo 03 GGXX: 1st (Sol)
Evo 03 3S: 2nd (Ken)
Evo 03 CVS2: 2nd (C Guile, Cammy, Sagat)
Evo 03 ST: 1st
Evo 04 GGXX: 1st
Evo 04 3S: 2nd
Evo 04 ST: 1st
SBO 04 CVS2: out 2nd round (w/ Dan, Shiro)
SBO 05 3S: 1st (w/ Nuki)
SBO 05 Capcom Fighting Jam: 2nd (w/ Dan)
Evo 06 GGXX Slash: 2nd (w/ RF, Kindevu)
Evo 09 SF4: 1st (Ryu)
SBO 09 SF4: Top 8 (w/ Nuki)
Evo 10 SSF4: 1st (Ryu)
SBO 10 SF4: 2nd (w/ Bonchan, TKD)
SBO 11 SSF4AE: Top 4 (Yun) (w/ Iyo)
4th Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 1st (w/ ?)
Vampire Hunter DCC2: 1st (Pyron)

Local Links
ST career profile
Interview re: early days
DCC 2 results

Makeru youso wa nai. - "There's no way I'll lose."
Daigo said this before fighting Alex Valle at the SFA3 international championship.

After Daigo hit Arturo with a crucial psychic DP during an Evo hotel match, Eita shouted this out. Then it became sort of the 2010 version of "umeshoryu." Kokujin first used the line some years earlier after a similarly clutch play. Video (6:18)

Koashi mite kara Shoryu yoyuu deshita. - "Saw the short kick and DP'ed it no problem."
Popular one-liner kidding around about Daigo's quick reactions.


VS Nationals: 2nd (Bishamon)
SFA2 Nationals: 1st (Chun)
1st SFA3 Nationals: 2nd (V Akuma)
CVS1 Nationals: 3rd (Nakoruru, Dhalsim, King)
CVS2 Nationals: 1st (N Ryu, Blanka, Sagat)
Evo 02 CVS2: 2nd
Evo 03 ST: 2nd (Chun)
SBO 04 3S: Top 4 (Chun) (w/ Boss, KO)
SBO 04 CVS2: Top 4 (w/ Inoue, Tokido)
SBO 05 3S: 1st (w/ Daigo)
Evo 05 ST: 2nd
Evo 05 3S: 1st
SBO 06 3S: Top 4 (w/ KO, Kokujin)
SBO 06 VF4FT: 2nd (Aoi) (w/ Chibita, Osu Akira)
Evo 06 3S: 1st
SBO 07 HSF2: 1st (Chun) (w/ Kurahashi)
Evo 07 3S: 1st
Evo 07 VF5: 2nd
Evo 08 ST: 2nd
Evo 08 3S: 1st
SBO 08 ST: Top 8 (w/ Tokido)
SBO 09 SF4: Top 8 (w/ Daigo)
SBO 10 3S: 2nd (w/ Kokujin, Haitani)
1st Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 1st (w/ Joe, Tokido, Shao, Match)
5th Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 2nd

Local Links
SBO '07 notes

"Since the other 5 gods Sako, Haitani, Tokido and Umehara aren't here I guess there's no way I'll lose to anyone else."
Nuki said this before the 3S semis at SBO 2006. Video


Evo 02 CVS2: 1st
SBO 03 CVS2: 1st (A Sakura, Dictator, Blanka)
SBO 04 CVS2: Top 4 (w/ Nuki, Inoue)
SBO 05 CFJ: 1st (Jedah, Urien) (w/ Mago)
Evo 06 HSF2: 3rd (CE Dictator)
SBO 06 Samurai Shodown 6: Top 4 (Mina) (w/ Reoth)
Evo 07 ST: 1st (Claw)
Evo 07 3S: 3rd (Chun)
SBO 09 3S: 2nd (w/ KO, Ochibi)
SBO 10 3S: Top 4 (w/ KO, Ochibi)
SBO 10 SF4: Top 4 (w/ Nemo, Mago)
1st Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 1st (Urien) (w/ Nuki, Joe, Shao, Match)
6th Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 2nd
2nd SF4 Nationals: 3rd (Akuma) (w/ Mago, Akimo)

Piza demo kuttekoi! - "Just go eat some Pizza!"
Tokido taunting Kokujin at a GVision 3S ranbat. Video. Reference to some old 2ch joke maybe.


SBO 03 CVS2: out 2nd round
SBO 04 CVS2: out 2nd round (w/ Dan, Daigo)
SBO 05 CFJ: Top 4 (Jedah, Yun) (w/ Iyo)
SBO 06 HnK: out 2nd round (Toki)
SBO 08 HnK: Top 4 (Raoh)
SBO 09 SF4: 2nd (Abel) (w/ Iyo)
SBO 10 SF4: Top 8 (w/ Ojisan Boy, Mizoteru)
Dream Fighter's Festival 2007 HnK: 1st (Raoh)

The ST Ryu player is a different guy.


SBO 03 CVS2: out 2nd round
SBO 04 CVS2: Top 4 (w/ Togawa, Nitto)
SBO 07 3S: Top 8 (w/ Tokido, Nitto)
SBO 08 VF5R: 1st (Jacky) (w/ Itabashi Zangief, Fudo)
1st Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 1st (w/ Tokido, Shao, Match, Nuki)


SBO 03 KOF2k2: Top 8
SBO 04 GGXX#R: 2nd (w/ Kaqn, Imo)
SBO 05 KOF Neo Wave: Top 8
SBO 05 GGXX#R: 2nd (Faust) (w/ Arisaka Shinya, Imo)
SBO 09 SF4: Top 4 (Chun) (w/ Mago)
SBO 10 SF4: Top 4 (w/ Tokido, Mago)
SBO 11 SSF4AE: 2nd (Yang) (w/ Kyabetsu)

R ("A-ru")

CVS1 Nationals: 2nd

Old friend of Daigo's. Former SBO MC. CVS color edit pioneer (nude Cammy.) YouTube Playlist.
This guy uses Viper and Guy in SF4; the Boxer player with the same nickname is someone else.

Itabashi Zangief ("Itazan")

Evo 04 VF4: 1st
SBO 05 VF4: Top 8 (Shun)
Evo 07 VF5: 1st
SBO 08 VF5R: 1st (w/ Fudo, Joe)
SBO 09 SF4: out 1st round (Zangief) (w/ Fudo)

Inoue ("Ino")

Evo 02 CVS2: 3rd (K Sagat, Blanka, Cammy)
Evo 03 CVS2: 1st
SBO 03 CVS2: Top 4
SBO 04 CVS2: Top 4 (w/ Nuki, Tokido)
Evo 07 VF5: 5th (Kage)
SBO 08 3S: 1st (Makoto) (w/ Kuroda, MOV)


SBO 03 KOF2k2: Top 4
Evo 04 GGXX: 3rd (Faust)
Evo 04 CVS2: Top 8 (A Sakura, Dictator, Blanka)
SBO 05 GGXX#R: Top 4 (Faust) (w/ Kindevu, Kubo)
Evo 05 GGXX#R: 1st
Evo 06 GGXXS: 2nd (w/ Daigo, Kindevu)
SBO 07 GGXXAC: Top 4 (w/ N-Otoko, P.C)
SBO 08 GGXXAC: Top 8 (w/ J.T, Shoji)
SBO 09 SF4: out 2nd round (w/ ShiroItachi)
SBO 10 GGXXAC: 1st (w/ Ogawa, Shonen)
SBO 10 SF4: 1st (w/ Momochi, Kindevu)
1st SF4 Nationals: 2nd (Sagat)
2nd SF4 Nationals: 1st (w/ Kindevu, Momochi)


SBO 04 VS: 1st (Sasquatch)
SBO 06 3S: out 1st round (Ken) (w/ Sako, Teruchika)
SBO 10 3S: 2nd (Makoto) (w/ Kokujin, Nuki)

Local Links
Short interview


SBO 04 VS: Top 4 (Bulleta)
SBO 06 3S: out 1st round (Yun) (w/ Haitani, Teruchika)
SBO 07 HSF2: Top 4 (Chun/Ryu) (w/ Nekohashi)

Yareyaredaze. - No translation necessary — just say it in a defeated tone.
Something people say about Sako's fight with T2ya at SBO. Video. Jojo's Bizzarre Adventure reference.


SBO 04 CVS2: 1st (C Honda, Sagat, Blanka) (w/ Kindevu, Sawada)
SBO 05 CFJ: 1st (Karin, Anakaris) (w/ Tokido)
Evo 05 CVS2: 2nd
SBO 06 KOFXI: Top 4 (Gato, Kula, Oswald)
SBO 09 SF4: Top 4 (Sagat) (w/ Nemo)
SBO 10 SF4: Top 4 (w/ Tokido, Nemo)
Dream Fighter's Festival 2007 HnK: Top 4 (Raoh)


SBO 04 CVS2: 1st (A Sakura, Dictator, Blanka) (w/ Sawada, Mago)
SBO 05 GGXX#R: Top 4 (Eddie) (w RF, kubo)
Evo 05 CVS2: 3rd
Evo 05 GGXX#R: 2nd
Evo 06 GGXX Slash: 2nd (w/ RF, Daigo)
Evo 06 CVS2: 1st
SBO 09 SF4: out 2nd round (w/ Momochi)
SBO 10 SF4: 1st (w/ Momochi, RF)
1st SF4 Nationals: 3rd (Rufus)
2nd SF4 Nationals: 1st (w/ RF, Momochi)


SBO 05 CFJ: Top 4 (Anakaris, Chun-Li) (w/ Shiro)
SBO 09 SF4: 2nd (Dhalsim) (w/ Shiro)
SBO 11 SSF4AE: Top 4 (w/ Daigo)
1st SF4 Nationals: 1st


Vampire Nationals: 1st (Morrigan)
SBO 07 3S: Top 4 (Ken) (w/ Momochi, Yuki-otoko)


SBO 07 3S: Top 4 (Yun) (w/ Hirai, Yuki-otoko)
SBO 09 SF4: out 2nd round (w/ Kindevu)
SBO 09 3S: 1st (Makoto) (w/ Rikimaru, Boss)
SBO 10 SF4: 1st (Akuma) (w/ RF, Kindevu)
7th Cooperation Cup 3S Teams: 2nd (w/ KSK, Kokujin, Boss, Matsuda)
2nd SF4 Nationals: 1st (w/ RF, Kindevu)

Fudo ("Fuu")

SBO 05 VF4FT: 1st (Lion) (w/ Koedo, Inocchi)
SBO 08 VF5R: 1st (w/ Itabashi Zangief, Joe)
SBO 09 SF4: out 1st round (Ryu) (w/ Itabashi Zangief)
Evo 11 SSF4AE: 1st (Fei-Long)

Monday, November 22, 2010

A-cho 2on2 Videos 111410

Detailed results over here.

Block Highlights
Tsuji (BX) vs. Prince (CH)
AFO (BL) vs. Akashachi Kancho (BL)
Mori (BX) vs. Edo (CH)
Otochun (CH) vs. Gunze (ZA)
Edo (CH) vs. Gunze (ZA)
Shogatsu (OEH) vs. Kusumondo (EH)

Semifinals and 3rd Place
Tsuji & The SuperStar
Otochun & Mori
AFO & Kusa (CH)
Kusumondo & Gunze


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 111610

Numa and Atomic Boy got two lives.

There are a couple live broadcasts this weekend. Info here. Also at Thunder Beast Cup 2 next week there's going to be an Ito vs. Otochun first-to-ten exhibition.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Savior Diagram Version 5

DD posted a new VS character ranking chart. Consultants for this revision: Kaji, Umi no Ko, Nakanishi, Panpina, Fugo and Oraora. The numbers in green changed since version 4.


Also, via Dara's blog, here's Haitani and Deshiken duking it out at A-cho: link. Wicked good.

EDIT: Vampire Hunter live stream from Versus Thursday the 18th at 8pm (Japan.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ooyama Newton Videos 111310

Audio out of sync. Haven't heard from Mr. Ryu in a while.

Part One
Part Two

Nakamura (Cammy), Tonegawa (Cammy), tomo (Ryu), Keishin (Chun-Li), Choshu (Ken), CB (Chun-Li), KKY (Dhalsim), ryu (Dictator), VIPER (T.Hawk), Shin (T.Hawk), Raoh (Ryu), Muneo (O.Sagat)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 110910

Non-FB characters vs. FB characters this week. Sashishi Guile, Kurahashi Boxer, Sasori O.Ken, Numa DJ.

Also a bit of local action:
Check the archive over here for some Connecticut fights brought to you by Don't Blow This!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Versus Danisen Videos 110710

Tsuwamono fights from Sunday. AFO (BL), Kurahashi (GU), tomo (RY), Numa (BX), Keishin (CH)

Savior Players' SSF4 Tourney

Here's the stream archive for an online SSF4 tourney for VS players. Art by Yuza.

Part One
Part Two

First round cards:
Itsuki (Dhalsim) vs. DD (Adon)
Arai [Cat-K] (Claw) vs. Maki (Cammy)
Shu (Chun-Li) vs. Teruchika (Dhalsim)
Azwan (Akuma) vs. Shimatsuya (Juri)
Komemaru (Ibuki) vs. Dara (Ryu)
Kame (Guy) vs. Umi no Ko (Ryu)
Sakamoto (Dictator) vs. Oboro (T.Hawk)
Nakanishi (Ryu) vs. Chapa (Hakan)
also Sasunii (Boxer)

There were some great ST matches at Versus on Saturday. Random 3on where the teams were shuffled each round. Abebin somehow won without having to play. Commentary by Nuki.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Super Turbo Live

I missed the Mikado event on Wednesday. AFO and Numa apparently took it.

Times for Japan.

Mikado November 3rd at 4pm

Versus November 6th at 7pm

Versus November 20th at 8:20pm 9:50pm

Ko-hatsu November 21st at 4pm

Five-oh November 28th at 2:30pm