Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Vampire Savior Vids - Kitatoda HAP'1 Saikyou Ketteisen 111007 bump

These videos are from a recent random 2on tourney. Pic taken from from here.

Megane (Demitri) & Rine (Bulleta) vs. Shou (Aulbath) & Shu (Bishamon)

DD (Sasquatch) & Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Yotsumo (Gallon) & KEN (Gallon)

DD (Sasquatch) & Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Sol-fa (Demitri) & Ego (Lei-lei)

Yajima (Morrigan) & Kame (Victor) vs. Yotsumo (Gallon) & KEN (Gallon)

Snot (Bishamon) & Itsuki (Felicia) vs. Shou (Aulbath) & Shu (Bishamon)

Yajima (Morrigan) & Kame (Victor) vs. Sol-fa (Demitri) & Ego (Lei-lei)

DD (Sasquatch) & Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Kosho (Bulleta) & Nishiken (Morrigan)

Kosho (Bulleta) & Nishiken (Morrigan) vs. Shou (Aulbath) & Shu (Bishamon)

For some more YouTube VS action, check out DD's account. Quite a few good matches on there.

Yotsumo (Gallon) & KEN (Gallon) vs. Megane (Demitri) & Rine (Bulleta)

DD (Sasquatch) & Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Yajima (Morrigan) & Kame (Victor)

Sol-fa (Demitri) & Ego (Lei-lei) vs. Megane (Demitri) & Rine (Bulleta)

Snot (Bishamon) & Itsuki (Felicia) vs. Sol-fa (Demitri) & Ego (Lei-lei)


  1. SHU is such a great all around player, but his Bishamon stands out as godly :)

    is SHU the best VS player in Japan? can you name other players so good? i'd like to watch their videos too :)

  2. Nakanishi has a serious Bishamon. Known lately for his CVS2 game.

    Back in the day (97-99) Nuki and Daigo ruled with BIshamon.

    Hirai (Vampire 1 champ) was also up there. Not sure if there are any videos though. Lately focused on 3S.