Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scouter Match 2 Videos 030208

Before the tournament players submitted their own ratings -- based on success rate vs. top players and/or local win percentage. Folks with low scores were paired up with the top rated players, etc. The tournament itself used a triple-elimination format; the concept here was to give up and coming guys a chance to get some tourney games in vs. strong players.

Old Gamest art by Zakkun Pop. - Shiro (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Oreryu (Ryu) & Yajirobei (Dhalsim) - Yomiaido (Ryu) & Gotoh (Ryu) vs. Macky7 (Boxer) & Aniki (Guile) - Isaji (Cammy) & Prince (Chun-Li) vs. Taira (Dictator) & Ackman (Guile) - Gian (Dhalsim) & Maron (Ryu) vs. Tattsu (Ryu) & Futachan (Ryu) - Gian (Dhalsim) & Maron (Ryu) vs. Tatsumaki RYU (O.Ryu) & CR Junior Idol DVD (Ken) - Yomiaido (Ryu) & Gotoh (Ryu) vs. K Maru (Dhalsim) & ARG (Claw) - Shiro (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. Tattsu (Ryu) & Futachan (Ryu) - Macky7 (Boxer) & Aniki (Guile) vs. Tatsumaki RYU (O.Ryu) & CR Junior Idol DVD (Ken) - Gian (Dhalsim) & Maron (Ryu) vs. Aniken (Ken) & Nogyo (Zangief) - Aniken (Ken) & Nogyo (Zangief) vs. K Maru (Dhalsim) & ARG (Claw)

Team Byakuya rides again!
Toutanki (O.Hawk) and K (Hawk) Q'ed for SBO.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tougeki '08 SSF2T Qualifiers

Here are the results from the SBO qualifiers that have taken place so far.

Equivalent terms from the SSF2T player report:
Kinki = Kansai
Tokyo + Kanto = Kanto


LocationArea Teams1st Place2nd Place
4/6Nagase UFOKinki21ARG (Claw) & Otochun (Chun-Li)Tsuji (Boxer) & Batayan (Guile)
4/12Niigata POPYChubu16Gotoh (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer)Head Press Oomura (Dictator) & Aniki (Guile)
4/13Club Sega NarimasuTokyo17Noguchi (Claw) & YuuVega (Dictator)Oonishi (Dictator) & Abebin (Honda)
4/19Wonder Tower KyotoKinki7Danjiri Dhalsim & Saitou (Zangief)Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) & Prince (Chun-Li)
4/26Shirone ChanceChubu13Kikai (Guile) & KKY (Dhalsim)Taura (Dictator) & Suzuki (O.Hawk)
4/27Shimura Game NewtonTokyo16Muteki (Guile) & Shiki (Boxer)Yoshimura (Dhalsim) & Yuubou (Fei-Long)

This short third strike video is most excellent.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mikado Savior Videos 032208 continued

More videos from March 22nd. This batch features an east-west showdown with a rare Chikyuu appearance. T2ya and some other players from the west team didn't need to play.
Koseki (QB), Nishiken (Morrigan), Chapa (Anakaris) vs.
Osakana (Aulbath), Juri (Lei2)
Chapa, Hai-iro (Aulbath) vs.
Buzz (Gallon), Megane (Demitri), Hige (QB)
Hai-iro, KEN (Gallon), Kame (Victor) vs.
Norio (Bishamon), P (Felicia)
Fugo (Lei2), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Shu (Bishamon), DD (Sasquatch) vs.
Ego (Lei2), Shimatsuya (Jedah) vs.
P, Sasunii (Sasquatch), Shou (Aulbath)
Shimatsuya, kaji (Lilith), Kosho (Bulleta) vs.
Chikyuu (Anakaris), Hoe (Jedah)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mikado 3on3 Videos 032908

Woah! When fighting against girls, this move is the best!!
AFO (Blanka), Yokkun (Dic) & Cross (Fei) vs.
Hirokawa (Ryu), Waka (DJ) & Fujita (Dic)
Kurahashi (Ryu), Nakamura (Cammy) & YuuVega (Dic) vs.
Haru KING (Honda), Toukon (Chun) & Yuubou (Fei)
Gian (Sim), Taira (Dic) & Shiro (Ryu) vs.
Tatsutoshi (Ryu), N Oah (Box) & Bunkichi (O.Honda)
Pony (Gief), Mattsun (Ken) & KKY (Sim) vs.
Nakanishi (Ryu), Yuzuru (DJ) & Noguchi (Fei)
AFO (Blanka), Yokkun (Dic) & Cross (Fei) vs.
Kurahashi (Ryu), Nakamura (Cammy) & YuuVega (Dic)
Pony (Gief), Mattsun (Ken) & KKY (Sim) vs.
Gian (Sim), Taira (Dic) & Shiro (Ryu)
Pony (Gief), Mattsun (Ken) & KKY (Sim) vs.
Kurahashi (Ryu), Nakamura (Cammy) & YuuVega (Dic)
Gian (Sim), Taira (Dic) & Shiro (Ryu) vs.
AFO (Blanka), Yokkun (Dic) & Cross (Fei)

There's a random 2on2 tourney plus an everyone-vs-KKY event going on there today.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vampire Savior Round-up

Art by Falcoon.

Mikado Videos 032208

Great batch of vids. Lots of heavy hitters showed up for this event.
KEN (Gallon) vs. Norio (Bish)
Hai-iro (Aulbath) vs. Shou (Aulbath)
Sakamoto (QB) vs. Shimatsuya (Jedah)
P (Felicia) vs. Kame (Victor)
R (Gallon) vs. Ego (Lei2)
Fugo (Lei2) vs. DD (Sasquatch)
Juri (Lei2) vs. Sasu (Sasquatch)
Kaji (Lilith) vs. Buzz (Gallon)
Kosho (Bulleta) vs. Megane (Demitri)
Nasu (Sasquatch) vs. Shu (Bishamon)
Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Osakana (Aulbath)
Hai-iro (Aulbath) vs. KEN (Gallon)
T2ya (Zabel) vs. Nakanishi (Bish)
Sakamoto (QB) vs. Kame (Victor)
Fugo (Lei2) vs. Ego (Lei2)
Nishiken (Morrigan) vs. Sasu (Sasquatch)
Kaji (Lilith) vs. Kosho (Bulleta)
Yankee (Zabel) vs. Nasu (Sasquatch)
Chapa (Anakaris) vs. Hoe (Jedah)
Hai-iro (Aulbath) vs. T2ya (Zabel)
Sakamoto (QB) vs. Ego (Lei2)
Kosho (Bulleta) vs. Sasu (Sasquatch)
Nasu (Sasquatch) vs. Hoe (Jedah)
Sakamoto (QB) vs. T2ya (Zabel)
Kosho (Bulleta) vs. Nasu (Sasquatch)
3rd Place: Sakamoto (QB) vs. Nasquatch
Finals: Kosho (Bulleta) vs. T2ya (Zabel)

Nagoya Stories 5

The 5th Nagoya Stories tourney is scheduled for May 18th. Event will also serve as preliminary contest for this year's Darkstalkers Combination Cup (see below.)

Download videos from the previous event here.

Shou (Aulbath) vs. Masuo (Sasquatch) 10-game series:
one, two, three, four, five, six
seven, eight, nine, ten

Poke around that YouTube account for some casual matches and best bouts from Nagoya Stories 4.

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 3

The third DCC takes place September 14th. Vampire Hunter singles. Vampire Savior 2on2. Official site.

There are VS prelims -- for seeds at the main event -- in various locations:
5/18 Shiogama Space Shuttle (Chubu)

7/20 a-cho (Kansai)

August Monkey House (Kyushu)

August TBA (Kanto)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Super Turbo Trickery - Near Corner vs. Far Corner

So I needed to define a bit of terminology for a future post and I thought I'd discuss some related trickery while I was at it. Info from T.Akiba, Harahi, KG (also his Gief vid below) and Leynos.

UPDATE 10/2/09: Added a couple items courtesy of Riz0ne.

When you're on the 1p side of the machine, the near corner is on the left and the far corner is on the right. For 2p, the near corner is on the right and the far corner is on the left. This doesn't change as characters move around the screen: the far corner is always the one farthest away from your life bar.

Here's some trickery where the direction you're facing makes a difference.

Ken HCF Funky Kick (Vs: Ryu, Ken, Akuma)
Ken can use his ←↙↓↘→ + Kick move to cross up a Shoto opponent under the following conditions:
- Ken is right up against them. As close as possible.
- Opponent is crouching.
- Ken is facing the far corner.

Blanka Ball (Vs: Blanka)
When a mirror match opponent has been knocked down in the far corner, use a horizontal ball to cross them up.

You can cross up Honda after he's been knocked down in either corner.

Zangief Roundhouse Grab (Vs: Ryu, Ken, Akuma)
When you've got a Shoto backed into the near corner, it's possible to cross them up after a bite by simply walking past them.

This trick works on Claw and Honda independent of left-right issues. Chun and Cammy can be crossed up when they're close to (not in) either corner.

Dictator Psycho Crusher (Vs: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Guile, Dhalsim, Boxer, Claw, Dictator)
After knocking your opponent down in the far corner, cross them up with a fierce Psycho Crusher.

The rest of the cast (less Chun and Cammy, who are immune) can be crossed up on either side of the screen. Versus T.Hawk, timing is a little tricky.

Psycho Magic is a general term for Psycho Crusher corner trickery of which this is one type. Stay tuned for more in the future post mentioned above.

Dictator Jump (Vs: Honda)
It's possible to simply jump over E.Honda when you've got him backed into the far corner.

Also, Ryu and Ken can use an air Hurricane Kick to go past Honda into the far corner.

Shoto Hurricane Kick (Vs: Dictator)
After knocking Dictator down in the far corner you can use a Hurricane Kick to squeeze past him. Here are a couple examples:

Ryu, O.Ryu, Akuma: hit with a short Hurricane Kick then do another short HK to go past Dictator.

O.Ryu, Akuma, Ken, O.Ken: crouching roundhouse cancel into medium HK.

This trick works to a lesser extent against Claw in the far corner. Also vs. Fei-Long and Dhalsim (point blank medium Hurricane Kick with O.Ryu) on either side.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sengoku BASARA X Arcade Release!

SBX arcade comes out today. PlayStation 2 version June 26th.

For detailed Sengoku Basara X information, visit:

Earlier posts on snf2x...

(Note that this series is just a historical curiosity now.)

Sengoku BASARA X Beta Info
Masamune, Yukimura, Keiji, Kenshin
Tadakatsu, Hideyoshi
System Basics, Mouri, Oichi
Motochika, Nobunaga