Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Three Charts was the Morning

Some miscellaneous data for ST. Special thanks to Raisin.

Winningest Super Turbo Characters

Below you can see the characters that people used to take the top three spots in ST tournaments for the past twelve months. This includes results from all over the world. Details available here.

For team events and cases where individuals used more than one character, each one got a corresponding fraction of a win. I lumped various old versions together with regular new ST characters. Since SBO '07 there's been very little HSF action. Still, the Sagat data comprises mostly his O.ST and CE versions.

ssf2t winningest

SNF2X Zeitgeist

This chart ranks ST players by the number of search queries that lead people to this blog. I lumped together various nicknames plus Japanese searches. Only player report folks (Nuki: 16) that got more than 10 hits were included. All of this is just for fun — there's too little data and too many mitigating factors for this to mean anything.


Blanka Diagram Project Preview

For this chart, I took all the tournament data that I could find on the net and counted up wins and losses for Blanka. This starts with a Kansai area tourney that took place before X-Mania 1 and goes through an Ikebukuro Vegas event from a couple weeks ago. Japan only. HSF matches were included only when an ST Blanka fought an ST, O.ST or Super (lumped with Old) opponent. I've got games from team matches and some non-standard formats on there but no gachi battles. Chucked O.Cammy, O.Sagat and Akuma matches since combined there were only a handful of those. This is still a work in progress; I'll break things down in more detail some other time.

blanka w-l

Shin D'oh Ryuken
Super Nohoho Fighter II X is going on hiatus. I plan on checking in before the end of the year with X-Mania news and some Street Fighter IV material. In the meantime, to paraphrase Master Foosuke, let's increase the number of bites, everybody!