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BF Vids 042907

G.X (Hokuto no Ken Raoh master) has posted some Battle Fantasia match videos on his blog:

OGU (Watson) vs. Hev (Coyori)
G.X (Ashley) vs. Hev
G.X vs. Setsuna (Cedric)

Original files on filebank here.
password: fantasia
Filebank quick-start graphic. Time for a new graphic...

I'm planning on posting some BF scoop from Japanese BBSs soon. The players' first impressions have been mostly positive. Hat tip: tianyuan2k4.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Battle Fantasia - Introductory Strategy Part 2


Coyori's specialty is getting in close with her air dash and then using sequential special moves for combos or mix-ups. Ocha Dashi -> Ichiban Cha -> Niban Cha combos off of crouching B and it's relatively safe when blocked. Pin your opponent down and then break their defenses with a Bon Gaeshi/Fukabori Cha high/low mix-up.

Uraban Cha: after Ocha Dashi or Ichiban Cha, B
Sneak around your opponent and kick them from behind. Hold the button down and Coyori will move without attacking.

Neko Arashi: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Shinryuken! Multi-hit anti-air super move. Mash for extra hits.

Heat Up!
During Heat Up, Coyori gains access to new combo routes -- that is, she can use more chain combos. Some of her moves can be jump cancelled, her air dash gets faster and she can double jump, too. Master her Heat Up-specific combinations to inflict huge damage!


Although he's a gunslinger, Face specializes in fighting up close. Cancel a crouching B into a weak Frontier Shot. When this hits, super cancel into a straight Kouya no Bazoooka; otherwise look for a mix-up with the Middle and Grand Western attacks.

Wild Comeback: ↓↙← + A or C
Face moves away from his opponent and then charges in. Hold the button down to cancel the attack.

Texas Knee: →↓↘ + B
2nd Texas Knee: →↓↘ + D
While lacking invincibility, these climbing attacks come out very quickly. It's possible to juggle with Texas -> 2nd Texas or Texas -> diagonal Bazooka.

Heat Up!
This is Face's chance to become a true gunman! During Heat Up, he can fire six quick shot attacks that quickly travel the entire length of the screen. Catch your opponent flinching at a distance -- or use a low/overhead quick shot mix-up -- and then continue to juggle with further quick shots. If you have a second super ready, you can finish the combo with a Kouya no Bazooka blast.


The quintessential "big guy," Donvalve's goal is to get close to his opponent and catch them with a command throw. He can't quick step forward, so you'll want to jump in (or high jump) with C or an air Gachi Match to get close. The Catapult Hammer and Catapult Throw moves make Donvalve charge towards his opponent while ignoring their attacks (he'll still take damage.) Far standing C has excellent reach and enough priority to discourage your opponent from jumping.

Don Swing: joystick 360 + A or C
Command throw. The weak version has good range while the heavy version does more damage.

Flying Don Cake: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Donvalve grabs his opponent out of the air. Use this to catch your them if you think they'll jump away to avoid being thrown or use it after an anti-air Gachi Match.

Heat Up!
Donvalve's walking speed increases and he gains super armor. In addition, he can throw his opponent with a simple towards + C input. Take advantage of Donvalve's large number of Hit Points to plow through your enemy's attacks and grab them.


With various charging attacks and long ranged normals that do big damage, Freed is a heavy hitter. His quick step and jump are both very speedy, so he can easily avoid fireballs and pokes to close in on his opponents. Crouching C has excellent range and can be cancelled into the Phantom Dive and Phantom Glide attacks for a high-low mix up at medium range.

Magnum Jetter: ← hold, → + A or C
This charging attack misses most crouching characters, but it recovers very quickly, so it's possible for Freed to do weak Jetter (whiff) -> throw.

Heat My Justice: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Freed attacks his opponent with an uppercut. When that hits, he follows up with a giant blast.

Heat Up!
After activating Heat Up mode, Freed gains an afterimage that attacks in conjunction with his charging special moves. For weak attacks, the afterimage will combo after Freed hits. With strong attacks, the second hit arrives a bit later and can be employed to pin Freed's opponent down. In the case of his Phantom Dive and Phantom Glide attacks, note that the afterimage attack doesn't count as an overhead/low attack.


A cute bunny with stellar constellation themed attacks, Watson's special moves are very weak to begin with. He can "Level Up" these moves by connecting with various C attacks. At level 3, Watson's special moves become strong enough that he can pin his opponent down by using them repeatedly. Since he has very little stamina, it's important for the Watson player to be patient and precise with his attacks.

Platinum Ball: ↓↘→ + A or C
Watson throws a glyph that lingers in front of him for a moment before it flies at his opponent.

Travasa Minor: ↓↘→ + B or D
A constellation on the ground traps Watson's opponent. At level three he can easily connect with a follow-up attack in any situation.

Heat Up!
After you perform the incantation three times, a meteor shower will rain down on the battlefield. Use (powered-up) Platinum Ball attacks to provide cover while you finish the spell.


DeathBringer uses his giant sword to deliver crushing blows from a distance. His far C, in particular, has incredible range. Use it to poke or to discourage your opponent from jumping. Crouching C and vertical jump D are also excellent long-range attacks. Take advantage of a big gap by using the Fundo no Sakebi move to power up DeathBringer's special moves. At somewhat closer range, mix-up the towards + D overhead with a low crouching B -> Yaketsuku Tsumeato combo to break your opponent's defense.

Yaketsuku Tsumeato: →↓↘ + A or C
Although this looks like a big anti-air attack, it doesn't have any invincibility: save it for combinations. Hits three times when powered up.

Noroi no Gunba: →↘↓↙← + A or C
DeathBringer does a nasty charging attack. When powered up, he does an additional climbing strike at the end.

Heat Up!
If you can connect with three slash attacks during one Heat Up, DeathBringer will attack his opponent with a giant flaming sword. More research needs to be done on multi-slash combos, but landing an upper Gachi Drive is a good place to start.

Las Vegas Cup 6 HSF Vids 021807

Some movies from the sixth Las Vegas Cup are up. I typed up the players below -- matches in italics are not yet available as of this post.
MOVIE -> 第6回大会 (sixth item in the list=bottom link)

The webmaster updated the placeholder for the 3rd Vegas Cup vids, too. Lots of Nakamura and Shacho Cammy movies coming soon, perhaps.

Shacho (Cammy) Set:
vs. Dantanki (HF Zangief)
vs. UirouMan (Ryu)
vs. Oonishi (C Guile)
vs. Soiya (Honda)

Muteki (CE Guile!) Set:
vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu)
vs. Kannami (Ryu)
vs. Serotepu (Zangief)
vs. Bunkichi (O.Honda)

Kashiwagi (C Guile) Batch:
vs. Takoyaki Man (Blanka)
vs. tomo (Ryu)
vs. A (CE Ryu)

Muteki vs. Oonishi - Chamu (Chun-Li) vs. Ikebukuro Uchujin (CE Ryu)
Oonishi (C Guile) vs. Kashiwagi (CE Guile)
Uchujin vs. Shacho (Cammy) - Oonishi vs. Uchujin - Kashiwagi vs. Shacho

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vampire Savior - Mikado Showdown Vids 033107 bump

Movies from Mikado's monthly VS gathering are up. The first batch features DD Sasquatch. I'll update this post as they upload more -- next is a Lei-Lei mirror match. - Megane (Demitri) vs. DD - Ego (Lei-Lei) vs. DD - Yankee (Zabel) vs. DD - Kosho (Bulleta) vs. DD - Buzz (Gallon) vs. DD - SakaQ (QB) vs. DD - DD vs. Nasu

Ego (Lei-Lei) vs. Sasacchi (Lei-Lei) -- an example of the most common match-up at Mikado?! (Lei-Lei being a popular character.)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Popy Saitama AKIRA Cup Vid 040707

I believe this is the first video of "2D God" Tokido using ST Claw.

Shougatsu (O.Honda), Kurahashi (Ryu), Mattsun (Ken)
Tokido (Claw), YuuVega (DJ), Gian (Dhalsim)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Battle Fantasia - Introductory Strategy Part 1

Here are some points from Arcadia's basic rundown of the Battle Fantasia cast. Listed below is only a sampling of special moves -- please take a look at the file that I recently posted on GameFaqs for a more complete list.


With a standard complement of fireball, anti-air and charging attacks, Urs is easy to pick up and play. His normal attacks have good range and are likewise easy to grasp. Far standing C, in particular, is good for poking and catching your opponent as they try to jump. It can be cancelled, too.

Barify Shot: ↓↘→ + A or C
Projectile attack. The A version doesn't have much range, but Urs has the initiative when his opponent blocks it.

Barify Blade: →↓↘ + A or C
Shoryuken! How difficult will it be to use Gachi Match against this multi-hit anti-air move?

Ba-ku-o-n Roadmaster: ↓↘→↓↘→ + A or C
Urs quickly rushes towards his opponent a fair distance. Good for combos and counter attacks.

Heat Up!
Certain special moves get powered up. Some become able to knock Urs's opponent off their feet, others do extra hits, etc. Zero Yon Glide becomes a big combo tool. Use it after an upper Gachi Drive and then continue to juggle with the powered-up Barify Blade.


Marco also has some standard Shotokan-style fireball and dragon punch special moves. His floaty jump means that air combat isn't his speciality but he has a quick dash and a good up-close game. Hit confirm rapid fire crouching B into a Jigoku Slash. Poke with towards + C at medium range.

Dokuhebi Crush: ↓↙← + B or D
Leaping overhead attack. Hold the button down and Marco will hop forward without attacking.

Final Strike: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Marco holds his sword up and blasts his opponent. Good invincibility for anti-air and interrupting your opponent's attacks.

Heat Up!
Marco summons the dragon Charshu. Make your opponent block the multi-hit Charshu Fire attack and look for a high-low mix-up.


Using a flag as a weapon, Olivia's various C attacks have excellent range. Her jump attacks are particularly dangerous. Mix these up with the Empress Lily special move to throw off your opponent's anti-air Gachi Match timing. D attacks leave flowers behind.

Dainty Libby: ↓↘→ + A or C
This charging attack has some recovery time so it's useful mostly for combos. Cancel her crouching C into a Dainty Libby for a good mid-range combo.

Shall we dance? →↘↓↙← + A or C
This command throw inflicts only one hit point of damage, but it's possible to land a follow-up attack.

Heat Up!
Olivia summons four doves that peck in conjunction with her attacks. These extra hits go with all of her moves, from normals to supers. Break your opponent's defense with the towards + B overhead and then proceed to combo into Dainty Libby -> Centifolia for big damage.


Closing in on his opponent with quick jumps and rushing special moves and then using an attack/command throw mix-up is Ashley's game. Jumping D has excellent priority down and to the front and jumping B stays out for a long time. Do down + C in the air and Ashley will float for a moment; use this to disrupt Gachi Match attempts.

Glance Wing: ↓↘→ + A or C
Ashley flies straight ahead. This move has a sizable recovery so save it for hit confirming and counter attacks.

Judas Wing: →↓↘ + B or D
Ashley leaps up and attacks his opponent at a downward angle. As long as you aim for your opponent's legs you should be pretty safe when it's blocked.

Steal You: →↘↓↙← + A or C
Command throw with decent range.

Heat Up!
Activate Heat Up! and Ashley gains access to the Romance Wing special moves. These look similar to his Glance Wing but differ in that he can cancel one charging attack into a different one. It's possible to combo your opponent all over the screen. One way to set this up is to connect with an upper Gachi Drive, start Heat Up! and then immediately juggle with a Romance Wing.


A classic charge character, Cedric can use his fireball to keep his opponent at a distance, or he can throw one and then approach behind it. It's possible to get closer to your opponent while maintaining a charge by using back + B. In a similar fashion as Third Strike's Remy, Cedric can launch with crouching C and then juggle with a Holy Devotion (Flash Kick) attack.

Evangelical: ← hold, → + A or C
Sonic Boom! Projectile attack with very short recovery.

St. Drop Kick: hold D, then release
Kick gets stronger the longer you hold the button down.

Hammer of the Gods: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
After starting this move, if Cedric's opponent attacks he'll trap them in a giant bell and hit it repeatedly.

Heat Up!
Cedric powers up his special moves. Most importantly, his Evangelical attack throws two projectiles that travel at different speeds. Chase in behind them and use a towards + D overhead or some other mix-up variation.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mikado Ranbat 031707 Vids

Movies from Mikado's third ranbat are up. Nakanishi (Ryu) & Yoshio (Guile) vs. Oobune (DJ) & TZW-ART? (Guile) Gian (Dhalsim) & Komoda vs. Macky7 (Boxer) & Gunze (Zangief) Kurahashi (Ryu) & Mattsun (Ken) vs. Naka (Cammy) & tomo (Ryu) Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) & Yokkun (Dictator) vs. Shacho (Cammy) & Noguchi (Fei-Long) Nakanishi & Yoshio vs. Macky7 & Gunze Shacho & Noguchi vs. Naka & tomo Shacho & Noguchi vs. Macky7 & Gunze

Friday, April 13, 2007

The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - Video

Yoga Zut Alor! I scooped up the Yoga 48 video. Watch it below or download the original here.


There are some differences between these Yoga 48 and the ones outlined in the print version. I can't make out all of the names because of the poor video quality, but here are some of the variations/new techniques in the video:

5. Yoga Bonjour (Monsieur)
12. Yoga Driferno
16. Danna Sliding Throw (D.S.T.)
Foosuke won the final match of the 1994 Gamest Cup with this. Check back later for more information!
17. Yoga Backfist
23. Yorigan Combination
31. Hamah Barrier
An official killing art? See previous post.
34. Yondor Dive
39. Yoga Ouendan
Cheering squad. See #21.
40. Yoga Miracle Voice
See #48.
41. Yoga Vanishing
In SF2 Classic, do a Yoga Flame motion ending with forward kick~fierce punch.
42. Yoga Reset
Same as above except use roundhouse~fierce.
45. Yoga Explosion
Guile's head explodes!?
48. Final Flame Strike

Thursday, April 12, 2007

SSF2T Video: The YSB Bonus Reel

I downloaded this file a couple years ago. Back then I thought that YSB referred to the Third Strike Hugo player and I recognized very few (maybe only Muteki) of the players' names. Now we know that Y.S.B. means Yoga Strike Backers, and quite a few of these people appeared in part 5 of the player report and/or the Yoga 48. This seems to be a rare glimpse at late-90s ST action.

Here's the card -- single rounds only:
Shougatsu (Honda) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Koucho (Zangief) vs. Hirata (Guile)
TEX (Guile) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Nosuke (Guile) vs. Tachigawa (Ryu)
Nagata (Honda) vs. Koucho (Zangief)
Mori (Boxer) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Seidou (Guile) vs. Tani? (Dhalsim)
Tachigawa (Ryu) vs. Kazue (Ken)
Koucho (Zangief) vs. Muteki (Guile)
Nagashou (Honda) vs. FOO (DJ)
Hamah (Dhalsim) vs. Koucho (Zangief)*
Seidou (Guile) vs. Muteki (Guile)
Hirata (Guile) vs. Tamura (Zangief)
Nagata (Honda) vs. Tamura (Zangief)
Jenety (Chun) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Hirata (Guile) vs. Koucho (Zangief)
Mori (Boxer) vs. Tachigawa (Ryu)

* - Hamah uses a secret technique called "Hamah Barrier" in this round.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Battle Fantasia - Story & Basic Systems

Battle Fantasia is a new one-on-one fighting game with a fantasy theme developed by Arc System Works. Running on Taito's Type X2 hardware, the game features slick, high-resolution 3D graphics. Gameplay is strictly 2D, however, and it's much more conservative than Arc System Works's flagship series, Guilty Gear: there are few aerial abilities (no air blocking,) chain combos are somewhat limited, etc. For key systems, the Gachi system is not entirely unlike Street Fighter III's Parries and Battle Fantasia's Heat Up powers are reminiscent of Vampire Savior's Dark Force abilities. More basic gameplay info below.

The information here (as well as some graphics) comes from the official site,, as well as Arcadia Magazine.

The world was once enveloped in darkness.
Humans faced the challenge in six battles but they were devastated.
Hope was lost... there was nothing left but to pray to god.
And yet, clearing away the darkness, four heroes
brought back the light, and the world was once again at peace.
The continent was split into "The Kingdom of Magic" and "The Steam Empire,"
and they enjoyed unprecedented prosperity.

Present day...
There are signs in many areas that the world is again becoming distorted.
People have started spreading rumors about "The Dark Omen"...
Fate, however, once more brings forth warriors.
One cleaves to justice.
One relies on instinct.
One seeks to reaffirm his faith.
For their own reasons, they enter the fray.
Right now, a new tale of heroes begins.

System Basics
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Throw Escape
If you input a throw command immediately as your opponent starts to throw you, you'll break the throw and get pushed back a certain distance (this distance varies from character to character.) After this, you and your opponent will be at even initiative.

Ground Recovery
When your opponent knocks you down, press the Gachi button as you hit the ground and you'll go into an invincible recovery animation and slide away. Note that you can't do this when you get knocked face-down.

Gachi Match
When you press the Gachi button, you'll briefly assume a defensive pose. If your opponent attacks you here you'll block the attack with a Gachi Match and you can counter attack right away. You can use this while standing, crouching or airborne. If you properly time the button presses, you can use Gachi Match against multi-hit combination attacks. Also, this negates block damage from special moves -- use Gachi Match defense if you haven't got any health to avoid being killed by a blocked special move.

Gachi Drive
Move the joystick towards your opponent and press the Gachi button to attempt a Gachi Drive. You'll assume a defensive posture similar to the Gachi Match but this time if you meet an opponent's attack you'll automatically blast them afterwards. You can't use a Gachi Drive move on multi-hit attacks.

When you connect with a Gachi Drive against a high or mid-level attack you'll blast your opponent against the wall. They'll be unable to recover and you can connect with a follow-up juggle.

Use a Gachi Drive against a low attack (down-towards + Gachi button) and you'll send your opponent spinning a moment before they fall down. You can close in and hit them out of the spinning animation. After a successful Low Gachi Drive attack you gain access to new combo routes. That is, when you attack a spinning opponent you can cancel attacks that you couldn't normally to inflict big damage.

At long range, it's possible to use a Gachi Drive to charge through projectiles and quickly close in on your opponent.

Certain attacks can be delayed by holding down the attack button. You can use this to throw off your opponent's Gachi Match timing. Also, your attack will do more damage the longer you delay it. Finally, some attacks become unblockable if delayed for the maximum amount of time.

Heat Up
When you have at least one MP Gauge ready, press A+C or B+D to activate Heat Up mode. This is a powered-up state that varies from one character to the next. Powers include: new special moves, assist characters, super armor, etc. This mode ends after a certain amount of time passes or after you receive a certain number of hits.

Building Up MPs
In order to use super moves and Heat Up abilities, you must first charge up your MP Gauge (aka the super meter.) You can hold up to three stocks. Here are the criteria for gaining MPs:
- Hit your opponent or make them block an attack to gain meter; whiffed attacks do not count.
- Successfully use the Gachi system to gain a substantial amount of MPs.
- Use various special moves to gain meter; fireball type attacks don't count.

Super Cancels
If you perform the command for a super right as you start to connect with a special move, you can cancel the special move into the super. There's no cost to this above and beyond the normal super requirements. Damage from the super move will be reduced somewhat but we're still talking about a lot of damage so this is an important technique.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nagase Cup 3 HSF Vids 032507 update

Dara and Nekohashi have kindly upped some movies from a couple recent events at Nagase UFO. Aniken using Old Ken is a rarity.

UPDATE: Sanjuro posted these on YouTube here. Thank you!
password: nagasecup3rd

Filebank quick-start graphic

Nagase Cup 3 (Singles)
20070325_NagaseCup3rd_09.wmv - Nekohashi (CE Dictator) vs. Kashiwa[gi] (C Guile)
20070325_NagaseCup3rd_12.wmv - Otochun vs. Kashiwa
20070325_NagaseCup3rd_16.wmv - Kusumondo (Honda) vs. Love-love Atsushi (O. Ken)
20070325_NagaseCup3rd_Final_10.wmv - Six (CE Dictator) vs. DanjiriDhalsim

Kohaku Battle (19 on 19)
20070325_KohakuBattle_05.wmv - Suzuki (CE Guile) vs. Tsumura (ST Feilong)
20070325_KohakuBattle_07.wmv - Tsuji (Boxer) vs. Aniken (O. Ken)
20070325_KohakuBattle_08.wmv - Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) vs. Aniken
20070325_KohakuBattle_09.wmv - Nekohashi (Ryu) vs. Aniken
20070325_KohakuBattle_10.wmv - Mori (Boxer) vs. Aniken
20070325_KohakuBattle_17.wmv - Gian (Dhalsim) vs. Aniken
20070325_KohakuBattle_23.wmv - Batayan (Guile) vs. Otochun
20070325_KohakuBattle_24.wmv - Kashiwa (C Guile) vs. Otochun

Monday, April 2, 2007

The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - 41-48

41. Yoga One of the Most Dangerous Throw in Japan
(Yoga one of the most dangerous throw in Japan)*

Hama came up with this technique on his own, so I don't know anything about it (kidding). I first heard about it at a staff meeting for this manuscript.
When fighting against Zangief, this technique is where you use a walk-in throw at the beginning of the round.
As soon as we disseminated this at the meeting in Jimbou, we went to Bickys (an arcade advertised in Gamest) to test it out, but Fukui (Zangief-using Bickys regular) reversed it nearly twenty times.
Just when Idagoro and Hamah were thinking, "maybe this technique is useless," Pony (Zangief player featured in Gamest) showed up and fell for it.
It's useful after all!
There was a plan to change "in Japan" to "All Over the World," but that was ridiculous so it was scrapped.

P.S. Sorry Pony

[* - English in original]

42. Yoga Foolishness

Frankly, this is a dumb technique.
Basically it's a simple throw from behind (jump and land behind opponent -> throw), except while you're in the air you do a jump roundhouse. It looks foolish so it's named as such.
Still, Idagoro likes to use it with a jump jab.

43. The Finger of Death

When you anticipate that Guile is going to do a Flash Kick, point at the screen at the same time that he uses it.
It's not like Guile sees your finger and then does the Flash Kick, so the only outcome is you pointing at the screen. It's still fun when you pull it off.
You've got to take your hand away from the buttons, however, so if Guile goes for a throw instead of the Flash Kick you won't be able to deal with it. Having discovered this weakness, we mostly stopped using this.

44. Yoga Ukku

When you mess up the timing of a jump and you're saying, "at this rate I'm going to get hit by my opponent's fireball!" do a jump fierce or jump strong attack and say "ukku" while toughing it out. This is very effective against Sagat.

45. Yoga Ultimate Double

This combination works reliably against an opponent with a small throw range. Amongst Dhalsim's techniques this one is quite painful.
The technique entails getting close to your opponent and using a close standing strong -> fierce throw.
......Don't say it's cheap; this technique is very useful.
There is a similar thing called the Yoga Super Ultimate Double (drill kick -> fierce throw), but since the damage is less stable and it's difficult to do, it's not recommended.

46. Yoga Ultimate Triple

I can't say that this technique always does huge damage, but it does occasionally inflict as much as an average Spinning Pile Driver.
At close range do close crouching jab x2 -> fierce throw.
......It's rumored that this is an [inescapable] tick.
There are techniques that do more damage, but in terms of ease-of-use, the Ultimate Triple is better.

47. Yoga Ultimate Quadruple

When your opponent jumps at you, hit them as they land with a cross-up short slide -> crouching jab x2 -> Nospey.
If the short slide doesn't cross up, reduce it to crouching jab x1.
Either way, note that this works reliably against Ryu and Ken.

As you've probably surmised, the pinnacle of these Yoga Ultimate xN techniques is the Melancholic Five. [#20]

48. Yoga Miracle Voice

It's often said that Dhalsim hasn't got any wake-up attacks. In SF2 Classic the close standing jab worked for most wake-ups, so that was OK, but in CE that wasn't enough and he became a character completely without a wake-up move.
Because of this, many Dhalsim players were mocked by Ryu, Ken, Guile and even Chun-Li (no way the Spinning Bird Kick is a wake-up attack!) to the point that countless evenings went by where pillows were soaked with tears.
But wait, even Dhalsim has a wake-up attack. Rejoice, everybody.
You can truly say that The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga are capped with an appropriate technique.
The method is simple:
As you are standing up into a well-timed attack, input the command for a Yoga Fire. Do this and all you'll hear is:
When you haven't got any health, and death is certain you might as well use this, right?
......Hoo, you must not die feeling like everything is going black before your eyes, everybody.
It's better to have this technique than nothing at all, right?
Am I wrong? Tell me that you agree, I beg of you!
If not, I'll just swallow my pride and admit that this is meaningless.
Anyway, please use this here and there to surprise your opponents.