Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vampire Savior Tourney News

Art by Moljib.

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 5

The biggest Vampire event of the year, the DCC, has been scheduled for October 10th. There will be singles contests for both Vampire Hunter and Vampire Savior. Usually they have a VS 5on5 the night before, too.

Leading up to the main event will be four preliminary contests for the Chubu, Tohoku, Kansai and Kanto areas (no Kyushu this year.) Winners get a seed that lets them skip the first round.

Nagoya Monogatari 7

This year's Nagoya Stories tournament is happening this Sunday at Urban Square Osu. After the finals the winning team will fight amongst themselves to determine the DCC seed winner. There will be a singles event the night before at Shiogama Space Shuttle.

Warm-Up Tourney
July 17th at 9:30pm (Japan)

Nagoya Monogatari
Three on Three
July 18th at 5pm

Both of these events are going to be broadcast live:ゲームライブ配信

UPDATE 7/18: You can watch the stream archive here: winners' bracket, losers' bracket and grand finals. There are some issues with that first link — sound cuts out, Gama no Abura not really familiar with VS, missing bottom-half semis — but things pick up in the losers' bracket. Haitani, Dara and Oboro teaming up set up lots of great Kansai vs. Kanto cards.

2010 Winningest Players Through June

DD has been keeping track of who got the most first place finishes.

Total Wins
7 - Kosho (Bulleta)
3 - Kuma (Sasquatch), DD (Sasquatch), Shimatsuya (Jedah)
2 - bow (Aulbath), Kaji (Lilith), Dara (Demitri)
1 - Atsua (Lei-Lei), Umi no Ko (Aulbath), Osakana (Aulbath), Oboro (Victor), Nan (Bulleta), Ouchi (Jedah), Komemaru (Zabel), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Orekon (Felicia)

Singles Victories
5 - Kosho (Bulleta)
3 - Kuma (Sasquatch)
1 - Atsuta (Lei-Lei), DD (Sasquatch), Nakanishi (Bishamon), Orekon (Felicia)

You can check out some of the Kanto events on the stream archive on Sakamoto's account. Also: concept matches, talk shows and commentary on other games.


  1. Oh, cool you're back with Vampire infos.
    Vampire scene seems to be very active right now, yeah, it's a minor scene, but still alive and gorgeous.
    There are monthly and weekly events and a lot of videos on various channel on youtube.

    The names with most victories are well known names, but there are a few rookies that are awesome too: i'm referring to Kuma, Nan (i think he's now the third Bulleta of Japan^^) and Komemaru too.

    I'm really glad you posted this news Nohoho, please keep doing it.


  2. The DCC announcement was kind of late this year I was starting to think they might not do it. There's going to be a really nice pamphlet for that tourney this year, btw, that you're going to want to get your hands on, Jinbe.

    Looks like a mini-mook:

    Very cool.

  3. I want to go on the real stage and loud:
    while he playing^^

    Btw a 1on1 event seems interesting, really. I prefer 3on3, but single is even awesome. Obviously i hope Chikyuu will win the whole thing, but it's still impossible.

    The booklet is damn interesting, i want DVD too. Maybe in my future travelo to japan^^

    The Nagoya stories bracket:
    this event seems damn interesting, Nohoho. I can see a few Anakaris too into, really good. And uoah at the Ibaraki VIP team, really good. Glad SIN is back.
    Please if you some info about the whole bracket or if the videos come on Youtube, post here^^

  4. Nagoya Mongatari was awesome: incredible matches (like Haitani-Kaji, Dara-Kosho x2, Oboro-DD), crowd really into it, Nakanishi getting emotional at the end (!?)

    I'll update the post with the stream archives.

  5. I watched the archive of the recent Tourney and I must say; this was one of the better Savior tournaments recently.

    many good matches like,
    ego vs shu
    haitani vs kaji
    haitani vs dd
    anything Oboro.

    Savior scene on fire in Japan.