Monday, July 12, 2010


h/t 592

Versus SBO Qualifier 071110

K a.k.a. Dragon Boy (O.Hawk), Toutanki (T.Hawk) and Yoshimura (Dhalsim) won a blue ticket.

Yet-to-qualify teams include:

ARG (Claw), Prince (Chun), The SuperStar (Boxer)

Taira (Dictator), yaya (Sagat), Komoda Blanka

Mr. S (O.Hawk)*, Nekohashi (Ryu), ?

Toukon (Chun), Muneo (O.Sagat), Numa (Boxer)

Mattsun (Ken), Pony (Zangef), AFO (Blanka)

Shin (O.Hawk), Hiroyan (T.Hawk), Keishin (Chun)

*Dara said that Nekohashi would try to drag this guy to the a-cho contest. Seems unlikely, but it would definitely create some extra hype for ST to have the top online SF4 player in the mix.

Super Turbo Videos

Ko-hatsu qualifier vids over here and Five-oh random 2on vids here. I guess I didn't notice at the time that the teams were re-randomized each round.


  1. Taira (Dictator), yaya (Sagat), Komoda Blanka <--- holyshit team

  2. Shit, man: thank you so much! I'm gonna watch all that shit asa I have the time. Now, I'm starting with the In"L"o stuff with Tsuji and Danjiri.

    Those are some real bad ass teams. Some noteworthy shit is how Kusumondo and Gunze's team has gotten past a few of them with low tier chars in a previous qualify. Second team there already had 2 tops and a Dee Jay, supposedly a character that could have OCV'ed them. Peace!