Saturday, July 3, 2010

G-Com Wajiro SBO Q Videos 062710

There are some fluctuations in the sound levels.

Misc. Match

Finals Block 1

Finals Block 2

Finals Block 3

Dhalsim, DJ, O.Zangief team

Kuni* (Dictator), Yurika (O.Zangief), Giondaiko (DJ)

Yuzuru (DJ), Toukon (Chun), Muneo (O.Sagat)

Kusumond (Honda), Gunze (Zangief), Yabu (Cammy)

* Kuni (Zangief), Kuni (DJ), Kuni (Dictator) <- three different guys


By the way, Yaya, Komoda and Taira were all at the Yokohama Vision tourney today. stream archive


  1. Messe102 just put a few matches up as well.

  2. Messe102
    Peco has snagged a slew of 3rd place finishes this year.

  3. Aside from Peco who else dedicates himself to O.Ken? I find it odd that the better Ken seems to be represented less than the poorer Ken.

    Or does everyone just agree that N.Ken is a ton more fun?

  4. There are some O.Kens out there. Goh Ken, Mi, Roba. Haitani used O.Ken a little. Peco's just been the only active one lately.