Monday, July 26, 2010

SBO Team List and Other ST News

Here are the teams that have qualified so far. Only two spots remain. Thank you to Vernon for some info.

Good luck Biran, Rambo and Damdai!

5/03ドラゴン勢Hakase (DH), Noguchi (CL), Tamashima (BX)videos
5/09生涯現役Gian (DH), Kurahashi (RY), YuuVega (DI)
5/16超無敵不死身Nuki (CH), Muteki (GU), Shiki (BX)
5/23プランクトンKKY (DH), Kita (CH), Kikai (GU)report, video
5/30長瀬UFOAniken (KE), Otochun (CH), ShootingD (RY)
6/06イタリアAbebin (EH), Sasori (RY), Oonishi (DI)video a, video b
6/13ベストパートナーズFutachan (RY), Ito (DJ), MAO (CL)result, videos
6/20真ソルジャーチームTsuji (BX), Inro (OCH), Danjiri (DH)bracket, videos
6/27ヨコ・ヅナー_クロニクルズKusumondo (EH), Yabu (CA), Gunze (ZA)videos
7/04コーハツ四天王Suzuki (GU), Seki (DJ), Kachu (CL)
7/11月の石Toutanki (TH), K (OTH), Yoshimura (DH)bracket, videos
7/18けものみちMuneo (OS), Numa (BX), AFO (BL)result
7/24Team USAGanelon (CL), John Rambo (DH), Damdai (RY)videos
7/25X三世代ARG (CL), The SuperStar (BX), Yuzuru (DJ)


- The videos from June 13th are new.

- I left the team names in Japanese; might be useful if there's a live broadcast. Top-to-bottom: Dragon Squad, Lifelong Service, "Chomutekifujimi" - Super Invincible Immortals, Plankton, Nagase UFO, Italia, Best Partners, Shin Soldier Team, Yokozuna Chronicles, Ko-hatsu Bosses, Moon Stone, Way of the Beast, Third Generation [SSF2]X

- A few tough teams that have yet to qualify:

Taira (Dictator), Komoda Blanka, yaya (Sagat)

Tencho (Ryu), HAS (Fei-Long), Roku (E.Honda)

Shin (O.Hawk), Hiroyan (T.Hawk), Keishin (Chun-Li)

Here's a quick east-to-west look at some other Super Turbo tourney news:


For last week's Versus team battle each player got two different characters. Starts off clunky, but there are some good matches in the second half.

Video from the July 24th Ooyama Newton 2on2 is available here and here. Kawamata Ryu, Keishin Chun, K O.Hawk, Sashishi Ryu.

No video from the most recent danisen day at Versus, but the rankings were updated. Kikai Guile 10th dan, Akabla Blanka 9th dan, Hiroyan Hawk 8th dan.


It looks like there won't be a Star Cup tourney this year. They may try to do it next March instead. K Maru wrote that there may be a smaller Chubu event on the usual date (2nd weekend in October.)

Danisen events are starting up at Kasugai Five-oh this Sunday. Aka Zangief kindly uploaded this poster made by Akashachi Kancho. Live broadcast August 1st at 3pm (Japan) here.


Ko-hatsu is going to start running ST ranking battles on August 22nd. Alternating regular singles and solo 3on. Also they may get in on the danisen action. Presumably all of the rankings will go up on the main site. It'll be nice to see Super Turbo events go nationwide like Third Strike.

Also at Ko-hatsu: MAO (Claw) and Mori (Boxer) won a 2on2 this past Saturday. They took out AniOto in the semifinals.


  1. Wow it's tough to have to omit one of these teams from SBO.

    Taira (Dictator), Komoda Blanka, yaya (Sagat)

    Obviously this name has some big guns including the most exciting SSFIIX player Taira. N.Sagat is also nice to see alongside O.Sagat in a tournament.

    Tencho (Ryu), HAS (Fei-Long), Roku (E.Honda)

    If Fei makes it that means all 16 characters are represented with at least one version between old and new. Showing that all characters are tournament viable.

    Shin (O.Hawk), Hiroyan (T.Hawk), Keishin (Chun-Li)

    And this team has another Hawk duo and anytime a Hawk player sets up the throw loop the crowd usually roars.

    Tough call...

  2. The 2nd team there has been the most eager to travel so far. They'll have to get through strong local guys like Gotoh and Prince (if he decides to roll with a new team.)

    It'd be nice to see Mattsun, Pony and whomever (Shogatsu) in there.

    The Kasugai 50 qualifier is scheduled the same afternoon as the danisen but I haven't seen any mention of streaming. We'll see.

  3. I hope Shin, Hiroyan and Keishin make it to SBO. My Hiroyan and Keishin are my favourite Hawk and Chun players atm.

    Team USA looks good! I would have liked Damdai to go with Gief though.

  4. Nice update! Lot's of sick teams this year, hard to tell who's going to take it (I would say Nukis team if my life depended on it though).

    And yeah, as you mentioned, Shogatsu, Matsuken and Pony would've been an awesome team to. Although I'm still going to cheer for K, Toutanki and Yoshimura :)

    Best regards

  5. Kohatsu 2on finals are up.

    I would say Nukis team if my life depended on it though
    Next week I'd like to do a poll about this. Don't trust Blogger though (ones on the left died) we'll see.

  6. It'd be nice to see Mattsun, Pony and whomever (Shogatsu) in there.

    That team would be epic. Just as bonerific as Taira, Komoda, and yaya.

  7. Do a poll on SRK ST forum. Not sure if you can do 16 choices in a poll but maybe two polls with 8 choices and then a runoff between top 4 or something.