Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gamer's Vision Ranbat Live

This Saturday's contest is a 2on2. Since we're half-way through SBO Qs, the ST action should be hot.
July 3rd
8pm (Japan)

SBO Main Event

SSF2X has been scheduled for Sunday, September 19th. Super Battle Opera is going down alongside the Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe. Might be a nice thing for international competitors to check out.

Tsurumaki Solo 3on 062710

Results from earlier this week. There should be some videos shortly.

13 entrants

1st AFO (Blanka, Boxer, Fei-Long)
2nd K (Ryu, Boxer, Fei-Long)
3rd Pony Mura (Zangief, Dictator, O.Hawk)


  1. Go AFO!

    K doesn't play Hawk anymore?

    BTW NH2, can I pm the links to those matches i told u about on SRK or don't u check that anymore?

  2. Go AFO!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with that team at Star Cup.

    Not sure about K. Wonder if he knows about the Evo cowboy hat thing...

    Please to hit me on email. nohoho at gmail dot com

  3. done, i hope it's not to painful to watch my blanka get beat by those two guys. heh.

    get the NYC guys to come to stunfest in france for ST next year :P trying to get them to hold it on cabinet again!

  4. Got it thanks. I need to get back to you about that other thing in a little bit.

    re: Stunfest
    Maybe Arturo and Jeron will get out there sometime.