Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contest Expansion - Forbidden Shigurui Lieutenant

Just under two weeks to go for the contest. Basic information from the original post still applies. Please see that for starters.

Prize expand - in addition to the Yoga Sniper shirt and Capcom Art book winner will also get April 1992 issue of EGM. It's a little worn out but a great piece of SF2 history: Sheng Long code, CE preview, Guile handcuff letter to the editor, WW concept art, etc.

Door prize - everyone who enters gets a Yoga Sniper pin! One inch black on silver. While supplies last. Include your snail mail address.

Options 2 and 3

In addition to the screen caps from the previous post you can also use one or more of these if you like.

Here's a zip with all the caps: link.

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