Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Top Ten ST Match-ups, X-Mania EU 2k12, Blog Updates

These are my favorite cards in ST. Which matches do you guys like the best?

  1. Ryu vs. Guile
  2. Ryu vs. Ryu
  3. Guile vs. Dictator
  4. Ryu vs. Boxer
  5. Dhalsim vs. Dictator
  6. Zangief vs. DeeJay
  7. Chun-Li vs. Cammy
  8. E.Honda vs. Dhalsim
  9. Chun-Li vs. Blanka
  10. Chun-Li vs. Ryu

Honorable mention:
Honda vs. Claw, Ken vs. Fei-Long, Sagat vs. Boxer, Zangief vs. Ryu

X-Mania Europe 2

This year's X-Mania Europe contest has been scheduled for May 19th and 20th. So far Professor Jones, Damdai, Komoda, yaya, Kusumondo and Kenpachi have been announced as special guests.

Official site

Blog Updates

I made some minor updates to the multi-game champs and favorite search qs posts. Some funny stuff in that last one — take a look.

Also sometime not too long ago Google implemented various alternative view options like this one. Some posts here get broken but the new views seem great for browsing old posts. Also perhaps a nice way to check out the site on a tablet. It looks like most of the views keep on scrolling indefinitely very cool.


  1. I like Ryu vs projectile charge characters (Guile, Chun, Dee Jay), O.Ken and Gief. I do not play other characters, so I can not say much about them. But Fei vs Chun and Guile looks cool, and so does Boxer vs Dhalsim.

  2. Ehonda vs thawk
    Ehonda vs cammy
    osagat vs cammy
    dhalsim vs nsagat
    guile vs deejay

  3. I like Ryu vs projectile charge characters (Guile, Chun, Dee Jay)

    For me this is what SF2 is really all about.

    I'm surprised people don't talk about matches they enjoy (playing or watching) more for fighting games in general. Especially with the growing number of live broadcasts. Starcraft has just the three sides but people talk endlessly about their favorite cards.

    Ehonda vs cammy

    Not sure if you're kidding but I like playing Cammy in this match. Vs. a Honda specialist it's gloomy but vs. a counter-picker Honda it's easy to win.

  4. Good stuff on the XMania Europe mention. Really looking forward to this years event. Hopefully won't do too bad. School > games right nw.

    But no love for sim matches at all? Hard time picking a favorite but watching a sim that does EVERYTHING right is great to me.

    I like to play Blanka vs Ryu. And oddly enough I like to play Blanka vs DJ. Used to pride myself on being pretty good in that particular bad match.

  5. Oh I overlooked your sim/dic matchup. Yea thats a really good one.

    Also re: search engine terms. 08 Nov, Tue, 21:28:17 Google Images: cammy thighs so tightly against ryu neck


  6. So hot haha

    And oddly enough I like to play Blanka vs DJ. Used to pride myself on being pretty good in that particular bad match.
    It's a nice feeling when low rh hits/trades. WELL LOOKIE HERE!

    Sim Honda is a good card.

    Sim Claw can be good but only if the Dhalsim is extremely serious.

  7. Oh also AFO contacted me with some changes I'll update in a little bit.

  8. oh I'd like to see his changes.

  9. Those search qs are quite disturbing. I'm probably the only normal reader from your blog!