Tuesday, March 13, 2012

…It Was Tuesday — Versus Casuals 092011

Sasori came up and asked me if AfroLegends was with us. He looked pretty disappointed when I said no. I guess they've fought on GGPO a lot.

Muteki and Nuki were playing a long, fierce set before the team battle started. You can hear them yelling "are you serious?", "what was that?", etc. in some of these.

I posted some Damdai vs. Nuki videos from that evening a while ago. Plus some pictures from the previous Tuesday.

By the way, over here there's a wonderful collection of Akiman art.


  1. where exactly is the muteki nuki matches ?

  2. played a lot on GGPO? Is Shun Joker Sasori????

  3. Sasori used to play on GGPO under the name "danpei". Apparently he used pad on GGPO, though I'm not sure.