Friday, September 16, 2011

Odds and Ends Friday Plus Royal Video

An old woman with dementia stopped me on the street to tell me about her dead husband. She seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that I was a foreigner. It's a little hard to put into words, but the experience was profound. Something out of Twilight Zone.

Here are a few random pictures:

Riz at Hey when we just got to town.

Chun-Li slot machine at Super Potato. I scooped up some old Gamest back issues with WW, CE and ST coverage there. *nudges Crayfish*

Shibuya Kaikan used to be an ST hotspot but I wasn't able to find a machine.

Xiaohai best KoF98 player in the world.

Three-fifths of the women's team at the SSF4AE 5on.

I recorded a whole bunch of footage at Mikado tonight featuring Mattsun, Damdai, Shiro, Kusumondo, Riz, Immortal, Murasaki, Pony and other SBO guys. If you like this blog please donate or buy a shirt!

Nakano Royal 091511

Photos below.

Senbon (TH), Toukon (CH), Kita (CH), Nakano Guile, Combat Echizen (RY), YuuVega (DI), Cafe au Lait (KE), Bai (BX), Naoki (BX), Keishin (CH), Suzuki (ZA), San (RY), Oji (RY), MOR (GU), ImmortalBMW (CL), Riz0ne (DI), Damdai (OTH), PECO (OK), Chojin (KE), Takahashi (RY), Kikai (GU), Pyonkichi (ZA), Kawamata (RY), Nakamura (CA), Ootsun (CH), Mayumura (OR), Isaji (CA), ARG (CL)

Tomorrow: SBO Saturday!


  1. Hey dude, it was nice chatting to you during the 5v5! Hope SBO Saturday was hype for you!

  2. Yah I'm sorry I snapped at you that morning we wound up having a lot of fun actually.