Thursday, September 15, 2011

Royal Thursday and Versus Videos

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At Game Royal in Nakano there's "free play" on Thursdays where 800 yen lets you play all night plus they have a small tourney. Tonight there were 28 people. EDIT: one more pic below

1st YuuVega (Dictator)
2nd Kikai (Guile)
3rd Toukon (Chun-Li) and ARG (Claw)

Takekawa and your humble blog editor just chatted instead of entering.

Shirts (O.Dhalsim) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)

Kurose MC

Takekawa and Toukon

Nishinippori Versus 091311

Check out the photos below. CCL visiting from Belgium. Atomiwa Boy is Aoki Cyclone using Toutanki's color.

Tomorrow: odds and ends Friday!


  1. Shirts??? Did he tear his shirt? You should get him the yoga sniper custom shirts so they get marketed to the whole world! BTW, I'm buying one when the next salary enters.

    Great stuff, man, great stuff. I will post impressions when I can check the videos, I'm at work right now.


  2. what on earth is happening here

    Shirts (O.Dhalsim) vs. YuuVega (Dictator)

    ^^ this guy dodged all wc tourneys and he's now playing in japan?

    and I saw NH2 blanka vs KUROPPI's light blue ryu?

    playing ST tues/weds/thurs/fri at different spots with top players + SBO on the weekend?

    if I know so many people are going I might consider taking PTO for a vacation trip to japan

    damn you all. wtf!

    gamespot versus video:

    nh2 blanka is such a beast

    the japanese said in the video comment - "Master of electricity"

    when damdai is playing
    "2nd place of this year's EVO"
    "creator of supercade"

    it is so cool to see my ggpo friend rizone on these versus video. good stuff!

  3. Haha, I knew that was Shirts.

    Great Blanka as always, NH2. Hot game vs riz