Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nishinippori Versus Video 090611

I haven't been making these kind of posts lately but the matches this week were really fantastic so for old time's sake...

Deep thought: if you completely removed Yoga Fire from the game in who's favor would the Sim-Guile match change?

KURO (RY), Jenety (OCH), yaya (SG), VIPER (TH), Yoshio (GU), Choshu (KE), Nia (EH), Gucchi (RY), Kotaka Shoten (GU), Shin (TH), Shinshin (BX), Ootsun (CH), Kawasim (DH), Noguchi (CL), Nuki (CH), Hanashi (FE), Keishin (CH)
Koemon (FE), Beah* (SG), Kara-age (DI), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), Fujinuma (CH), Hammer (OK), Azalea (GU), Kikai (GU), Tonegawa (CA), Stomach Momio (ZA), Ken Bogard** (OTH), Taro (BL), Numa (BX), Kurahashi (RY), Hiroyan (TH), Sasori (RY), Yoshimura (DH), Shiki (BX)

* tough CVS2 player
** visiting from France


  1. If you completely removed Claw's wall dive from the game in who's favor (per old school American thinking) would Blanka-Claw change?

    What does all this mean? I've blown my own mind.

  2. I don't really know enough about the Blanka-Claw matchup to comment on it, but...

    If yoga fire were removed, Sim would lose a tool to push/pressure/chip/knockdown Guile. Sim would probably rely mostly on pokes and build meter slower.
    All of this would definitely weigh in Guile's favor, but I could still see him having a difficult time. Overall, I think the match would be closer to even than the way it is now.

  3. WRONG! It would be more lopsided in Sim's favor. 7-3ish right now 9-1 if he was unable to do Yoga Fire.

  4. Sagat-Blanka is better for Sagat if he's completely unable to jump.

  5. Deep thought: if you gave Ryu a fake fireball.....oh who am I kidding?

  6. K' is really fun to use though.

  7. the trouble with claw's wall dive is it will get claw killed quickly if they try and use it the way they would against a shoto for example. ganelon actually *can* use wall-dive vs blanka, but by pressing Punch very early

    i've always found a really turtle-style claw with minimal wall-dives to be very tough to beat

    so i guess i'm saying it would favour claw more (though wall-dives can be effective if done correctly)

  8. Sometimes when people bicker about tiers and other fighting game stuff like bans they bring up this scenario "pretend there was a WIN button..." And then blah blah blah internet discussion.

    What I'm suggesting here is that there already is a LOSE button and that it's very shiny and seductive.

    When we talk about tiers we can confine ourselves to "top players" but no matter what we're stuck with "human beings" that do irrational things.

  9. i get you now =) would you say the same about bison vs blanka if bison had no scissor kick?

  10. Nah.

    Sim - Guile: Sim throws yoga fire (esp round start) he might lose. Check out the Yoshimura Muteki match above.

    Sagat - Blanka: The only times I've ever beat Justin were when he jumped at me.

    Bison - Blanka: Yeah Blanka might get a freak cross up vs. scissor but really those blocked kicks are one of his only damage sources.

  11. So, by removing certain factors entirely, the matchup changes because there's absolutely no chance of said elements becoming hindrances for the already-favored character.

    I guess it's better to let this stuff blow your mind now instead of mid-match. Still, interesting stuff to keep in mind.

  12. i was more thinking because scissors lose to elec, and if scissors are blocked blanka sometimes gets a free headbite