Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Versus Tuesday

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Trickery by Noguchi -- Claw vs. Boxer
When Boxer grabs you:
a) If you guess that he'll walk under tick, hold down-towards during the grab. If he does a medium attack, you'll just barely have a terror charged.

b) If you aren't sure which side he'll go for try to reversal throw.

Wooden markers showing danisen ranks.

Bit creepy on the outside.

NH2: "Hey guys, come take a picture with the boss."
Nikaiten: "I'm not the boss; Nuki is."

Yuu and Riz

NH2 and Nakamu

In the foreground maybe Hiroyan vs. Muteki casuals. Not 100% sure.

Sashishi vs. Shiro. Nuki reeling in pain (Sashishi had a great night.) Gian MC. Nikaiten running things.

Check back tomorrow for Mikado Wednesday!


  1. Great stuff, man! Thanks for the pics!

    What about those masks: is it flue or some crappy protection from the smoke?