Friday, August 15, 2008

Tougeki 2008 ST Results

1st: Otochun & ARG
2nd: Muteki & Shiki
Tamashima & Hakase
YuuVega & Noguchi

T.Akiba ASTEKA MC'ed Super Turbo this year.

A couple teams couldn't make it. List of Qs.

Professor Jones is a top French player who recently won the Battle of Destiny tourney in the UK.

SpinalBlood helped sort these results out. Thank you!

1st Round
GOH Ken/Nyo def. Fujishima/San 2-0
Otochun/ARG def. 7/AAA 2-0
Macky7/Gunze def. Gotoh/The SuperStar 2-1
Shiro/Taira def. Danjiri/Saitou 2-1

Tama/Hakase def. NKI/Justin 2-0
ShootingD/Nekohashi def. Wassekun/Guts 2-1
Batayan/Tsuji def. Shizhi Huoyan/Quing Shui 2-0
Tokido/Nuki def. Tani/Oh!!J 2-0

Gian/Futachan def. Shu/Abebin 2-0
Itoh/Oreryu def. Nakamu (Blanka) & Roku (Honda) 2-0
Aniken/Suzuyan def. Kusumond/Komoda 2-0
Yuu/Noguchi def. The Muffin Man (DJ) & EvilElvis (Ryu) 2-0

Yoshimura/Yuubou def. Tsumura/Marubozu 2-1
Professor Jones (Dictator) & AFO (Blanka) def. Haru KING/Milky 2-1
Muteki/Shiki def. KKY/Kamedo 2-1
Kurahashi/Nakamura def. Hanashi/Ren 2-1

2nd Round
Otochun/ARG def. GOH Ken/Nyo 2-0
Shiro/Taira def. Macky7/Gunze 2-1
Tama/Hakase def. ShootingD/Nekohashi 2-0
Tokido/Nuki def. Batayan/Tsuji 2-1

Gian/Futachan def. Itoh/Oreryu 2-1
Yuu/Noguchi def. Aniken/Suzuyan 2-0
Yoshimura/Yuubou def. Professor Jones/AFO 2-1
Muteki/Shiki def. Kurahashi/Nakamura 2-0

3rd Round
Otochun/ARG def. Shiro/Taira 2-0
Tama/Hakase def. Tokido/Nuki 2-0
Yuu/Noguchi def. Gian/Futachan 2-0
Muteki/Shiki def. Yoshimura/Yuubou 2-0

Otochun/ARG def. Tama/Hakase 2-0
Muteki/Shiki def. Yuu/Noguchi 2-1

By the way, before the tournament Arcadia surveyed all of the qualified players to ask them who the strongest teams were and they collectively predicted the top four.
1. Otochun & ARG
2. Muteki & Shiki
3. Tamashima & Hakase
4. Noguchi & YuuVega
5. Gian & Futachan
6. Tokido & Nuki
7. Tsuji & Batayan
8. Komoda & Kusumondo
9. Taira & Shiro
10. Yoshimura & Yuubou


  1. Thanks for the results. Were the finals a 2-0 sweep for Otochun & ARG as well?

  2. the finals were 2-1 apparently.

    It would be really nice to see specifically who beat who though..

  3. It was 2-1. I think Shiki beat Otochun but I'm not 100% sure.

  4. No Cole & Watson? :(

  5. Final

    ARG defeat Muteki
    Shiki defeat Otochun
    ARG defeat Shiki

  6. 5:34 - Thanks! Win over Shiki @ Boxer pretty big for ARG.

    BTW - NKI beat Superstar at the Mikado team showdown on saturday. Pretty cool. Professor Jones was there too but it looks like the Shanghai players couldn't make it.

  7. finals can be found on youtube already.

  8. Just saw the finals. Muteki dizzied ARG and tried to do a fucking hard combo (jump rh, low short stand short flashkick), and fucked it up. He then ended up losing the round by basically one hit. The above combo does more damage than a standard low strong flashkick combo.. took balls to attempt it, but maybe he feels stupid now..

  9. I tried to search for ARG and got 20 hits for argentina (mostly soccer) that were upped within the last HOUR. heh

    Muteki blew fierce neutral fierce flash kick last year against Aniken. Guy can't resist. Supposedly he was ill by the way.

    In the one streamed match Taira charged his super with a sacrifice headstomp then immediately did the super. So cool. Also psycho magic vs. Danjiri.

  10. It was a Japanese fellow that posted the "TouGeki08" streams.

    Noguchi had the Shiki match down but got a little overzealous trying to "psych'em with a walk-up throw." Too bad; Noguchi vs. ARG, esp. as a final match, would've been a fun sight.

  11. LOL I can't get over Otochun's "makeover".