Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tougeki 2007 HSF Results

1st: Kurahashi & Nuki
2nd: Taira & Shiro
Noguchi & Hakase
sako & Nekohashi

Master Foosuke was doing some of the MC duties. Very cool.

Here's the breakdown:

1st Round
Toutanki/K def. Prince/Futa
sako/Nekohashi def. Tokido/Gian
Popopopo def. Seki/Kachu
Alex/Graham def. Otochun/Komoda
(better the yanks did it than ABC/Six...)

Six/ABC def. Yuubou/Oonishi
Tama/Shiki def. ARG/SuperStar
Kurahashi/Nuki def. KKY/Kikai
Shacho/Aomori def. Ikebukuro Team

Yuu/Tsuji def. Cruz/Lilith
Macky7/Gunze def. Nestor/Mopreme
Kusumondo/Danjiri def. Daigo/yaya
Noguchi/Hakase def. Chukui/Banana

Nakanishi/Yoshio def. Jenety/Tsunoppi
Muteki/Chamu def. Aniken/D
Pony/Mattsun def. Kimomaru/Suzuyan
Taira/Shiro def. Niigata Team

2nd Round
sako/Nekohashi def. Toutanki/K
Alex/Graham def. Popopopo

Tama/Shiki def. Six/ABC
Kurahashi/Nuki def. Shacho/Aomori

Yuu/Tusji def. Macky7/Gunze
Noguchi/Hakase def. Kusumondo/Danjiri

Muteki/Chamu def. Nakanishi/Yoshio
Tairo/Shiro def. Pony/Mattsun

3rd Round
sako/Nekohashi def. Alex/Graham
Kurahashi/Nuki def. Tama/Shiki
Noguchi/Hakase def. Yuu/Tsuji
Taira/Shiro def. Muteki/Chamu

Kurahashi/Nuki def. sako/Nekohashi
Taira/Shiro def. Noguchi/Hakase


  1. Watching Nuki double perfect Taira (CE Bison -- going for CE cheasy-ness?) *LIVE* was unreal. Looks like that "practice" paid off =D Tho seriously, his Chun Li seemed to throw some guys off. Gian correctly predicted Nuki to have what it takes to be the best in ST.

    Props to the Wolfes for making it to the third round. I wonder how they're doing at the SBO after-party. =P

  2. I was disappointed that the Kansai crew (Tsuji, D, etc.) didn't make it farther. In terms of the players involved, the later SBO rounds weren't much different from your typical Mikado tourney.

    OTOH, yeah Nuki was really impressive. Sako, too. Instead of a lot of east vs. west action it was like east vs. 2d god action.

    Taira (when using ST Bison, at least) was blazing hot, too.

    Someone was joking around on a 2ch thread that they hoped Otochun and Komoda would follow the Wolfe brothers back to the US (Evo) for revenge. heh

    Neo Star Cup is in two months. A national ST singles tourney to wash away all the CE filth...

  3. What about X-Mania VIII? Is it gonna be held later on this year?Also, are there qualifers for X-Mania? If so, I would imagine they would probably start in a month or two, no?

  4. I don't know. X-mania 8 might not happen until next year.

    I think they felt like everyone was in HSF mode so they changed the name to hyper mania 4 and had that be this year's national 3on.

  5. Looks like Nuki needs a profile in your write-up! LOL, just kidding. Thanks for all of the info! Keep it up.

  6. YES!!!!11
    Much love to both Guiles (Kurahashi & Muteki) :D
    They're too good.

    Oh, and you are too, nohoho. :D

  7. HSF DVD comes out December 20th. 3800 yen.

    The complete set of SBO dvds is going to be around 350 US$. Some bullshit right there.