Tuesday, February 16, 2010

VS Pre DCC 2009 Videos

Quick AKA note:
Aojiru Guile (SF4 Boxer, CVS2) is an alternate nickname for Shiru (VS Zabel.) Same guy.

The B Block matches from the pre-DCC 5on are up over here. Some footage of Chikyu doing his thing.

List of teams:

Benzo (Jedah), Kyoryu (Bulleta), Ranty (Bishamon), Yuurei (Demitri), Basuken (Gallon)

Dara (Demitri), Shimatsuya (Jedah), Kaji (Lilith), Chikyu (Anakaris), Oboro (Victor)

Sasazuka (Lei-Lei), Hachiouji Lilith, Fumio (Gallon), Komatsuna (Felicia), Umi no Ko (Aulbath)

Shu (Bishamon), Mura (Bulleta), Mano (Lilith), Sai (Demitri), Kumi (Felicia)

Onasu (Sasquatch), Tomo (Bishamon), Azwan (Demitri), Hosokawa (Sasquatch), Ruichan (Anakaris)

EDIT: here are some of the teams from C Block. Videos on that same YouTube account. *Speak of the devil

Masakakki (Sasquatch), Sachi (Lilith), Domon (Gallon), Deka (Lei-Lei), Negitoro (Sasquatch)

Hagure (Demitri), Kuma (Sasquatch), Haneman (Gallon), Ouchi (Jedah), Gurori (Jedah)

KATOKI (Jedah), Nishiken (Morrigan), Osakana (Aulbath), Onishintaro (Bulleta), Ego (Lei-Lei)

Nasu (Sasquatch), Sakai (Zabel), Ogawa (Zabel), Shiru* (Zabel), Hai-iro (Aulbath)

Hige (Q-Bee), Fugo (Lei-Lei), Ho-e (Jedah), Kosho (Bulleta), Take (Lilith)

Old Ranbat Videos

Attn: Jinbe. Sorry this took so long, brother.
Here are a handful of old Oboro Victor at Minoo 38 matches.


Filenames: vsrkbw01b.avi, vsrkbw01c.avi, vsrkbw06d.avi, vsrkbw06e.avi, vsrkbw07d.avi, vsrkbw07f.avi, vsrkbw07g.avi

3S Vids?

There are some recent videos of Haitani playing Vampire SaviorThird Strike at Tenma Vegas on YouTube. Using white/black Yun, purple Ken and grey Makoto.


  1. Ehi Nohoho, thanks for the Oboro upload, very kind. I uploaded first 4 videos in my yt channel (last three was already uploaded).
    Many thanks.

    About Aojiru-Shiru:
    yeah, i thhought so. He has a good Zabel, a bit less of GOD ZABELs (CAA, Sakai, T2ya...).

    thanks again.

    EDIT: LOL, i posted this on the wrong news. Sorry.

  2. Oh yeah I'm glad the last few made it to YouTube.

    Those 1998 matches you upped recently are excellent. I see Aojiru was using that nickname back then. It's too bad I didn't notice his Zabel career earlier I would have mentioned it in a SF4 results post.

  3. Old but good...yeah, i enjoyed them too.
    More from Aojiru, this time in Mikado: