Friday, April 13, 2007

The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - Video

Yoga Zut Alor! I scooped up the Yoga 48 video. Watch it below or download the original here.


There are some differences between these Yoga 48 and the ones outlined in the print version. I can't make out all of the names because of the poor video quality, but here are some of the variations/new techniques in the video:

5. Yoga Bonjour (Monsieur)
12. Yoga Driferno
16. Danna Sliding Throw (D.S.T.)
Foosuke won the final match of the 1994 Gamest Cup with this. Check back later for more information!
17. Yoga Backfist
23. Yorigan Combination
31. Hamah Barrier
An official killing art? See previous post.
34. Yondor Dive
39. Yoga Ouendan
Cheering squad. See #21.
40. Yoga Miracle Voice
See #48.
41. Yoga Vanishing
In SF2 Classic, do a Yoga Flame motion ending with forward kick~fierce punch.
42. Yoga Reset
Same as above except use roundhouse~fierce.
45. Yoga Explosion
Guile's head explodes!?
48. Final Flame Strike

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  1. Thanks that you gave me ability to read that! I'm just beginning yoga, so it's really useful for me!