Thursday, April 12, 2007

SSF2T Video: The YSB Bonus Reel

I downloaded this file a couple years ago. Back then I thought that YSB referred to the Third Strike Hugo player and I recognized very few (maybe only Muteki) of the players' names. Now we know that Y.S.B. means Yoga Strike Backers, and quite a few of these people appeared in part 5 of the player report and/or the Yoga 48. This seems to be a rare glimpse at late-90s ST action.

Here's the card -- single rounds only:
Shougatsu (Honda) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Koucho (Zangief) vs. Hirata (Guile)
TEX (Guile) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Nosuke (Guile) vs. Tachigawa (Ryu)
Nagata (Honda) vs. Koucho (Zangief)
Mori (Boxer) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Seidou (Guile) vs. Tani? (Dhalsim)
Tachigawa (Ryu) vs. Kazue (Ken)
Koucho (Zangief) vs. Muteki (Guile)
Nagashou (Honda) vs. FOO (DJ)
Hamah (Dhalsim) vs. Koucho (Zangief)*
Seidou (Guile) vs. Muteki (Guile)
Hirata (Guile) vs. Tamura (Zangief)
Nagata (Honda) vs. Tamura (Zangief)
Jenety (Chun) vs. Hamah (Dhalsim)
Hirata (Guile) vs. Koucho (Zangief)
Mori (Boxer) vs. Tachigawa (Ryu)

* - Hamah uses a secret technique called "Hamah Barrier" in this round.

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