Monday, April 2, 2007

The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - 41-48

41. Yoga One of the Most Dangerous Throw in Japan
(Yoga one of the most dangerous throw in Japan)*

Hama came up with this technique on his own, so I don't know anything about it (kidding). I first heard about it at a staff meeting for this manuscript.
When fighting against Zangief, this technique is where you use a walk-in throw at the beginning of the round.
As soon as we disseminated this at the meeting in Jimbou, we went to Bickys (an arcade advertised in Gamest) to test it out, but Fukui (Zangief-using Bickys regular) reversed it nearly twenty times.
Just when Idagoro and Hamah were thinking, "maybe this technique is useless," Pony (Zangief player featured in Gamest) showed up and fell for it.
It's useful after all!
There was a plan to change "in Japan" to "All Over the World," but that was ridiculous so it was scrapped.

P.S. Sorry Pony

[* - English in original]

42. Yoga Foolishness

Frankly, this is a dumb technique.
Basically it's a simple throw from behind (jump and land behind opponent -> throw), except while you're in the air you do a jump roundhouse. It looks foolish so it's named as such.
Still, Idagoro likes to use it with a jump jab.

43. The Finger of Death

When you anticipate that Guile is going to do a Flash Kick, point at the screen at the same time that he uses it.
It's not like Guile sees your finger and then does the Flash Kick, so the only outcome is you pointing at the screen. It's still fun when you pull it off.
You've got to take your hand away from the buttons, however, so if Guile goes for a throw instead of the Flash Kick you won't be able to deal with it. Having discovered this weakness, we mostly stopped using this.

44. Yoga Ukku

When you mess up the timing of a jump and you're saying, "at this rate I'm going to get hit by my opponent's fireball!" do a jump fierce or jump strong attack and say "ukku" while toughing it out. This is very effective against Sagat.

45. Yoga Ultimate Double

This combination works reliably against an opponent with a small throw range. Amongst Dhalsim's techniques this one is quite painful.
The technique entails getting close to your opponent and using a close standing strong -> fierce throw.
......Don't say it's cheap; this technique is very useful.
There is a similar thing called the Yoga Super Ultimate Double (drill kick -> fierce throw), but since the damage is less stable and it's difficult to do, it's not recommended.

46. Yoga Ultimate Triple

I can't say that this technique always does huge damage, but it does occasionally inflict as much as an average Spinning Pile Driver.
At close range do close crouching jab x2 -> fierce throw.
......It's rumored that this is an [inescapable] tick.
There are techniques that do more damage, but in terms of ease-of-use, the Ultimate Triple is better.

47. Yoga Ultimate Quadruple

When your opponent jumps at you, hit them as they land with a cross-up short slide -> crouching jab x2 -> Nospey.
If the short slide doesn't cross up, reduce it to crouching jab x1.
Either way, note that this works reliably against Ryu and Ken.

As you've probably surmised, the pinnacle of these Yoga Ultimate xN techniques is the Melancholic Five. [#20]

48. Yoga Miracle Voice

It's often said that Dhalsim hasn't got any wake-up attacks. In SF2 Classic the close standing jab worked for most wake-ups, so that was OK, but in CE that wasn't enough and he became a character completely without a wake-up move.
Because of this, many Dhalsim players were mocked by Ryu, Ken, Guile and even Chun-Li (no way the Spinning Bird Kick is a wake-up attack!) to the point that countless evenings went by where pillows were soaked with tears.
But wait, even Dhalsim has a wake-up attack. Rejoice, everybody.
You can truly say that The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga are capped with an appropriate technique.
The method is simple:
As you are standing up into a well-timed attack, input the command for a Yoga Fire. Do this and all you'll hear is:
When you haven't got any health, and death is certain you might as well use this, right?
......Hoo, you must not die feeling like everything is going black before your eyes, everybody.
It's better to have this technique than nothing at all, right?
Am I wrong? Tell me that you agree, I beg of you!
If not, I'll just swallow my pride and admit that this is meaningless.
Anyway, please use this here and there to surprise your opponents.


  1. When you use Guile next time, I will do the death finger:D

    Yoga Ultimate Triple seems very doable too:)

    and... Yoga congratulation?

    Is this indicate Blanka project begins?

  2. The Killing Arts of Yoga will never die!


    Yoga Foolishness