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Battle Fantasia - Introductory Strategy Part 2


Coyori's specialty is getting in close with her air dash and then using sequential special moves for combos or mix-ups. Ocha Dashi -> Ichiban Cha -> Niban Cha combos off of crouching B and it's relatively safe when blocked. Pin your opponent down and then break their defenses with a Bon Gaeshi/Fukabori Cha high/low mix-up.

Uraban Cha: after Ocha Dashi or Ichiban Cha, B
Sneak around your opponent and kick them from behind. Hold the button down and Coyori will move without attacking.

Neko Arashi: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Shinryuken! Multi-hit anti-air super move. Mash for extra hits.

Heat Up!
During Heat Up, Coyori gains access to new combo routes -- that is, she can use more chain combos. Some of her moves can be jump cancelled, her air dash gets faster and she can double jump, too. Master her Heat Up-specific combinations to inflict huge damage!


Although he's a gunslinger, Face specializes in fighting up close. Cancel a crouching B into a weak Frontier Shot. When this hits, super cancel into a straight Kouya no Bazoooka; otherwise look for a mix-up with the Middle and Grand Western attacks.

Wild Comeback: ↓↙← + A or C
Face moves away from his opponent and then charges in. Hold the button down to cancel the attack.

Texas Knee: →↓↘ + B
2nd Texas Knee: →↓↘ + D
While lacking invincibility, these climbing attacks come out very quickly. It's possible to juggle with Texas -> 2nd Texas or Texas -> diagonal Bazooka.

Heat Up!
This is Face's chance to become a true gunman! During Heat Up, he can fire six quick shot attacks that quickly travel the entire length of the screen. Catch your opponent flinching at a distance -- or use a low/overhead quick shot mix-up -- and then continue to juggle with further quick shots. If you have a second super ready, you can finish the combo with a Kouya no Bazooka blast.


The quintessential "big guy," Donvalve's goal is to get close to his opponent and catch them with a command throw. He can't quick step forward, so you'll want to jump in (or high jump) with C or an air Gachi Match to get close. The Catapult Hammer and Catapult Throw moves make Donvalve charge towards his opponent while ignoring their attacks (he'll still take damage.) Far standing C has excellent reach and enough priority to discourage your opponent from jumping.

Don Swing: joystick 360 + A or C
Command throw. The weak version has good range while the heavy version does more damage.

Flying Don Cake: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Donvalve grabs his opponent out of the air. Use this to catch your them if you think they'll jump away to avoid being thrown or use it after an anti-air Gachi Match.

Heat Up!
Donvalve's walking speed increases and he gains super armor. In addition, he can throw his opponent with a simple towards + C input. Take advantage of Donvalve's large number of Hit Points to plow through your enemy's attacks and grab them.


With various charging attacks and long ranged normals that do big damage, Freed is a heavy hitter. His quick step and jump are both very speedy, so he can easily avoid fireballs and pokes to close in on his opponents. Crouching C has excellent range and can be cancelled into the Phantom Dive and Phantom Glide attacks for a high-low mix up at medium range.

Magnum Jetter: ← hold, → + A or C
This charging attack misses most crouching characters, but it recovers very quickly, so it's possible for Freed to do weak Jetter (whiff) -> throw.

Heat My Justice: ↓↘→↓↘→ + B or D
Freed attacks his opponent with an uppercut. When that hits, he follows up with a giant blast.

Heat Up!
After activating Heat Up mode, Freed gains an afterimage that attacks in conjunction with his charging special moves. For weak attacks, the afterimage will combo after Freed hits. With strong attacks, the second hit arrives a bit later and can be employed to pin Freed's opponent down. In the case of his Phantom Dive and Phantom Glide attacks, note that the afterimage attack doesn't count as an overhead/low attack.


A cute bunny with stellar constellation themed attacks, Watson's special moves are very weak to begin with. He can "Level Up" these moves by connecting with various C attacks. At level 3, Watson's special moves become strong enough that he can pin his opponent down by using them repeatedly. Since he has very little stamina, it's important for the Watson player to be patient and precise with his attacks.

Platinum Ball: ↓↘→ + A or C
Watson throws a glyph that lingers in front of him for a moment before it flies at his opponent.

Travasa Minor: ↓↘→ + B or D
A constellation on the ground traps Watson's opponent. At level three he can easily connect with a follow-up attack in any situation.

Heat Up!
After you perform the incantation three times, a meteor shower will rain down on the battlefield. Use (powered-up) Platinum Ball attacks to provide cover while you finish the spell.


DeathBringer uses his giant sword to deliver crushing blows from a distance. His far C, in particular, has incredible range. Use it to poke or to discourage your opponent from jumping. Crouching C and vertical jump D are also excellent long-range attacks. Take advantage of a big gap by using the Fundo no Sakebi move to power up DeathBringer's special moves. At somewhat closer range, mix-up the towards + D overhead with a low crouching B -> Yaketsuku Tsumeato combo to break your opponent's defense.

Yaketsuku Tsumeato: →↓↘ + A or C
Although this looks like a big anti-air attack, it doesn't have any invincibility: save it for combinations. Hits three times when powered up.

Noroi no Gunba: →↘↓↙← + A or C
DeathBringer does a nasty charging attack. When powered up, he does an additional climbing strike at the end.

Heat Up!
If you can connect with three slash attacks during one Heat Up, DeathBringer will attack his opponent with a giant flaming sword. More research needs to be done on multi-slash combos, but landing an upper Gachi Drive is a good place to start.

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